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The Paqui One Chip Challenge has been withdrawn from stores after Harris Wolobah, a Worcester, MA high school student, passed away after eating the super spicy chip dusted with Carolina Reaper and Naga Viper peppers.
The Hampton Beach, NH Seafood Festival will hold its lobster roll eating contest on September 10. The competition has previously awarded $600/$250/$150.
GuinnessWorldRecords.com has post celebrating Leah Shutkever's 33rd birthday on May 11, which is also Eat What You Want Day. She says she was inspired to start competitive eating by Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle.
Spectrum News has an article about Randy Santel, who plans to write a book after getting his Master's degree and becoming a professional dietician.
Harry Harkins ate 5 bagels in 8 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in Sunday's eating contest at Bagelfest in Brooklyn (News 12 video)
CityBeat.com reports Joey Chestnut will do a hot fudge cake eating exhibition at Frisch's Big Boy in FairFax, OH as part of the restaurant's 75th anniversary.
The Last Stop in The Bronx will hold a wing eating contest on June 30 awarding $500 to the winner.
Leah Shutkever received a Guinness World Record for most chicken nuggets eaten in a minute (12.42 oz) which was previously held by Nela Zisser. The feat was recorded for an Italian television program.
Joey Chestnut faced off against football players from Coastal Carolina in a pizza eating contest after their victory in Conway, SC over Texas State.
Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper and Darron Breeden are expected to compete in the Pork Roll-Eating Championship at Arm & Hammer Park in Trenton, NJ on September 25.
Tacos Locos in San Angelo, TX will hold a taco eating contest on September 16 awarding $500 to the winner.
Free tickets are still available for the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on July 4, which will be held at the Coney Island Cyclones ballpark this year.
Miki Sudo and Nick Wehry will take on Mayor Wertz in an eating contest on twitch.tv/mayorwertz at noon Eastern today to promote the Bite the Bullet video game.
Miki Sudo has posted a video of her attempting two 72 ounce steak challenges at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX that was recorded in September 2019.
Before They Were Famous has a video about Eric "Badlands" Booker. Carmen Cincotti is credited with suggesting that Booker upload more chugging videos.
theCHIVE has a gallery of Nela Zisser, billing her as "The most adorable competitive eater of all".
THe pie eating contest held during the RAGBRAI cross-Iowa bicycle tour is accepting entries from the general public in 2020. It was previously open only to employees of NPR and the Des Moines Register. Teams will need to submit pie eating videos.
Joey Chestnut has passed 100,000 subscribers to his youtube channel
Paul's Pantry announced the cancellation of their July 4 cinnamon roll eating contest. Last year's contest in Mission Viejo, CA awarded $2550.
A Universal Newsreel about a 1929 spaghetti eating contest held in Baltimore has been posted to youtube.
The Three Rivers Festival in Fairmont, WV announced that it would not be holding the pepperoni roll eating contest scheduled for June 13. The competition was removed from the MLE calendar last week.
The 2020 California State Fair held in Sacramento has been cancelled. Previous fairs had a corn dog eating contest awarding $6100.
Kate Scott ate 8.5 Dorset Knobs (biscuits) in one minute to win a virtual eating contest. The BBC posted an article about the competition yesterday.
A Nathan's qualifier that was to have taken place April 4 has been removed from the MLE calendar page, so it has probably been postponed or cancelled. The site of the competition, the New York New York Hotel & Casino, announced yesterday that it would suspend operations due to the coronavirus crisis.
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