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Dale Boone lost yesterday's election for Brookhaven, GA City Council District 4, receiving 170 votes (20%) with winner John J. Funny getting 697 votes (80%). Boone previously ran for City Council in 2017 and Brookhaven mayor in 2015.
Dale Boone ate 10 hot dogs to win the first prize of $100 at today's eating contest at Red's Beer Garden in Atlanta.
The Sklar brothers posted a clip about Dale Boone from the 2005 Alka Seltzer US Open of Competitive Eating that was originally used in their "Cheap Seats" program.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark video) MDJOnline.com has an article about the contest mentioning the post-competition confrontation. update Brandon Clark has uploaded a video
Dale Boone ate 15 hot dogs in 6:07 to win the first prize of $100 in a contest held in Dahlonega, GA on July 4.
MDJ Online has a report on Sunday's bagel eating contest at Noshfest in Marietta, GA covering the rivalry between runner-up Dale Boone and winner Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark, who wore a skullcap to mock Boone's baldness.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark announced he ate 7 bagels to win first prize of $500 in today's bagel eating contest at Noshfest in Marietta, GA. Dale Boone also competed.
Brandon Clark announces he ate 18 slaw burgers to win the first prize of $500 in yesterday's Slawburger Festival in Fayetteville, TN. John Coffee was runner-up and Dale Boone tied for third. update Elk Valley Times has an article
Dale Boone lost the election for the District 4 representative on the Brookhaven, GA City Council versus incumbent Joe Gebbia by a margin of 339 to 212 votes. In 2015, Dale Boone lost the mayoral race for the Atlanta suburb.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution has an article about Dale Boone running for the District 4 City Council seat in Brookhaven, GA. His opponent is Joe Gebbia who runs an online natural goods wholesale business.
Dale Boone has qualified to be on the ballot for the District 4 City Council election in Brookhaven, GA on November 7. He will face incumbent Joe Gebbia.
Reporter Newspapers announces that Dale Boone will challenge incumbent Joe Gebbia for the District 4 City Council race in Brookhaven, GA. In 2015 Boone was routed in the mayoral election for that town.
Furious Pete has produced a new video about Dale Boone in response to his controversial victory over Nate Figueroa in a hot dog eating contest in at the Titled Kilt in Boca Raton, FL.
Michael Jenkins reports that Dale Boone ate 20 hot dogs to claim the first prize of $500 at Titled Kilt in Boca Raton, FL. Runner-up Nate Figueroa ate 18 and Michael Jenkins was 3rd with 15. Boone reportedly left enough debris to get billed as the "worlds biggest cheater". update Nate Figueroa has produced a video of the contest titled "#1 COMPETITIVE EATING "CHEATER" (DALE BOONE)"
Dale Boone won yesterday's eating contest at Heat Pizza Bar in Tuscaloosa, AL.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinksi's video about Dale Boone cheating in the 2011 Z Burger eating contest is a topic in the "Fat People Hate" forum.
Deccan Herald has an interview with Dale Boone about living in Bengaluru, India. He bills himself as "the present world champion of competitive eating".
India Times has an article about Dale Boone changing his Indian residence from Chennai to Bengaluru. According to the article, Dale Boone's WLOCE organization works with a team of 50 people. (WLOCE.com no longer brings up a competitive eating page)
New Indian Express has an article on how Dale Boone, billed as a holder of 52 world records, celebrated Thanksgiving in Bengaluru, India. He likes the lack of commercialization of the holiday in his home for the past 10 years, but wishes he could purchase an American-sized turkey.
Dale Boone won the Burgerthon at a Hard Rock Cafe in India today, so he will probably be unable to cause problems at tomorrow's Z-Burger eating contest in Washington, DC.
VibesAndSmiles uploaded a video of Dale Boone recorded in Bangalore titled "Two Indian Girls take on a World Champion".
The latest video by "Furious" Pete Czerwinksi is a retelling of the 2011 Z Burger eating contest in Washington, DC. He calls Dale Boone the "biggest cheater in competitive eating" after he allegedly hid food in his cups in that contest.
Dale Boone's defeat in the Brookhaven, GA mayoral election made the Dunwoody Crier's list of top stories of 2015.

John Ernst projected as winner over Dale Boone

update Nov 4 With 100% reporting, the totals are John Ernst 3338, Dale Boone 492 Article about the election results

John A. Ernst Jr. has been projected as the winner over Dale Boone in the Brookhaven, GA mayoral election. As of 9:46 pm, Ernst had a lead of 2,044 votes to 343.

James Carter, grandson of the 39th president, tweeted a link to a document claiming that Boone threatened Ernst supporters.

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