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Three random eating challenges
15.4 lb burger The 9 Pounder BGR The Burger Joint Washington, DC 9 pounds of meat, also Alexandria, VA and Bethesda, MD locations
8 lb. burger StrasBurger Red Porch @ Washington Nationals games Washington, DC not available all home games
big sandwich Li'l Petey Bub and Pops Washington, DC
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Bake Magazine has a report about Joey Chestnut eating 17.5 pounds of cherry pie to set a world record last week at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Summit, an event held at the Washington Nationals ballpark. Ken Hoffman has an article about Three Brothers Bakery in Houston supplying the pies for the attempt.

2022 Z-burger eating contest

update WTOP has an article

Results from live video
1 Molly Schuyler 37 burgers, 8th victory in row
2 Dan Kennedy 36
3 Joel Hansen 26
4 Andrew Puhl 23
5 Sean Yeager 19
6 Dave Brunelli 17
7 Andy Krawczyk 16
8 Dan Rock 10
9 Hallie Weinstein 6

The contest is currently underway and can be viewed on youtube.

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Bertoletti, Rene Rovtar win BBQ in DC Nathan’s qualifier

The top 3 men and women from today’s Nathan’s qualifier at Giant National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington, DC. The top 3 men and women advance to the finals.

1 Pat Bertoletti 40, 1st Nathan’s qualifier since April 21, 2012
2 Ronnie Hartman 29.5
3 Derek Jacobs 27

1 Rene Rovtar 6.5
2 Prudence DiBenedetto 5
3 Catie Livermore 2.8

Mac Stoddard has a video. Crazy Legs Conti and Buffalo Jim Reeves also competed. Mike Whities had to miss the contest for work. George Chiger and Jules Goldberg might have received byes.

Catie Livermore’s 2.8 hot dogs is a record low qualifying total, breaking a tie for 3 by:
Lauren Gallagher, Foxborough, MA 2011
Meghan Drake, Valdosta, GA 2017

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The MLE twitter has posted the field for Saturday's Nathan's Famous hot dog eating qualifier at the Giant National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington, DC. Pat Bertolett will return to Nathan's after an almost 10 year absence. Other listed entrants include Ronnie Hartman, Derek Jacobs, Jim Reeves, Darrien Thomas, Crazy Legs Conti, Prudence Di Benedetto and Rene Rovtar.
The following people have announced on twitter that they will compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at the Giant National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington, DC: George Chiger, Crazy Legs Conti, Prudence DiBenedetto, Jules Goldberg, Ronnie Hartman, Mike Whities.
Z Burger's eating contest in Washington, DC will award $5750 on July 1. The prize breakdown is $2000/$1250/$1000/$750/$500/$250.
A press release announces the 30th Annual Giant Barbecue Battle will hold a Nathan's Famous hot dog eating qualifier on June 25.
The Washington City Paper has a profile of Molly Schuyler which includes a report on last month's Z-Burger eating contest.

2021 Z-Burger eating contest

Reuters has started a periscope livestream of the contest. Molly Schuyler is competing.

Results from the livestream
1T Molly Schuyler 34
1T Dan Kennedy 34
3 Ricardo Corbucci 22
4 Andrew Puhl 21
5 Sean “The Mouth Eats” Yeager 17
6 Dan Rock 9
7T Alexander Prescott 8
7T Terence Brown 8

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Brazilian Ricardo Corbucci is expected to make his USA eating contest debut at this afternoon's ZBurger eating contest in Washington, DC. Dan Kennedy and Dave Brunelli are also expected to compete. Interestingly, defending champ Molly Schuyler is not on the roster.
The Z Burger eating contest will return to Washington, DC on July 2. This year's prizes are $1750/$1000/$750/$500/$250/$100.

2020 Z-Burger eating contest

Results from video stream, 10 minutes

1st 35 Molly Schuyler new record
2nd 34 Dan “killer” Kennedy broke previous record (32)
3rd 25 Andy Puhl
4th 17 David “Tiger Wings and Things” Brunelli
5th 13 “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti
6th 10 “munchin mike” Longo birthday, ends 4 year hiatus

The 2020 Z-Burger eating contest is now streaming at https://www.facebook.com/zburgerdc/


Z-Burger announces that Molly Schuyler will defend her burger eating title on July 3 in Washington, DC. The contest is not open to public spectators. update The field will also include Dan Kennedy, Dave Brunelli, Joe Menchetti, Andrew Puhl and Mike Longo.
Z-Burger will hold its annual burger eating contest in Washington, DC on July 3 without fans. There will be seven entrants with the top 5 receiving $1250/$750/$500/$350/$250.
The Giant National Capital BBQ Battle has rebranded itself as a "Virtual Experience", so a Nathan's qualifier will probably not take place in Washington, DC on June 27 or 28. In February, Washington, DC was listed as a planned site on the 2020 qualifier circuit. Nathan's qualifiers have been held at the festival from 2016-2019.
update The top 5 from Nick Smith video caption Daily Mail article | wutshoodtv video
1st32Molly Schuyler contest record
2nd24Dan "killer" Kennedy
3rd20Andy Puhl
4th15David "Tiger Wings and Things" Brunelli
5th11"Gentleman" Joe Menchetti
Tenleytown411 reports that Molly Schuyler defended her Z Burger title contest with a record 32 burgers eaten.

Juliet Lee & Gideon Oji win DC Nathan’s qualifier

Rich Shea announced that Gideon Oji (25 hot dogs) and Juliet Lee (23) won today’s Nathan’s qualifier at the Giant National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington, DC. Juliet Lee extends her streak of years with a qualifier victory to 13.

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Z-Burger will hold a burger eating contest in Washington, DC on July 3 awarding $1500/$850/$500/$400.
A Washington, DC qualifier on June 22 has been added to the 2019 Nathan's circuit.
A yesterday's MLB All Star Game Fanfest in Washington, DC, the team representing the American League consisting of Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, Geoff Esper and Kevin Millar ate more Nathan's Famous hot dogs than the National League team composed of Matt Stonie, Carmen Cincotti, Michelle Lesco and Cliff Floyd. (video)

Molly Schuyler defends Z-Burger title

update The top 3
1) Molly Schuyler 27 burgers
2) Dan Kennedy 24
3) Dave Brunelli 18

Jennifer Munoz reports that Molly Schuyler ate 27 burgers to defend her Z-burger title in Washington, DC today.

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2018 Washington, DC Nathan’s qualifier

Official results

1st 21 Gideon Oji late to contest, started with 4:20 remaining
2nd 15 Gregory Price
3rd 13.5 William “Wild Bill” Myers
4th 11 Jack Caldwell
5th 7 Shawn Redwine
1st 7 Brittany Powell
2nd 4 Amanda Kulick

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Z-Burger’s 9th Annual Independence Burger Eating Championship in Washington, DC on July 3 will award $1500/$850/$500/$400 to the top 4. Molly Schuyler is expected to defend her title.
10 Tavern in Washington, DC will hold a 4 round wing eating contest starting tomorrow. The final round on March 31 will award a viewing party for the NCAA Championship basketball game on April 2.
10 Tavern in Washington, DC will hold a wing eating contest on January 21 awarding a Super Bowl viewing party. Qualifiers on January 6, 7, 13 and 14 will award the winners a spot in the finals along with $100/$50/$25 bar tabs to the top three finishers.
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