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Upcoming Maryland DC area eating contests
2019 Jul 27Pie Eating Contest Dogfish Head Alehouse Gaithersburg, MD
Three random Maryland DC area eating challenges
1 lb. burger The Tower of London Union Jack's Bethesda, MD
30 in pizza 30 Inch Pizza Fox's Pizza Den College Park, MD
2 ft long hot dog Coney Mega Dog Bowlmor Bethesda, MD might be available at other Bowlmor locations, also have a Chi-Town Mega Dog
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Battley Cycles in Gaithersburg, MD will hold a hot pepper eating contest on February 10 awarding $300 to the winner.
District Harley Davidson in Gaithersburg, MD will hold a hot dog eating contest July 19 awarding $250 to the winner.
The calendar for National Harbor, MD has no listing for a Peeps Day in 2018. A MLE peeps eating contest was held the previous two years before easter at that venue.

Matt Stonie defends National Harbor Peeps

update Apr 12 Matt Stonie and Capital News Service have videos

update Apr 11 has a gallery
JTubeVideos has a contest video

update Full results have been posted: Official top 5 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 255 Matt Stonie 5 minutes, new record, 1st contest of 2017
2nd 238 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 170 Carmen Cincotti
4th 165 “The Lovely” Juliet Lee
5th 155 Gideon Oji
6th 113 Kevin Ambs
7th 110 Yasir Salem
8th 70 Crazy Legs Conti
9th 67 Mike Deitz
9th 67 Sarah Reinecke probably top NW USA woman in MLE with one contest
11th 47 William Myers

National Harbor has a periscope
Washingtonian interviewed Matt Stonie about the contest.
Carmen Cincotti produced a practice video.

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The field for the Peeps eating contest in National Harbor, MD April 8 has been announced: Matt Stonie, Carmen Cincotti, Geoffrey Esper, Gideon Oji, Juan Rodriguez, Juliet Lee, Yasir Salem, Badlands Booker, Kevin Ambs, Matt Cohen, Nathan Biller, Crazy Legs Conti and Bill Myers. If Sonya Thomas does not compete, this will be the fourth DC-area contest in a that she has missed.

2016 National Harbor Peeps

update April 4 Jen Eats has a spectator video

update Washington Post gallery | NBC Washington article & video | ABC7 article & gallery | Periscope video

Results: Part 1 | Part 2

1) Matt Stonie 200 in 5 minutes
2) Geoffrey Esper 160
3) Juliet Lee 140
4) Michelle Lesco 135
5) Brian Dudzinski 116
6) Gideon Oji 110
7) Crazy Legs Conti 75
8) Larell Marie Mele 58
9) “Wild” Bill Myers 51
10) John Gonzalez 40
11) Nick Ricci 17

Juliet Lee appeared on WJLA yesterday with John Gonzalez, who will be the celebrity entrant.

The Joey Chestnut / Matt Stonie non-compete streak will reach 6 months tomorrow (last meeting October 3, 2016 in Toronto poutine)

Comments (4) has the roster of the ranked eaters in the April 2 peeeps contest in National Harbor, MD: Matt Stonie, Cardboard Shell, Juliet Lee, Geoffrey Esper, Gideon Oji, Brian Dudzinski, Crazy Legs Conti and Bill Myers. One spot will be determined in a qualifier for amateurs before the main event. lists Matt Stonie, Michelle Lesco, Juliet Lee, Geoffrey Esper, Yasir Salem, Gideon Oji, Crazy Legs Conti, and Bill Myers as expected entrants in the April 2 peeps eating contest. Sonya Thomas is not listed despite the competition taking place in National Harbor, MD across the river from her hometown of Alexandria, VA.
Registration is now open for the National Harbor World Peeps Eating Championship in suburban Washington, DC on April 2. The purse is $3500.
Zag Magazine has an interview with Juliet Lee. One of the events mentioned is a 2009 competition against elephants from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, which will not happen in the future as the circus is retiring its pachyderms by 2018. (via email)
The University of Maryland student paper reports that Ian Hickman won a french fry eating contest held in College Park, MD on Friday. has an article about Juliet Lee competing in the Hooters Wing eating contest in Las Vegas on July 22.
The University of Maryland's competitive eating club team will be leaving the Atlantic Coast Conference to join the Big 10 when the school changes leagues in 2014-15. (The team's facebook page has not been updated since early 2011.) The move could create a competitive eating superconference with Eric Dahl, perhaps the nation's top collegiate competitive eater, already in the Big 10 at the University of Wisconsin. has short article on Mike Longo's victory at the qualifier held at the BGR in Bethesda, MD last week. The runner-up, Tiran Hill, was the general manager of the restaurant where the contest took place.

Mike Longo, Dale Boone win BGR Burger qualifiers

update Sept 19 Chris (last name not given) won the Tampa qualifier

update 10:15 Dale Boone won the Atlanta qualifier with 20 sliders

WUSA9 has an article about the Bethesda qualifier with full results and a video

Tito Jackson has a video

update 4:15 Bethesda Now has a gallery and short article

update 12:54 Mike Longo has the top 3 for the Bethesda, MD qualifier
1) Mike Longo 17 sliders, $500
2) Tyron Hill 11
3) John Henderson 7 (additional results will be added as they come in)

A qualifier for the National Cheeseburger Slider Eating Championship will be held today at BGR in Tampa (female bodybuilder Emery Miller will apparently compete). The date was originally announced as September 28. Additional qualifiers awarding $500 and a trip to the championship in May 2013 will be held tomorrow in Bethesda, MD, Coral Gables, FL, Atlanta and possibly Point Loma, CA.

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Bethesda Now reports that BGR The Burger Joint will hold a slider eating contest in Bethesda, MD on September 18 that will award $500 to the winner and serve as qualifier for a national contest. Four other qualifiers will be held; Sites and dates are not listed. The Washington Post also has a blog entry about the competition which does not provide the location. update Washingtonian reports that 2nd and 3rd places will receive $250 and $100 gift certificates and the national finals will take place on May 28, 2013.
Fat Boys Crab Shack in Gambrills, MD will hold a wing eating contest on Saturday awarding 2 Washington Nationals all you can eat/drink suite tickets.
The finals of the 2012 Washington, DC area Wing Bowl will take place on March 1 and award $2,500. Qualifiers will be held at Hard Times Cafes throughout February starting in Springfield, VA on Thursday.
Mike Longo reports that he won today's eating contest at the Uptown Deli in Bethesda, MD with a total of 5 softball sized matzoh balls. Jesse Dyamond was runner up and Dave Goldstein (not US Male) was 3rd. update Sept 6 has a gallery and article. has an interview with Juliet Lee, who says that she is getting repulsed by the amount of meat she is eating in contests.
The Washington Post reports that Joey Chestnut filmed a commercial for IT consulting company Force 3 in Bethesda, Maryland. announces two upcoming burger eating contests. A June 30 contest in Nottingham, MD will award $2050 in cash and $950 in Z-Burger tokens and a July 1 contest in Washington, DC will award $3400 in cash and $2150 in Z-Burger tokens.
Thursday's Cinco de Mayo party in Silver Spring, MD will hold a "Slopper" (a round tortilla ball filled with cheese, meat and sauce) eating contest awarding a $500 Austin Grill gift card to the winner.
Campus Socialite has a long report on Saturday's Collegiate Competitive Eating League National Championship.

UMD wins Collegiate Competitive Eating League National Championship

The University of Maryland won today’s Collegiate Competitive Eating League National Championship. Other teams came from Hofstra and New York University. Ben “El Diablo” Kastner was named Most Valuable Eater. Campus Food UMD has a gallery.


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