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A team consisting of Naader Reda, Raina Huang, Kevin Ross, Aubrey Koehn, Jimmy Lin, Eric Lu, Taran Eckel and Great American Eat Off host Gail Kasper finished the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA yesterday. The $1000 prize was donated to the animal rescue charity Pawtographs. (Raina Huang video)
Aubrey Koehn was the first woman to finish the burger challenge at Grill Masters BBQ in Clovis, CA.
Aubrey Koehn finished the Grand Slam challenge at Batter Up Pancakes in Fresno. She previously completed the challenge in 2011.
The facebook page for El Mariachi in Fresno reports that Aubrey Koehn finished the 10 pound Tortillon burrito in 51 minutes, breaking her previous record. (via comment)
An unnamed woman (B3 Burrito finisher Aubrey?) was the first person to finish the 30 inch "Tortillon" Burrito from El Mariachi in Fresno. ABC30 has a video about the burrito confirming that Aubrey was the finisher.
Johnny McGuire's Deli in Las Vegas announces that William finished the 24 inch sub challenge in 5 minutes and 50 seconds. The previous record according to Andrew Lane's picture of the Wall of Fame appears to be Tom's 10:42. (Rich LeFevre's times were 18 & 20 minutes). Aubrey (probably the 2-time B3 burrito finisher) claims to have finished the sandwich challenge.

Aubrey is first person to finish B3 Burrito twice

update Dec 22 3:01 Pacific Aubrey’s official time was 59 minutes. The NASCAR Cafe facebook says she is the first person to finish the B3 twice.

update Dec 22 2:20 Pacific Aubrey finished in about 58 minutes

update Dec 22 2:00 Pacific Aubrey is still working on the burrito. Stephanie Torres’ record of 38 minutes is safe.

update Dec 22 1:50 Pacific 30 minutes have elapsed and Aubrey has finished about 80% – 90% of the burrito

update Dec 22 1:21 Pacific Aubrey has received the burrito (You need to have a Java plugin to view the NASCAR Cafe web cast)

The NASCAR Cafe facebook announces that Aubrey will attempt to become a two-time finisher of the 6+ pound B3 burrito at 1pm Pacific (4 pm Eastern). Her attempt will come one year from the day she became the first woman to finish the challenge. Aubrey will attempt to finish in under 30 minutes which would be faster than the 38 minutes it took Stephanie Torres, the only other woman to finish the burrito.

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In a Man vs. Food forum thread, Aubrey claims she is the first female finisher of the B3 Burrito at the NASCAR Cafe in Las Vegas.