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Pat Bertoletti has uploaded a video of him and Joey Chestnut attempting the B3 Burrito challenge at the now-demolished NASCAR Cafe.
The building formerly housing the NASCAR cafe at the former Sahara hotel in Las Vegas was demolished as part of a renovation project that will result in the property's reopening as SLS Las Vegas in fall 2014. The restaurant famous for the 6+ pound B3 Burrito closed in 2011.(via Captain Dave)

B3 Burrito final statistics

The Sahara in Las Vegas, site of the NASCAR Cafe, closed yesterday. Here are the final statistics from the NASCAR Cafe’s B3 Burrito challenge according to public information:

  • 42: Number of people who finished the burrito in under 90 minutes
  • Over 4,000: Number of people purchasing the burrito (according to a yelp comment)
  • 6 minutes: Record finishing time by Joey Chestnut
  • Other announced sub 20 minute times: Ben Monson 12 minutes, Matt Stonie 15 minutes, Shawn Cochran 19 minutes
  • 38 minutes: Announced Women’s record by Stephanie Torres (This forum thread says her women’s record was broken in January, but does not give the name or time.)
  • 2: Most times finishing burrito by Aubrey (might be other unpublicized multiple finishers)
  • 3+: Number of female finishers
  • May 1, 2011: date of 42nd and final completion by Mark from California

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The Las Vegas Review Journal has an article about the closing of the Sahara casino tomorrow, the site of the NASCAR Cafe which featured the 6 pound B^3 burrito challenge.
The facebook for the NASCAR Cafe, home of the B3 burrito challenge, announces that it will close on May 16 when the Sahara Hotel it is located inside shuts its doors. (via email)
The facebook for the NASCAR Cafe announces that Genevieve, a 17 year old girl weighing 95 pounds, finished the B3 burrito in 87 minutes, making her the third female to complete the 6+ burrito and the second finisher in 2011.
The NASCAR Cafe facebook reports that Johnnie Excel finished the B3 burrito in 28 minutes. (via Don Sturdy).

Aubrey is first person to finish B3 Burrito twice

update Dec 22 3:01 Pacific Aubrey’s official time was 59 minutes. The NASCAR Cafe facebook says she is the first person to finish the B3 twice.

update Dec 22 2:20 Pacific Aubrey finished in about 58 minutes

update Dec 22 2:00 Pacific Aubrey is still working on the burrito. Stephanie Torres’ record of 38 minutes is safe.

update Dec 22 1:50 Pacific 30 minutes have elapsed and Aubrey has finished about 80% – 90% of the burrito

update Dec 22 1:21 Pacific Aubrey has received the burrito (You need to have a Java plugin to view the NASCAR Cafe web cast)

The NASCAR Cafe facebook announces that Aubrey will attempt to become a two-time finisher of the 6+ pound B3 burrito at 1pm Pacific (4 pm Eastern). Her attempt will come one year from the day she became the first woman to finish the challenge. Aubrey will attempt to finish in under 30 minutes which would be faster than the 38 minutes it took Stephanie Torres, the only other woman to finish the burrito.

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Gaming Today reports that customers who finish the B3 Burrito in less than 17 minutes will get a free two night stay at the Sahara casino.
The facebook for the NASCAR Cafe reports that Shawn Cochran finished the B3 Burrito in 19 minutes.
The facebook for the NASCAR Cafe reports that Matt Stonie finished the B3 burrito in 15 minutes.
Jessica "JigsawMofo" has uploaded a video of her becoming the first female to finish the the Iron Man omelet at The Broken Yolk in San Diego. She has also posted a video of her recent attempt at the B3 Burrito in Las Vegas, which she believes was considerably more massive than the listed six pound weight.
The NASCAR Cafe's facebook page has a request for feedback about a possible B3 Burrito eating contest.
The NASCAR Cafe's facebook has added a picture of Joey Chestnut after he ate the B3 Burrito in 6 minutes. There is also a new picture of Jessica "JigsawMofo" and Naader Reda's attempt Wednesday. Neither finished, but Jessica ate 3 pounds more than Adam Richman did in his attempt.
The NASCAR Cafe has started a webcam with live coverage of diners attempting its six pound B3 Burrito challege.
The NASCAR Cafe's twitpic page has a picture of Stephanie Torres, who completed the six pound B3 Burrito yesterday. Ms. Torres also completed the 72 ounce steak at the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX in December.
The NASCAR Cafe's twitpic page has pictures of Jessica attempting a B3 burrito in her wedding dress immediately after her marriage (Picture 1 | Picture 2)
Andrew "A Bomb" Lane would like El Toro to show up at his B3 Burrito attempt in Las Vegas Saturday.
KTNV reports that NFL linemen Evan Mathis, Kyle Cook, and Kirk Barton will attempt the B3 burrito challenge at the NASCAR Cafe in Las Vegas today. There have been 27 challenge successes out of the 3,000 times it has been attempted since it became available about a year ago.
In a Man vs. Food forum thread, Aubrey claims she is the first female finisher of the B3 Burrito at the NASCAR Cafe in Las Vegas.

Andrew Lane undertakes “The Undertaker” & other challenges

Andrew “A Bomb” Lane has posted blog entries and galleries about his attempts at a 24 inch sandwich, the B^3 Burrito at the NASCAR Cafe and the Undertaker Challenge burger (5.5) at LBS during a recent trip to Las Vegas.

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"Furious" Pete Czerwinski has posted a video from his attempt at the B3 Burrito at the NASCAR Cafe in Las Vegas.
The second trailer for "Furious" Pete Czerwinski's upcoming documentary has been released. Pete will also have some video from his completion of the B3 burrito at the Nascar Cafe in Las Vegas.

Ben Monson’s eating challenge road trip

“Big” Ben Monson has started a bodybuilding.com thread with pictures about his recent road trip throughout the southwest where he completed the following eating challenges:

  • Quadruple Bypass Burger, Heart Attack Grill, 1:49, second to Joey Chestnut
  • Big Texan 72 ounce steak, Amarillo, TX, 9:40 (3rd person after Joey Chestnut & Frank Pastore to break 10 minutes
  • Chillz 8 waffles & frozen custard, Albuquerque, 11:12 new record
  • 5 pound Sopaipilla, Sadies, Albuquerque, 7:56 new record
  • 6 pound burrito, NASCAR Cafe, Las Vegas, 12 minutes, new record

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Man vs. Food August 12 (Las Vegas) episode links

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