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omelet eating challenges
(All omelet eating challenges in database) has an article about Nathan Klein attempting the five pound omelet challenge at the Miner's Cafe in Laurium, MI. has an article on Indian food challenger Saapattu Raman eating 50 omelets in a video which has received over 6 million views.
Beth's Cafe in Seattle, famed for its 12 egg omelet, has shut down for at least 3-6 months and a permanent closure is possible.
WKRF has a post about Nathan Klein finishing the Jolly Giant omelet challenge at Tovey's Jolly Inn in Germfask, MI. He was the first person to finish the meal in the 11 years it has been offered. Klein recently surpassed 100 restaurant challenge successes.
Beth's Cafe in Seattle, home of a famed 12 egg omelet challenge, will suspend operations due to coronavirus mandates. The restaurant hopes to reopen when the restrictions are lifted.
The Broken Yolk Cafe Instagram reports that Molly Schuyler set a record for its 12 Iron (Wo)Man Omelette challenge with a time of 2.19 minutes at its City of Orange, CA location.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin has uploaded a video of him eating 25,000 calories over 12 or 13 hours. The Broken Yolk Ironman omelet challenge is part of the food eaten. Josie Mai has a video where she attempts 10,000 calories.
The Sun Sentinel reports that Miami Marlins pitcher A. J. Ramos attempted the Iron Man omelet challenge at the Broken Yolk Cafe after on the team's recent day off in San Diego. He was inspired to try the 6 pound meal after seeing an unnamed woman on the wall of fame (as far as I know, Stephanie Torres is the only female finisher) and had the following comments: "She wasn't big or anything. She was pretty good looking, too. I'd hate to take her on a date. She might eat more than me". update Jessica also finished the omelet challenge.
Lauren Takao will attempt the 12 egg omelet at Moose McGillycuddy's in Honolulu on Wednesday's Man vs. Food: Nation, the final new episode of 2011. Lauren was one of the five finalists in the program's casting call video competition, and she will appear on television before the winner of the contest, John Lomascolo, whose episode is expected to be televised in 2012.
IHOP restaurants in Hawaii have started an eating challenge consisting of a 12 egg omelet and 6 pancakes. via (
Jeff Dino has produced a picture comparing the challenge meals he and his friends received (which appears to be the Ironman omelet from the Broken Yolk Cafe) with the meal eaten by Adam Richman on an episode of Man vs. Food
Julien Perry has started a series for Seattle Weekly titled Julien v. Food. Her first report and video documents her eating the 12 egg omelet at Beth's Cafe (but not all of the accompanying hash browns) in under ten minutes.
The Lantern has a report on Scott Bickel's attempt to eat a 7.5 pound omelet at Hang Over Easy in Columbus, OH on Saturday. The attempted ended when Bickel reversed in the final minute. (via email)
UWeekly has an article about Scott Bickel and his quest to finish the omelet challenge at Hang Over Easy in Columbus, OH.
The Contra Costa Times has an article about the appearance of Lumpy's Diner in Antioch, California on last week's episode of Outrageous Food. The diner is planning a new ten pound burger challenge which might award $300 to a finisher.

Outrageous Food Jan 7, 2010 (“Nuclear Wings”) episode links

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List of Oakland / East Bay eating challenges & contests in the eatfeats database
List of Philadelphia eating challenges & contests in the eatfeats database
List of Pittsburgh eating challenges & contests in the eatfeats database

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Jessica "Queen of Cuisine" has uploaded four new eating challenge videos: Venezia team pizza challenge (Phoenix) | Net Grill burger (Fresno) | Batter Up pancakes (Fresno) | Intimidator omelet (Antioch, CA)

New recent California challenge records

Matt Stonie broke the Broken Yolk Ironman Omelet record (now 7:15) and Stephanie Torres set a new women’s record of 12:11. | video | gallery | Naader Reda blog entry

Johnnie Excel and Stephanie Torres set a record for the 2 person XL Pizza Challge at Ballpark Pizza in Rancho Santa Margarita. | Video | Gallery | Johnnie Excel blog entry

Matt Stonie set the King Ranch 5 pound burrito record at La Casa Garcia in Anaheim (4:17). | Gallery | Naader Reda blog entry

Stephanie Torres is the first person to finish 5 of the 6 courses in the $1000 Pho King Way challenge, but she has not received her T-shirt consolation prize.

Jessica “Queen of Cuisine” will set the female record for the 2 pound burger at the Net Grill in Fresno after she is the first woman to attempt the challenge on Sunday.

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Erik "The Red" Denmark has uploaded a video of him finishing the 12 egg omelet at Beth's Cafe in Seattle in under 12 minutes. (via crawfish twitter)

Johnnie Excel sets two eating challenge records

The facebook for Johnnie Excel announces that he set two challenge records this weekend. He finished the Iron Man challenge omelet at the Broken Yolk in 13 minutes and ate 60 plates of sushi at Sushilicious.

Stephanie Torres was not allowed to attempt to break the women’s record since only one record attempt per day is allowed at Sushilicious. She will attempt the record on Wednesday and finished a 5 pound burrito in 14 minutes at La Casa Garcia in Anaheim as a replacement challenge.

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Stoney's North Forty in Las Vegas has a four pound omelet challenge which is free if finished in under 60 minutes.
Jessica "JigsawMofo" has uploaded a video of her becoming the first female to finish the the Iron Man omelet at The Broken Yolk in San Diego. She has also posted a video of her recent attempt at the B3 Burrito in Las Vegas, which she believes was considerably more massive than the listed six pound weight.
Jessica "JigsawMofo" announced on the Man vs. Food facebook wall that she became the first woman to complete the Iron (Wo)man Challenge 12 egg omelet at the Broken Yolk in San Diego.

Man vs. Food June 16 (San Diego) episode links

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List of San Diego eating challenges in the eatfeats database.

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