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2011 Flashback: Cleveland Scene profiles Scott Bickel

Flashback 2011 to Cleveland Scene’s profile of Scott Bickel (RIP) which included this section on how he hoped his competitive eating career could reverse the fortunes of his hometown:

The cult of Beefcakes Bickel has sprung forth from a specific time and place: post-LeBron Cleveland, a cityscape in a desperate scramble for self-esteem. The years of losing seasons, national punch lines, the very public breakup with our hero — it’s all taken its toll, shrinking our civic ego to that of a touchy teenager’s, always sucking in that gut and checking the fly.

Is relief on the way? With the city’s pro athletes useless to salve our wounds, a cottage industry has cropped up among the amateur ranks: the search for a championship — any championship whatsoever — for Cleveland. From women’s boxing to ultimate fighting to Harry Potter fandom, newsmaking residents are eager to bring distinction back home. Prime-time glory? Not exactly. This is ESPN3-caliber fame.

Bickel is the latest — perhaps greatest — of them. He decided early on that his mission would not be merely about himself, but about Cleveland. Some would raise championship banners. Bickel will raise hot dogs.

In January 2012, Scott Bickel took his life by jumping off a bridge.

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Flashback 2011: Cleveland Scene wrote a profile of Scott "Beefcakes" Bickel (RIP) about how he hoped success in his competitive eating career could assuage the pain of Cleveland sports and LeBron James' recent departure to Miami.

One year anniversary of Scott Bickel’s passing / 2012 losses

It has now been over one year since Scott Bickel took his own life on January 11, 2012 by jumping of the State Route 82 Bridge in Sagamore Hills in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. (Bickel’s death was not the only appearance of the bridge in 2012 news; members of “Occupy Cleveland” were arrested in May for attempting to blow it up.) Other 2012 losses in the competitive eating community include:

Samit Aulakh fell into a coma after choking in a Gulab Jamun eating contest in Surrey, BC in November (as far as I know, he is still in that condition.)

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The Cleveland Scene has a farewell to Scott "Beefcakes" Bickel.

Scott Bickel funeral Monday morning has an obituary for Scott Bickel announcing that his funeral will talk place Monday morning. More Scott Bickel tributes:

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RIP Scott Bickel 1990-2012

(via emails) Some extremely sad news happened last night. Scott Bickel posted a suicide note on his facebook page last night and he carried through with it by jumping into the Cuyahoga River (link fixed).

update 8:22 pm has a news video

update 1:09 pm now has a article identifying the body.

update 12:45 A memorial facebook group has been started.

update 12:15 NewsNet5 has a new article identifying the body.

update 11:58 Cleveland Scene now confirms that the body found was Bickel’s (via Will Millender)

update 11:53 A blog entry identifies the victim as a 21 year old man from North Royalton, OH, but does not give a name.

update 11:08 am Cleveland Scene has a new blog entry about Scott Bickel. The found body has yet to be officially identified.

update 9:30 am NewsNet5 has an article and short video about the death that does not give a name.

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Grace Lee has started a twitter about competing in the Nathan's finals at Scott Bickel has also started a new twitter at

2011 Nathan’s Cleveland qualifer

1) Pat Bertoletti 38
2) Scott Bickel 18
3T) Jake “The Great Lake” Larry 17
3T) Jeremy Park 17
Craig Reed 10
Jamie Park 7 – women’s winner

update June 3 The Tower City Facebook has a gallery

update 8:10 has a blog entry reporting that Jamie Park will compete in Coney Island despite not reaching the 10 hot dog minimum
WKYC has an article and video
Metromix has a gallery

update 2:15 Cleveland Scene has a slideshow

update 1:10 The MLE twitter has the rest of the top 4:

update 1:01 Brian Subich has the Top 2:

update 12:56 The contest is over. Craig Reed estimates Bickel’s total at 17.

update 12:53 The contest is underway

Bob Shoudt announces that he will not compete in today’s qualifier and will attempt to qualify for the finals Saturday in Queens.

The headline of a NewsNet5 article claims the contest has already taken place.

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Scott Bickel on Fox 8 News this morning

Scott Bickel appeared on Fox 8 News this morning to promote tomorrow’s Nathan’s qualifier in Cleveland. (A video of his appearance does not seem to be available.)

update Bob Shoudt announces that he will compete. According to the eatfeats database, this will be the first meeting of two of the current top five IFOCE members in a Nathan’s qualifier since the 2007 Philadelphia qualifier.

update #2 A video of the appearance is available.

update #3 Tower City Center has a page about the contest listing ultramarathoner Darris Blackford and Amy Brilhart as other competitors.

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WOIO news has a video of an interview with Scott Bickell, who says he thinks can eat 40-50 hot dogs in next week's Cleveland Nathan's qualifier and defeat Pat Bertoletti. (via Scott Bickel twitter)
The Cleveland Leader has an article about the June 2 Cleveland Nathan's qualifier confirming that Pat Bertoletti is expected to compete against Scott Bickel in that contest. The contest will take place at 12:30 pm at the Grand Staircase of Tower City Center.
Pat Bertoletti announces that he will compete against Scott Bickel in the Nathan's Cleveland qualifier on June 2.
Scott Bickel's appearance on WOIO News can be viewed online (via Scott Bickel twitter).
Cleveland Scene has a blog entry about Scott Bickel competing in the June 2 Nathan's qualifier.
The Cleveland State student newspaper has an article about Tony Carter, photographer for Scott Bickel.
The Lantern has a report on Scott Bickel's attempt to eat a 7.5 pound omelet at Hang Over Easy in Columbus, OH on Saturday. The attempted ended when Bickel reversed in the final minute. (via email)
UWeekly has an article about Scott Bickel and his quest to finish the omelet challenge at Hang Over Easy in Columbus, OH.
The Ohio State student newspaper has another article about Scott Bickel. update A video of Scott Bickel's chicken finger challenge is available.
Molly Gray reports that Scott Bickel ate 37 chicken fingers in 30 minutes at the Ohio State University student newspaper's office.
An article about Scott Bickel and his quest to eat 242 wings is the cover story for the new issue of Cleveland Scene magazine. (via Scott Bickel twitter)
Scott Bickel's appearance on a segment about Cleveland's most interesting people on today's episode of WKYC's Good Company today can be viewed online. has an article about Scott Bickel making its list of most interesting people.
WKYC has an article about Scott Bickel's attempt tonight to eat 242 wings at Cleats in North Royalton, Ohio. Proceeds from the event will benefit a military family in need. update Bickel ate 175 wings. has a podcast of an interview with Scott Bickel about his Applebee's 2 for $20 challenge and his plans to compete in the Nathan's finals.
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