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Katina Eats Kilos DeJarnett has started a twitter at
Raina Huang announces that she has surpassed three million subscribers to her TikTok channel., a domain which previously hosted information about All Pro Eating events, has had all the content from that organization removed. (The final All Pro Eating competition was August 12, 2018.) The site has been replaced with an unfinished web page that claims it will offer 150,000 contests and challenges (Eatfeats has around 50,000 competitions.) The contact page has a mailing address in Warrington, England. The All Pro Eating Facebook page is still available.
Joel Hansen has started a website at (via Food Challenge News), a website devoted to competitive eating challenges, has started.
The British Eating League has started a website at, the All Pro Eating website has been restored after becoming inaccessible at the start of the year. There does not appear to be any information about the hiatus or other new content.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski has passed a billion videos viewed for his youtube channel. I think the only other competitive eating channels to surpass that benchmark are Matt Stonie 1.969B viewed) and Yuka Kinoshita (1.951B)
Mark Gdd has completed 100 successful food challenges. He has ranked his favorite and hardest challenges.
The website for All Pro Eating, was not renewed and currently brings up a GoDaddy landing page. The organization's facebook and twitter remain up, but have not been updated in over a year.
Matt Stonie's youtube channel has passed 10 million subscribers. has started a blog about spicy eating competitions.
Guinness World Records has an article about Saudi food challenger Hussain Sallam creating a 600kg serving of Sayadieh, a traditional Middle Eastern dish. He has over three million subscribers to his youtube channel.
Eric "Badlands" Booker announced that his Badlands Chugs youtube channel surpassed a million subscribers., a website devoted to spicy eating contests and challenges, has launched.
With the recent redesign of, the MLE "Hall of Fame" page appears to have been removed. The page said "Coming Soon" since it was first posted in 2014.
Feedspot has compiled a list of 30 eating challenge youtube channels to follow in 2019.
Chien Shu of the Taiwanese "Battle of the Big Eaters" team has surpassed a million subscribers to her youtube channel.
Pewdiepie, owner of the youtube channel with the most subscriptions, produced a video criticizing mukbang eating videos focusing on the controversy that ensued when Veronica Wang flagged other Youtube channels for copyright violations. In the video, Pewdiepie claims "Americans ruin everything" (Veronica Wang is from Toronto). A reddit thread started December 24 has background on the feud between Veronica Wang and the now-deleted Shookbang channel, which produced parodies of mukbang videos.
An account devoted to "exposing Matt Stonie one food challenge at a time" has been started at
Matt Stonie announced yesterday that his YouTube channel had passed one billion total views. (I think Yuka Kinoshita has the most viewed competitive eating channel wil 1.548 billion vies.)
Randy Santel announced his youtube channel just hit 500,000 subscribers.
Joey Chestnut has started a website at for his line of condiments. All profits from sales until July 6 will be donated to Hidden Heroes a charity for wounded veterans. (via Mercury News)s
Matt Stonie announces he has surpassed 5 million subscribers to his youtube channel, the first competitive eater to reach that benchmark. I think Yuka Kinoshita has the most watched channel with almost a billion and a half views.
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