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Leader Herald has an article about Mark Gdd completing the meatball sub challenge at the Saucy Italian in Johnstown, NY. He has a food challenge youtube channel.
Bloomberg has an article about "Furious" Pete Czerwinski hosting his new videos on the blockchain-based video host DTube instead of YouTube.
Raina Huang just passed 50,000 subscribers for her youtube channel, making her the first American female competitive eater to hit that benchmark. (Miki Sudo is at 25K, Molly Schuyler has 17K). For non-USA English language channels by female competitive eaters, I think Peggie Neo leads with 307K subscribers. Nela Zisser has 162K and Kate Ovens has 38K
Raina Huang is currently billed as a "Creator on the Rise" on YouTube's Trending page.
AVN has an article about the new trailer for "Eating Out With Nadia White" a youtube channel documenting the adult film actress' competitive eating career. Tim "Gravy" Brown makes an appearance as an eating coach. Nadia will attempt the 54 inch pizza at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA tonight with a team of seven other diners.
Mission Burrito has an interview with Lee vs. Food about his inability to complete its new El Criminal Burrito Challenge, his first defeat in 9 Bristol, England area food challenge attempts. He has a facebook page at to document his competitive eating experiences.
The Spanish food challenge youtube channel Esstik has surpassed 500,000 subscribers.
Sarah "Unstoppable B. A. B." Reinecke has started a youtube channel with a video of her attempt to eat a 5.5 pound cake from Cubes Baking in Seattle.
The official MLE twitter @eatingcontest appears to have been "shadowbanned", with none of its tweets appearing in search results. The account does not appear in twitter user search either.
Leah Shutkever has started a facebook fan page at
The website for the Wing Bowl has been moved to and updated with information about Wing Bowl 26. The rules say that 4 people from outside the Philadelphia market area will be allowed to qualify via a stunt on streaming video and that all previous champions will get a bye. Three Wing Off qualifiers will be held at P. J. Whelihan's (dates have yet to be determined). The entrants list has also been updated with the current Wing Bowl 26 roster. Tickets officially went on sale today and Ric Flair will return as the celebrity guest.
The Brazilian youtube channel Corbucci Eats has surpassed 100,000 subscribers, probably making it the first Portuguese language competitive eating youtube channel to reach that milestone.
Stephanie Joshi of has started a food challenge youtube channel with a Q & A session. She says that her favorite channels include Beard Meats Food, Erik the Electric and Matt Stonie.
Ed Krachie, the 1995 & 1996 Nathan's hot dog eating champion, has a twitter at @edkrachie.
Monty "Moe Train" Wiradilaga has started a competitive eating website called Down to Feast at
Jenn Cheng, runner-up in the women's division of the eating contest held at the 2016 NYC Dumpling Festival, has started a competitive eating instagram at Her first post announces that she set the record (3:30) for the vegan burger challenge at The Organic Grill in Manhattan.
Ivan "The Avocado" Mendoza has started a blog at
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark, runner-up in the St. Louis Nathan's qualifier, has started a youtube channel.
Australian competitive eater "Hulk Smash Food" announces that he has exceeded 100,000 followers for his Instagram account. I think this is the most for an active competitive eater; Furious Pete has 400K+, but has not done an official contest in almost 3 years.
5 time WIP Wing Bowl champion Bill "El Wingador" Simmons has published a book titled Snow on the Barb Wire about the path that led to his incarceration for narcotics distribution and his quest for redemption. He has also started a website at and a twitter at @elwingador. (via comment)
A new website focused on United Kingdom eating challenges has been set up at The twitter for the site is @ukfoodchallnges.
An instagram has been started at The posts will be whatever graphical content I produce along with some screen captures. The initial post is an eating contest report from a 1785 issue of the London Times.
Col "The Conqueror" MacLaurin appeared on yesterday's episode of Australia's Got Talent. His stunt was called "disgusting" by Col has started a competitive eating website at (via Stephanie Wu).

Verified competitive eating twitter pages

Here are the only twitter pages for people in the competitive eating field I could find that have received a blue checkmark indicating that they have been officially verified:

I think LA Beast is the only person ever associated with IFOCE/MLE to be verified. @eatingcontest, Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie, Takeru Kobayashi, Miki Sudo, George Shea, Rich Shea and Gersh Kutzman have not been verified. Yuka Kinoshita has not been verified despite now having over 110,000 followers. 

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