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Ivan "The Avocado" Mendoza won the first prize of $250 at the Karl Ehmer Bratwurst Eating Competition at Steelstacks in Bethlehem, PA.
Ivan Mendoza announced he complete the Belly Buster Challenge at Brewster's in Fairbanks, AK, which he believes makes him the youngest person to compete a burger challenge in all 50 states.men
On his Instagram page, Ivan "The Avocado" Mendoza announced his ambition to successfuly complete restaurant challenges in all 50 states before he turns 21. He has 19 states remaining. update The trip expecerienced a setback after he failed to complete a nacho challenge in Durango, CO that was bigger than expected. Ivan is the subject of the latest Palm Beach Happenings competitive eater interview.
WHIO has a podcast of an interview with Ivan "The Avocado" Mendoza.
The Fairborn Herald has a profile of Ivan "the Avocado" Mendoza, who hopes to be ranked in the MLE top 10.
The Wright State student newspaper has a profile of Ivan "The Avocado" Mendoza, who is a senior with double majors in management and human resources who has a 4.0 GPA at that university. There is a also a video.
Ivan "The Avocado" Mendoza has started a blog at https://ivantheavocado.wordpress.com/
News Herald has a report on Ivan Mendoza's victory in the shortcake eating contest at the Kirtland (OH) Kiwanis’ Strawberry Festival over four-time defending champion Nick Gordish.
Ivan Mendoza announces that he was the first person to finish the "Uber Terminator" 3 foot bratwurst challenge at Meckelenburg's Garden in Cincinnati that was featured on "Ginormous Food".