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Three random eating challenges
big burger Burger Challenge Boss Hoggz Homer, AK
5 lb. burrito Five Pound Burrrito Railway Cantina Seward, AK
6 lb. seafood feast Kodiak Arrest Challenge Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse Anchorage, AK 3 lb. King Crab legs, 1.5 ft long reindeer sausage seven salmon or crab cakes, mashed potatoes or fried rice, and mixed vegetables, berry crisp dessert
(All Alaska eating challenges and contests in database) has an article about Randy Santel and Katina Eats Kilos attempting the undefeated Garbage Pizza Challenge at Riverside Pizza in Nenana, Alaska Saturday.
Randy Santel announced that he completed a burger challenge at Boss Hoggz in Homer, AK to become the 3rd person (after Ramsey Hilton and Ivan Mendoza) to complete restaurant challenges in all 50 states.
Ethan Teske produced a video for "Doing You" series of his attempt at the Kodiak Arrest challenge platter at Humpy's Alehouse in Anchorage, AK.
Ivan Mendoza announced he complete the Belly Buster Challenge at Brewster's in Fairbanks, AK, which he believes makes him the youngest person to compete a burger challenge in all 50
The Fiesta Room in Anchorage, Alaska will hold Epic Meal Show 2 on February 2 where four eating contests will be held in conjunction with local band performances.
TGI Friday's in Anchorage, AK will hold two wing eating contests on December 1. A hot wing contest will award $350 and a regular wing eating contest will pay $150 to the winner.

Man vs. Food November 18 (Alaska) episode links

Travel Channel episode description

KTNA and Frontiersman articles about filming in Talkeetna


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MuckFlash blog entry
about Sarah Palin challenging Barack Obama to a sandwich eating contest

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KTNA has a report on Man vs. Food recording at two Talkeetna, Alaska restaurants this past weekened.
ADN has a blog entry about Man vs. Food recording at Humpy's in Anchorage, Alaska on Wednesday night. The challenge meal was the "Kodiak Arrest" consisting of seven crab cakes, a foot long sausage, three pounds of crab legs, sides and a wild berry crisp with ice cream for dessert.
SaveTable reports that Man vs. Food is recording at Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage tonight.
The Fairbanks, Alaska Daily News Miner has an article about Roy Harding Katairoak, who first won the muktuk eating competition at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics in 1972 and has won numerous times since then. (He did not win this year's contest)

WSJ on athletes calories / pounds / day

An article in the Wall Street Journal says that Iditarod sled dogs might be the world’s greatest athletes due to their high calorie consumption per pound of bodyweight ratio. A 50 pound dog will expend about 10,000 calories a day while it is running the race.


Link Buffet: February 22, 2008

Dale Boone interview in has an interview with pelemeni record holder Dale Boone in its article about tomorrow’s Alaskan pelemeni contest. Boone also discusses his reindeer sausage record that he set in Alaska. The pelemeni record was not set in a continuous 6 minutes but was the sum of three separate rounds.

Transportation Security Administration screeners allowed Boone to walk through security with his 6-foot pelmeni trophy. On the plane, the stewardesses crowed.

“The flight attendant said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we have our pelmeni champion that you saw on Regis and Kathy Lee,'” Boone said. “Everyone started cheering.”

Back in Georgia, Boone returned to the Atlanta pelmeni restaurant. The curious 300-pound hillbilly was the conquering hero.

“The Russians had seen me on Russian TV,” Boone said. “They couldn’t believe it. They were shaking my hand. Meeting me in person was like they were meeting the president of the United States.”

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Alaska pel’meni eating contest Sept 7

The Juneau Empire reports that a pel’meni eating contest will be held in Juneau, Alaska on September 7. Dale Boone set the IFOCE pel’meni record by eating 274 of the Russian dumplings in 6 minutes.