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Gabriel Davison ate a MOAB challenge burger in about two minutes to win the first prize of $500 in Saturday's eating contest at B-52 Burgers and Brews in Lakeville, MN. Ethan Teske was runner up.
Ethan Teske attained 300 successful restaurant challenges on a trip to Utah.
Ethan Teske ate 20 tacos in 6:48 to win the first prize of $250 in an eating contest held at Tacos Tacos Tacos in Duluth.
CityPages has an article about last month's Fortune Bay World Wild Rice Hotdish Eating Championship in Tower, MN containing an interview with Ethan Teske.
Ethan Teske produced a video for "Doing You" series of his attempt at the Kodiak Arrest challenge platter at Humpy's Alehouse in Anchorage, AK.

2018 Hopcat Crack Fry qualifiers

Here are the results I have for yesterday’s Crack Fry eating qualifiers held at Hopcat locations in the Midwest. Sam Pohlen was the first female to win a crack fry contest. update Ethan Teske won the Minneapolis contest.

2018 Jan 20 1st 3.6 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Chicago, IL
2018 Jan 20 2nd 3.34 Brandon Clark Chicago, IL
2018 Jan 20 1st ? Kyle “The Hammer” Hanner Indianapolis, IN
2018 Jan 20 1st 1.8625 Sam Pohlen Grand Rapids, MI
2018 Jan 20 1st ? Rob Chopp Kalamazoo, MI
2018 Jan 20 1st ? Nick Adanczyk Kansas City, MO

Comments (8) has an article about Ethan Teske setting the house record for the 20 scoop Tornado Sundae at Two Scoops, in Anoka, MN. has a video about Ethan Teske & Jeremiah Forster finishing the 30 inch pizza challenge at Fox Pizza in Madelia, MN last week in 16 minutes, believed to be a record for the entire chain. has a report on yesterday's bagel eating contest at Noshfest in Marietta, GA. High school student Matthew Warchol ate 5 bagels in 5 minutes to defeat Ethan Teske and win the $500 prize.
Ethan Teske ate 17 hot dogs in 5 minutes yesterday to take the first prize of $500 in a hot dog eating contest held in Hurricane, WV.
Ethan Teske attempted the Rocky Top challenge at It's All So Yummy Cafe in Knoxville for an upcoming episode of Food Network's Ice Cream Nation.
Ethan Teske ate 17 slawburgers in 10 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in yesterday's eating contest at the SlawBurger Festival in Fayetteville, TN. Defending champion Kyle Hanner ate 11.5 to take 2nd.
Yesterday, Ethan Teske and Matt Cohen were the first pair to finish the 36 inch Godfather challenge at Sal's Family Pizza in Franklin, TN.
Ethan Teske posted to Piranha's facebook page that he completed the cheesesteak challenge at the Nashville restaurant, but did not receive the $100 prize a manager said was awarded to finishers. has an article about Ethan Teske competing in Tuesday's Nathan's qualifier in Nashville.
Ethan Teske and Mitch Dombrowski appeared on Good Day Wisconsin yesterday.