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Three random seafood eating challenges
6 lb. seafood feast Kodiak Arrest Challenge Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse Anchorage, AK 3 lb. King Crab legs, 1.5 ft long reindeer sausage seven salmon or crab cakes, mashed potatoes or fried rice, and mixed vegetables, berry crisp dessert
pieces of catfish All You Can Eat Catfish record Steak and Catfish Barn Edmond, OK
big seafood platter Man vs. Food Platter Original Oyster House Gulf Shores, AL also a Mobile, AL location
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Chesapeake Bay Magazine has a post about Raina Huang attempting all the crab dishes at Phillips Seafood in Baltimore.
Kristen Amy McElhaney ate 223 oysters to break the women's record at Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile, AL, a mark which had stood for 22 years. The effort raised $5,000 for the Distinguished Young Women program. has a profile of Ken Orndoff, who has held the house record of 421 oysters at Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile, AL for over eight years.
Ethan Teske produced a video for "Doing You" series of his attempt at the Kodiak Arrest challenge platter at Humpy's Alehouse in Anchorage, AK.
Professional wrestler Bruan Strowman attempted the 7 pound Seafood UFO Sandwich at Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Baltimore.
Mike "Strictly Dumpling" Chen produced a video of him attempting a 50 pound lobster challenge costing $662 in Toronto.
Randy Santel announces that he completed Casey's Whale Challenge at Casey's Fish N Chip Shop in Ossett, England today to bring his total of successful restaurant challenges to 400. He and Mitch Dombrowski will face "Beard Meats Food" at Skippers Cafe to attempt the Kraken breakfast challenge tomorrow.
Kate Ovens wrote a report for the Newcastle Tab about her completion of the fish and chips challenge at the Blue Bell Pub in Sandyford, England.
In a thread about Corporate Darwin Awards, one of the submissions is about Edna Morris, former president of Red Lobster, who left her position in 2003 after the company incurred significant losses from an all you can eat crab leg offer.
KFVS has an article and video about Randy Santel setting the record for the catfish challenge at Fiddlers Catfish and Seafood in Dexter, MO.

“Strasburger” debuts at Nationals home opener

The “Strasburger” made its debut at yesterday’s Washington Nationals home opener (it will not be available at all home games). The 8 pound burger named in honor of pitcher Stephen Strasburg weighs 8 pounds, costs $59 and has 8,000 to 10,000 calories. The second Strasburger ever purchased was reportedly finished by a two person team. (There are no listed prizes or official recognition for a sole finisher.)

Other ballpark eating challenges:

Comments reports that offensive lineman Robert Leff attempted the Jubilee Challenge, consisting of 7.5 pounds of seafood, at The Complete Angler in Daphne, AL after signing a football scholarship to Auburn.
Naader Reda has a blog entry about completing two eating challenges in San Diego (with only 40 minutes between them): a burger challenge at Nicky Rotten's and a fish and chips platter at Shakespeare's Pub and Grille.
Man vs. Food is reportedly recording in Mobile, Alabama. (video) update Lagniappe Mobile has more information. The challenge restaurant will be Wintzell's Oyster House.
Samantha Stabb set the women's record at Wintzell's Oyster House in Pensacola by eating 264 oysters in 20 minutes.
Grace Lee has posted pictures of last night's meal at Coast in Atlanta where she ate 20 pounds (presumably gross weight, not net) of crab legs to set a house record. The crab challenge was done to train for an upcoming big challenge.
WKRG reports that Ken Orndoff broke a 7 year old record at Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile, Alabama by eating 421 oysters in an hour. During the attempt, oysters entered his mouth more than 421 times. (See this video for an explanation.)
Edmond Life & Leisure reports that Adam Richman broke the 2010 record of 28 catfish pieces at the Steak and Catfish Barn in the Oklahoma City episode of Man vs. Food. The overall record of 45 pieces was set in 2009. Flickr has a picture of the wall of fame in 2008, when the record was 40 pieces.

Man vs. Food August 4, 2010 episode (Oklahoma City) links

Travel Channel: Slideshow | Episode Guide


List of Oklahoma City eating challenges in the eatfeats database.

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Man vs. Food July 28, 2010 (Long Island) Episode links

Travel Channel Episode Guide | Gallery


List of Long Island eating challenges in the eatfeats database

Comments (2) has an article and gallery about the eating contest at Wintzell's Oyster House held for competitors in the Junior Miss pageant. Julia Springate of Kentucky won the contest with 74 oysters. Junior Misses from Vermont (59 oysters), Wyoming (55) and Delaware (45) also broke the previous record of 44.
NewsOK has a blog entry about Man vs. Food recording in Oklahoma City this past weekend. The episode challenge was a catfish eating record.
The Port Royal Pub and Grille in Islip, Long Island has seven eating challenges: a BBQ and a seafood challenge along with a burger and four sandwich challenges.

Man vs. Food January 28 (New Orleans) episode links

update: commercial | gallery
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Link Buffet: January 12, 2009

  • Review of Quest for the Golden Hot Dog
  • 4 person USA vs. Canada team slider eating contest in Toronto on February 8, 2009. “Furious” Pete Czerwinski will captain the Canadian team
  • List of all Wing Bowl 17 finalists on “Obi Wing” and “Damaging” Doug are the only repeat competitors at this moment I am aware of
  • Wrestler “The Executioner” sets restaurant record by eating 10 pattie burger
  • Picture of menu at Wintzell’s Oyster House which lists the current oyster eating records (Men – Joe Evans: 403, Women – Julia Ward: 280)
  • Picture of Sonya Thomas and Rickey Henderson (on right) from the 2005 San Diego Golden Palace qualifier. Rickey Henderson is expected to be announced as one of the new baseball Hall of Fame members today

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