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Cambridge University will hold a presentation about competitive eating on March 7. Dr. Barak Kushner of the University of Cambridge and Dr. Eric Rath of the University of Michigan will be the speakers. The talks are part of the Imaginative Things: Curious Objects 1400–2000 series. reports that Rob Radcliffe was the first person to finish a 10,000 calorie burger challenge at Rocker's Steak House in Cambridge, England that was topped with the world's spiciest peppers.
Cambridge News has a report on Oliver Pritchard and Tania Sevcenko both completing the burger challenge at Rocker's Steak House in Cambridge, England on Valentine's Day.

British universities want wine tasting classified as a sport

Bordeaux Undiscovered reports that the wine societies of Oxford and Cambridge Universities want to have wine tasting classified as an official collegiate sport. The wine contests will be judged by how many questions about the wine a taster gets correct and not volume or speed of consumption.

Food falls into the sport category – so why not wine? Competitive Eating is considered a sport. This is a sport which involves the consumption of large quantities of food in a short time period – typically 12 minutes or less. I think the rules can be stretched to include wine tasting – don’t you?

As usual it boils down to tradition – and this is a difficult thing to break in our ancient educational establishments. Awarding colours for sporting achievements dates back to the early 19th century when Oxford and Cambridge staged their first rowing races.

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