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DallasNews.com reports that James Webb ate 37 meat pies in 36:22 at Aussie Grind Provisions in Farmers Branch, TX.

2023 Lewisville tamales contest

NBCDFW has a segment about James Webb, who will be competing in the Lewisville, TX tamales contest tomorrow. The Australian has been given the nickname "The Wonder from Down Under".
The full field for Saturday's tamale eating contest in Lewisville, TX has been posted: Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Michelle Lesco, James Webb, Adrian Morgan, Derek Hendrickson, Darrien Thomas, Greg Wilson, Nathan Biller, Sergio Reyes Raya, Jocelyn Young and Albert Bravo (Nick Wehry was also listed but he will be doing the Cheesesteak Egg Roll Bowl.)
Registration will open today for a Nathan's Famous qualifier to be held in Selsey, West Sussex, England on August 26. I think this will be the first Nathan's qualifier held outside the USA since a Beijing qualifier in 2011. Registration is now open for the Slopper championship at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo on September 2, the Buffalo Buffet Bowl on September 2, the USA Chicken Wing Eating Championship in Buffalo on September 3 and the Lewisville, TX tamale contest on September 30.
Joel Hansen won the Canton, TX hot dog eating contest for the fourth year in a row and claimed a $1,500 prize
Canton, TX will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding $1500 to the winner.
The Dallas Pizza Fest will hold a pizza eating contest on April 23 awarding $200/$100/$50.
El Chingon will hold an eating contest in Fort Worth on October 4 awarding $500 to the first four person team to finish 42 tacos.

Derek Hendrickson wins Lewisville tamales

Miki Sudo, Michelle Lesco, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran, Derek Hendrickson, Katie Prettyman, Nate Biller, Ryan Rodacker, Jocelyn Walker and Kathryn Tesch are expected to compete in Saturday's World Tamale Eating Championship in Lewisville, TX.
Riscky's in Fort Worth will have a rib eating contest tomorrow awarding prizes valued at $500/$250/$100.
Bad Azz Burrito in Saginaw, TX will award $10,000 if the 64 second record for its 3 pound burrito challenge is broken.
El Chingon in Fort Worth will hold a spicy eating contest May 24 awarding $250 to the winner. Trivia questions will also be part of the competition.
Beyond Meat will hold a plant based burger eating contest in Dallas on May 28 awarding $1000 to the winner, $500 to the runner up.
Pizza Fest Dallas will hold an eating contest on May 14 awarding $200/$100/$50.
The Toyota Music Factory in Irvine, TX will hold a taco eating contest on May 5. One of the prizes is a weekend night stay at the Omni Las Colinas Hotel.
El Chingon in Fort Worth will hold a five pound burrito eating contest on April 19 awarding 4 tickets to the Joe Rogan show on April 20.
El Chingon in Fort Worth will hold a taco eating contest on February 22 awarding $500 and a bottle of Don Julio 1942 to the first four person team to finish 42 tacos.
Joel Hansen attempted a 190 ounce steak challenge at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth for a $400 prize.
Bad Azz Burrito in Saginaw, TX will award $2000 to a team of 4 amateurs that can break the record for a 11 pound burrito challenge set by Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark and Bob Shoudt.
Bob Shoudt and Brandon Clark will face off against a team of 4 amateurs for a $2000 prize October 8 in an 11 pound burrito eating contest at Bad Azz Burritos in Saginaw, TX.
Dan "Killer" Kennedy broke the record for the 3 pound burrito at Bad Azz Burritos in Saginaw, TX to claim a $3200 jackpot. Molly Schuyler attempted a 15 pound burrito from the restaurant.
Bad Azz Burrito in Saginaw, TX has a 3 pound burrito challenge with a jackpot prize that will currently pay out over $3000 if it is completed in under 1:35. Both Geoff Esper and Raina Huang failed to win the prize. A female (probably Molly Schuyler) will attempt the challenge on Saturday.

2021 Lewisville Western Days tamales

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