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Knoxville Mayor Glenn Jacobs, who competed in WWE as "Kane", will be the only amateur entrant in the Ultimate Bologna Showdown in Knoxville, TN on May 18. Joey Chestnut and Geoff Esper are also expected to compete.
The Middlesboro (TN) Wing Fling will hold a wing eating contest August 3 awarding $500/$250/$100. has an article about Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen's victory in the 4/20 Sandwich Challenge held at It's All so Yummy Cafe in Knoxville, TN on Friday.
Ethan Teske attempted the Rocky Top challenge at It's All So Yummy Cafe in Knoxville for an upcoming episode of Food Network's Ice Cream Nation.
Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen appeared on WBIR yesterday to talk about competing in the Nathan's Finals.
Stephanie Wu was the first person to finish the 9 pound Rock Top sundae challenge at It's All So Yummy! in Knoxville, TN today.
WBIR has a segment about Randy Santel's unsuccessful attempt at the Rocky Top ice cream challenge at It's All so Yummy Cafe in Knoxville. Randy mentions his upcoming team pizza challenge with Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen in the clip.

Joey Chestnut wins Knoxville Hooters qualifier, Gideon Oji 2nd

Results Part 1 | Part 2

1) Joey Chestnut 176 wings
2) Gideon Oji 155
3) Juliet Lee 145
4) Juan Rodriguez 112
5) Damien Boykin 103
6) Matt Raible 96
7) Eric “Badlands” Booker 94
8) Ronnie Hartman 90
9) “Wild” Bill Myers 70

Eric “Badlands” Booker appeared on WATE 6 this morning.

Comments (18) reports that Joey Chestnut, Juliet Lee, Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez, Eric "Badlands" Booker, "Wild" Bill Myers, Ronnie Hartman, Matthew Raible, Damien Boykin, and Gideon Oji are expect to compete in Sunday's Hooters qualifier in Knoxville. The restaurant will offer all you can eat wings on July 13 and 20.
Dale Boone won last weekend's eating contest at the Big Kahuna Wing Festival in Knoxville, TN.
The 2015 Hooters Wing Eating Championship will take place in Clearwater, FL on July 25 and award $17500. Qualifiers in Long Beach on June 27 and Knoxville on July 12 will award 3 spots in the finals.
Shiloh Brew and Chew in Maryville, TN, previously famous for an 80 ounce steak challenge, claims its business has increased after it posted a "Guns are Welcome" sign on its front door. The owner, Sharma Floyd, claims the sign was inspired by news of a robbery in North Carolina that occurred at a location with a gun ban. (That site was probably The Pit in Durham which has appeared on Man vs. Food).
Dale Boone won the Big Kahuna Wing Eating Competition held at World's Fair Park in Knoxville, TN yesterday.
A trip to New York City to be honorary judges at the Nathan's finals was auctioned at a charity event in Knoxville, TN.
A woman (first name probably Regen) is the first member of Wall of Fame for the 80 ounce steak challenge at Shiloh Brew & Chew in Maryville, TN. (Regen is the second woman I know who finished a steak challenge larger than 76 ounces; Miki Sudo finished a 120 ounce steak last year.)

Man vs. Food October 13, 2010 (Knoxville) episode links

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The facebook page for Sweet P's announces that John Lomascolo was the first person to finish the "El Gigante Comida" burrito, which will be the featured challenge in tomorrow's Knoxville, TN episode of Man vs. Food.
Metropulse has a blog entry about Adam Richman attempting the five pound BBQ burrito at Sweet P's, which will be the challenge in the upcoming Knoxville episode of Man vs. Food.
CityView has an article about Knoxville eating challenges. Yesterday Adam Richman attempted one of the challenges listed, the "El Comida Gigante" at Sweet P's BBQ and Soul House.
The facebook page for Downtown Grill & Brewery in Knoxville, TN reports that Adam Richman from Man vs. Food din there yesterday. update Aug 31 Ye Olde Steakhouse was today's site.

2 point penalty costs Juliet Lee WC slot

update #5 The KSO blog has the full results

update #4 George Shea has the top 4:

1) Tim Janus 55 points
2) Juliet Lee 49 points (originally had 51 but received 2 point deduction)
3T) Nate Biller 42 points
3T) Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 42 points

The two point deduction cost Juliet Lee a wild card slot since Erik Denmark was the only other non-winner to exceed 50 points.

update #3 The top 2 are now posted on the ksquareoff twitter – Tim Janus won with 55, Juliet Lee was second with 49.

update #2 The contest is over but results have not been announced. The KSO twitter reports that there is controversy about Juliet Lee’s result.

update The contest has started.

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The Krystal Square Off blog has a previews of Saturday's qualifer in Nashville and Sunday's qualifier in Knoxville listing confirmed and possible entrants.
A Krystal eating contest was held on East Tennessee This Morning to promote Sunday's qualifier in Knoxville.
The KSO blog lists the ranked eaters expected for this weekend's qualifiers in Nashville and Knoxville.

Link Buffet: September 18, 2008

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