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Jenn Cheng finished the Megamori ramen challenge at TabeTomo in New York City in a record 12:03.
Jenn Cheng has started her youtube channel with a video of her attempt at the Supersize Mi Pho Challenge at Mi Noodle Bar in Manhattan. The meal is billed as the first NYC pho challenge.
Dave Brunelli (69 wings in 8 minutes) and Jenn Cheng (47 wings) defended their titles in tonight's eating contest at Stitch in Manhattan. (via stories)

Dave Brunelli & Jenn Cheng defend Stitch wing titles

Results from tonight’s wing eating contest at Stitch in Manhattan from Stephanie Wu

1) Dave Brunelli 75 wings in 8 minutes, $250
2) Wayne Algenio 31, $100
3) “Chunky Dunk” 30, $50
? Jo “Gavonne” Rose

1) Jenn Cheng 39, $250
2) Stephanie Wu 34, $100
3) Kate 19, $50

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Jenn Cheng, runner-up in the women's division of the eating contest held at the 2016 NYC Dumpling Festival, has started a competitive eating instagram at Her first post announces that she set the record (3:30) for the vegan burger challenge at The Organic Grill in Manhattan.
Jenn Cheng, the 3rd place female in the eating contest at the 2015 New York City Dumpling Festival won tonight's episode of Chopped College Edition on the Food Network. update March 17 article about the runner-up
Sanctified and Swole has uploaded a video of a GoGo Curry eating contest he did versus Jenn Cheng, the third place female at September's NYC Dumpling Festival. Her instagram is