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Darron Breeden broke Raina Huang's house record for the ramen challenge at Temple Street Eatery in Fort Lauderdale. George Chiger also completed the challenge.
Takeru Kobyashi attempted the challenge at Pho 87 in Las Vegas on Tuesday's episode of the Japanese television program SixTONES. (Kobayashi segments start at 1:25 and 1:34). This might be his first eating challenge or contest on Japanese TV since the 2002 Food Battle Club.
Raina Huang attempts the Orochon Ramen challenge on the latest episode of the Asian food show "Family Style".
Jenn Cheng finished the Megamori ramen challenge at TabeTomo in New York City in a record 12:03.
CNN has an article and video about the wanko soba noodle eating challenge available at restaurants in Morioka, Japan. The record is 570 small bowls.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark finished the pho challenge at Pho Please in Austin on December 28 in 7:38 and claimed a $890 jackpot.
The Jackpot for the pho challenge at Pho Please in Austin is now $770.
Darron Breeden completed the 13.5 pound ramen challenge at Gaijin Ramen Shop in Arlington, VA in 24:14.
Jenn Cheng has started her youtube channel with a video of her attempt at the Supersize Mi Pho Challenge at Mi Noodle Bar in Manhattan. The meal is billed as the first NYC pho challenge.
Yummy Pho & Bo Ne in Houston has a Vietnamese food challenge that currently awards a $400 jackpot if it is finished in under 40 minutes.
StarTribune has a report on Kai Phan's (who runs attempt at the 10 pound pho challenge at iPho in St. Paul, MN. When he is not doing food challenges, Kai, works at Target as a store display designer.
Umakara Ramen Hyouri in Tokyo offers a ramen eating challenge that awards 50,000 yen (about $438) if finished in under 20 minutes.
The Seattle Times has a report on four attempts at the Dong Thap Noodles Pho Challenge, which will award $1000 $100 to someone who can finish it in under 90 minutes.
Stephanie Wu noted that the jackpot or the Phozilla challenge at Pho 87 in Las Vegas has hit $1,987. The restaurant has previously denied payment to finishers deemed professional eaters.
Pho Viet has a blog entry about the challenge at Pho Garden in San Francisco. Joey Chestnut has finished the challenge in 15 minutes, which is not the overall record of 13 minutes. There have been about 3000 attempts with a success rate of 7%.
Abigail (kiki_meow_meow) attempted the challenge at Pho Lucky in Redford, MI (before picture | after).
John Green finished the 8 pound "What the Pho?" challenge at Tasty Phở in Pinellas Park, FL. He is a member of the Seaford High School class of 1964, which would put his age around 70. IFBB Figure Competitor Sashli announced she was the first woman to finish the pho challenge at the Bamboo Cafe in Simi Valley, CA.
Thanh Nien Daily reports that a former server at Pho Ong Hung in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon says she attempted to sabotage diners attemping the pho challenge by adding additional noodles along with extra fatty beef and broth to the jumbo bowl.
VietNam News has an article about the pho challenge at Phở Ông Hùng in Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon which has been attempted by 1,500 customers and completed by 150.
Thomas Wong announces that Miki Sudo finished the Sumo Bowl Challenge at Anime Ramen in Las Vegas. Miki previously finished the challenge at Pho 87.
Star Telegram and CTNow have articles about Pete MacGillis, who will attempt a five pound bowl of Pho from Sprouts SpringRoll and Pho in Arlington, TX tonight. MacGillis was the first person to finish the "El Jefe" burger at Kenny's Burger Joint.
Johnnie Excel has a blog entry about setting the house record for the challenge at Pho Garden in San Francisco.
Johnnie Excel reports that he broke the record for the Pho Garden challenge with a time of 13 minutes.
The Bay Citizen has a three part series on the noodle eating challenge at the Pho Garden in San Francisco. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (via email)
Matt Stonie has uploaded a video about his completion of the Pho King challenge in Fort Worth.
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