Pho Viet has a blog entry about the challenge at Pho Garden in San Francisco. Joey Chestnut has finished the challenge in 15 minutes, which is not the overall record of 13 minutes. There have been about 3000 attempts with a success rate of 7%.


  1. anonymous said

    November 19, 2015 @ 9:23 pm

    OJ, Pho Garden in San Francisco closed well over a year ago:

    Moreover, the blog entry you cited above disappeared in the last few days:

    Do you know what is going on? Did the author of the blog realize his mistake?

  2. anonymous said

    November 20, 2015 @ 11:02 am

    This is the article I have cached on my computer:

    “Stunning with a huge bowl of Pho in America

    The owner of Vietnamese origin a noodle restaurant in San Francisco, USA, has devised fatality inspires their diners eating contest alloted including noodles and meat nearly 2kg within 60 minutes.

    Spouses restaurant owners and Tammy Nguyen Lam Brenden, in his 30s, opened Pho Garden in San Francisco from May 2-2008 and start booting Pho Challenge contest (pho challenge) from May 6-2009.


    Diners exciting contest

    Ms. Tammy Nguyen said so far the competition has attracted 3,000 participants who win about 7% and the record time of 13 minutes.

    Each participant of the contest have eaten bowls almost 2kg (including nearly 1kg of meat and almost 1 kg of noodles, vegetables and excluding water) for 60 minutes. If completed within the specified time the customer can leave without pay, the longer a commemorative photo on the wall of the restaurant Pho Garden. Also Guoi winner will be given a bowl-shaped pig print at the bottom and the words You did it (you’ve won!). However, if the losing customers to pay 22 USD for bowls.


    Not many female customers conquer this challenge …


    Even the guy who is confident in his ability to eat can also succumb alloted

    Restaurant owners also said that most people who want to try the pho “giant” is youth aged 18-25 years old. Among all those who try succeed only 3 women. The oldest person to conquer noodle bowl “great” is an old man of 55 years old, finished in 20 minutes.

    “Than to eat,” Joey Chestnut, famous Americans ate 66 on the sausage within 12 minutes did not miss the opportunity to try the giant bowl of pho at Pho Garden. This guy has completed the challenge in 15 minutes, in addition to drink more water and eat a cup noodle banana cream.


    Grandparents restaurant owner

    Reportedly, the idea of ​​this contest came from Brenden boss Lam’s restaurant – a Vietnamese American who loved traditional pho homeland and enjoys new challenges. He brought this idea to discuss her mother because she was the 6th regular weekly cooking for the whole family to enjoy. Wife Mama for Brenden largest nesting.

    Main Brenden Lam asked his mother to cook for large bowls in order to challenge before the start Pho Challenge contest.

    Hostess Tammy also wanted to create a record for the competition but had to give up after 15 minutes.

    Customers humor joked that competition has both the aliens involved”

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