Australia eating challenges and contests category has an article about Australian James Webb tour of Turkey to compete in eating contests. He has quit his job to focus on competitive eating.
Australian James Webb ate 10 pieces of spicy toast to win an eating contest held in Adana, Turkey.
Australian competitive eater James Webb has started a podcast called "Bloated".
Australian food challenger "Hulk Smash Food" announced that he completed the Sarlacc Burger Challenge at Mod Eisley Cantina to attain his 1500th food challenge victory.
Code Sports ranked James Webb competing in Nathan's Famous hot dog finals as one of the top 5 Australian niche sports stories on 2022.
The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australian competitive eater Issac “Sir Eats-a-lot” Martin was awarded $300,000 after winning a defamation lawsuit against Fouad “Abrakebabra” Najem, who called him a "pedophile" and "racist" in a series of videos made in response to Martin's comments about halal food.
The Saturday Paper has a profile of Australian competitive eater James Webb, third place finisher in Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.
"Hulk Smash Food" announced his retirement from competitive eating.
The Roberston Potato Festival will hold a mashed potato eating contest on April 30 in Robertson, NSW, Australia awarding $1000 to the winner.
Fox 4 has an article about Australian James Webb attempting the Cookie Dough Sundae Challenge at Wonderland Cookie Dough & Ice Cream in North Fort Myers, FL.
PressReader has an article about Australian ocmpetitve eater Mimi "the Mini Monster" Zhang.
Courier Mail has an article about the burger challenges at the Nindigully Pub, the oldest pub in Queensland, Austraila which go up to 25kg in weight. The restaurant uses 100kg of meat a week just for its challenge burgers. has a profile of Australian competitive eater Mimi "the Mini Monster" Zhang, who appeared on the latest episode of the "I Swear I Never" podcast.
Mimi Zhang ate 44 Carolina Reaper wings in 10 minutes to win the first prize of $680 in a contest held October 23 at Yard Doggs in Valley, QLD.
Simon Says in Morley, West Australia will hold a burger eating contest on November 22 awarding $1500 to the winner. Entrants need to qualify; the top 12 times will make the final.
Daily Mail has an article about former Australian Rules Football star Sam Newman claim that Michelle Lesco had gender-reassignment surgery after failing to qualify for the men's division of Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest in 2019. (She has competed in the women's division of the competition since 2011.)
Mimi Zhang won today's hot dog eating contest held at Fat Freddy's on the Gold Coast of Australia.
Australian food challenger Cal "Hulk Smash Food" Stubbs has been locked out of Western Australia by Covid-19 regulations and has been forced to quarantine at the Perth airport Travelodge until he can leave the province. The trip was intended to be part of a tour of Australia to find the country's best burger.
While doing a radio interview, Cal "Hulk Smash Food" ate a 2x2 blue cheese "smash" burger in 21 seconds.
Australian bodybuilder Vince Mantovani set the record for the parmigiana challenge at the Criterion Hotel in Rushworth, VIC. He says he has done 332 restaurant challenge. has a list of Melbourne, VIC restaurant challenges.
Mimi "The Mini Monster" Zhang ate 70 hot wings to win the first prize of $500 at a contest held at The Pizza Palace in Browns Plains, QLD, Australia.
MrT Burgers and Fried Chicken in Croydon, VIC, Australia will hold a burger eating contest this weekend. The fastest male and female will both receive $200; runners-up will win $100.
Mimi "The Mini Monster" Zhang ate 32 pancakes in an hour to win a eating contest held at the Pancake Manor in Brisbane, QLD. She also won another pancake eating contest held this weekend at the restaurant's Garden City location.
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