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Mimi Zhang finished the 1.5kg (53 oz) steak challenge in 9:49 at Manly Deck Bar & Restaurant in Manly, QLD, which I think makes her the second female to finish a 48+ oz. steak challenge in under 10 minutes after Molly Schuyler.
Smoky Sue's in Neutral Bay, NSW, Austraia will hold a tomahawk steak eating contest on December 14 awarding $1000 to the winner and $500 to the runner-up. The contest field will be announced tomorrow.
Mimi Zhang was the first person to complete the pho challenge at Sunnybank Plaza in Brisbane, QLD with a finishing time of 26 minutes. The meal had a listed weight of 4.5 kg, but the actual weight was 5.5 kg (12 pounds).
The Newcastle (Australia) Herald has an article about Australian competitive eating focusing on Jamie "Lemon Blossom" Miller.
Daily Mail has an article about Australian competitive eater Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman breaking Guinness records for most cannolis eaten in 30 seconds and eating 6 jam donuts without licking his lips.
"Hulk Smash Food" and Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman ate 2.5 pounds of butter in a minute on Australia's Got Talent.
Australian competitive eater Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman appeared on The Morning Show to discuss his plans to eat 40,000 calories in a day. has an article about Australian competitive eating focusing on the health risks faced by participants.
That's Alotta Donuts in Somerton, VIC, Australia will hold a donut eating contest on April 7 awarding $500/$250/$100.
Piper, an American competitor on the Australian reality show My Test Kitchen claimed she ate 52 baby back ribs to win an eating contest. (video)
LadBible has a video of Nela Zisser attempting a 10,000 calorie English breakfast challenge which labels the New Zealand resident as an "Aussie". According to Facebook statistics, the video has received 885K views in 8 hours.
Kate Ovens did an interview with the Morning Show in Australia. Perth Now has an article about the appearance.
"Back with the Ex", an Australian reality TV show starring conpetitive eater Erik Lee, can now be viewed worldwide on Netflix. has an article about "Hulk Smash Food" eating 5 pizzas in 45 minutes.
2ser has an interview with Australian competitive eater "Hulk Smash Food" on how to maximize holiday food consumption.
Mosaic Pizza in Brisbane, QLD, Australia will award $500 to the fastest finisher of its pizza challenge as of November 20.
The Daily Mail has an interview with Australian competitive eater Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman.
Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman (20 hot dogs) and Sarah Gilbert (8 hot dogs) won first prizes of $500 in today's eating contest at Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia.
Luna Park in Melbourne, VIC, Australia will hold hot dog eating contests on July 21 awarding $500 to the top male & female.
Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman won the first prize of $1000 in a BBQ eating contest held in Melbourne, VIC, Australia in honor of July 4. Cal "Hulk Smash Food" Stubbs won the 2nd prize of $500, Vince Mantovani was 3rd. Adam Richman of Man vs. Food was the MC. has an article about Cal ‘HulkSmashFood’ Stubbs, Issac ‘Sir-Eats-A-lot’ Martin and Jesse ‘Food Coma’ Freeman eating 16kg (35.2 lb) of food in 39 minutes. update ABC News also has an article has an article about Australian competitive eater / bodybuilder Vince Mantovani.
Daily Mail has an article about the 5kg burger that Cal "Hulk Smash Food" Stubbs created to celebrate surpassing 150,000 Instagram follower that has 150 strips of bacon.
Chur Burger in Rooty Hill, NSW, Australia will hold a burger eating contest on April 28 awarding $650 to the winner.
The Daily Telegraph has a report on Isaac Harding-Davis' victory in a contest at Niji Sushi in Sydney where he ate 51 pieces in 1:50.
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