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The Library Pizza Pub in Fort Myers, FL will hold a hot wing eating contest July 29 awarding $300 to the winner.
Fox 4 has an article about Australian James Webb attempting the Cookie Dough Sundae Challenge at Wonderland Cookie Dough & Ice Cream in North Fort Myers, FL.
Buffalo Chips in Bonita Springs, FL will hold a wing eating contest on January 18 awarding $500 to the winner. Entrants need to qualify.
Nick Wehry, Mary Bowers and 12 Floridians are expected to compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Cape Coral, FL.
The new Nathan's Famous in Cape Coral, FL expects to hold a qualifier in March 2019.
Palm Beach Happening has an interview with Jason Ruppert, runner up in the 2018 Fort Myers Nathan's qualifier.

2018 Fort Myers Miracle Nathan’s qualifier

update April 16 Naples Herald has an article, gallery and video

@miraclebaseball Twitter gallery

Article about Miracle employee Ben Brown competing

Results from viewed on Facebook Live video (official results)

1) 25 Pablo Martinez
2) 11 Jason Ruppert

1W) 10 Kathryn Tesch
2W) 8.5 Rene Rovtar

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The second episode of the MLE podcast, Men in Boaters, was released today and mentioned the expected entrants of Saturday's Nathan's qualifiers. Pablo Martinez and Rene Rovtar are expected to compete in Fort Myers, FL while Juan Neave, Nate Biller, Crazy Legs Conti, Steve Schuster and Kassie Zapata headline the Poteet, TX field.
Pelican Larry's in Naples, FL will hold a hot dog eating contest on February 24 and a wing eating contest on February 25. Both competitions will award $200 to the winner.
Buffalo Chips in Bonita Springs, FL will hold the Florida State Chicken Wing Eating Contest on January 20 awarding $500 to the winner. Entrants need to qualify.
The first Nathan's qualifier of 2018 has been announced: April 14 in Fort Myers, FL. Registration will open February 1.
The Hartford Courant has an article about Jamie McDonald's trip to Florida to serve barbecue from his restaurant, Bear's Smokehouse, to Hurricane Irma victims. His team is operating at Germain Arena in Estero, FL, site of a Nathan's qualifier earlier this year. McDonald estimates his organization,, has served 50,000 meals since arriving in Florida.
On Monday, Samantha Duffy became the first person to finish the 6 pound "Kitchen Sink" sundae at the Royal Scoop in Naples, FL (video) update July 28 Naples News has an article. Samantha has started an instagram at
92 year old veteran Kenneth Hansen, who served in both World War II and the Korean War, will participate in a chili dog eating contest at the City Tavern in Fort Myers on July 4.

2017 Nathan’s Fort Myers, FL qualifier

update Mar 26 Naples News has an article

Nate Figgs has a video

update News Press has a contest report and video

Results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
1) Pablo Martinez 25.5
2) Nate Figueroa 21.5
3) Crazy Legs Conti 19
4) Andrew Renfrow 13.5
Tom Riordan 6.5
Stewart Beck? 6.5

1W) Mary Bowers 10

The MLE facebook has a live video

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News Press has an interview with Pablo Martinez about competing in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Fort Myers, FL. Mary Bowers, Crazy Legs Conti, Nate Figueroa, Bill Weller and Steven Rossomando are also expected to compete. The article incorrectly claims the competition will be the first qualifier in southwest Florida; contests were held in Naples, FL in 2012 and 2013.
Registration will open today for the first Nathan's qualifier of 2017 at Germain Arena in Estero, FL on March 25. update Registration is also open for a San Antonio qualifier on March 18.
Pelican Larry's in Naples, FL will hold a wing eating contest today awarding $300/$200/$100.
The Freedom Fest in Fort Myers, FL will hold a hot dog eating contest tomorrow awarding $500 to the winner.
Viva El Mirage in Fort Myers will hold a turkey eating contest Thanksgiving Eve awarding $300.
Backstreets Sports Bar in Cape Coral, FL will hold a taco eating contest on November 6 awarding $1,000. Qualifiers will be held on October 9/16/23/30 and the top performer will face "The Undertaker" for the $1K prize.

Juan Rodriguez wins 2013 Naples, Fl Nathan’s qualifier

update May 8 Crazy Legs Conti has a report

The top 3 men
1) Juan Rodriguez 27.5
2) Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle 24.5
3) Crazy Legs Conti 23

Laura Riehman defends her women’s title at the Naples qualifier, increasing her winning count to 6.5 from 4.5

1:30 A video from the contest has been posted (does not mention winner)

Today’s qualifier in Naples, FL is expected to start at 1 pm WINK held a promo contest yesterday.

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Crazy Legs Conti, Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez and Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle are expected to compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Naples, FL. update May 2 Pat Bertoletti claims he will be visiting Naples this weekend.

Adrian Morgan wins 2012 Nathan’s Naples qualifier

update May 13 has a gallery

7:09 has a contest report

2:14 Official top 4 (Part 1 | Part 2)
1) Adrian Morgan 33 HDB
2) Kevin “LA Beast” 24
3) Kyle Nestel 19
4) Jon Bello 17
1W) Laura Riehman 4.5

Rich LeFevre retains the wild card lead with 27

1:56 Jim The Candleman reports Adrian Morgan won with 33 hot dogs.

1:43 The qualifier has 3 minutes left according to Jim The CandleMan

Comments (27) has a preview of tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier focusing on locals Jesse Schertell and Ryan Fantasia. Adrian Morgan and Kevin "LA Beast" are expected to compete. A promotional contest for the qualifier was held this morning on Fox 4 Rising (pictures at bottom of gallery).
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