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2019 Miami Marlins qualifier

Official results. This might be the first time women have taken 3 of the top 5 overall places in a Nathan’s qualifier.

1st 27.25 Pablo Martinez
2nd 26 Brett Healey
3rd 8 Brian Roselar
4th 7.75 Mike Anderson
5th 7 Jason Ruppert
6th 5 Richard Rusak
1st 11.5 Kelly Wong
2nd 10.5 Doris Garcia
3rd 8.5 Tracie Dickerson
4th 4 Brittany Broder

Pablo Martinez, Brett Healey, Jay Ruppert and Tracie Tiburon are expected to compete.

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2018 Fort Myers Miracle Nathan’s qualifier

update April 16 Naples Herald has an article, gallery and video

@miraclebaseball Twitter gallery

Article about Miracle employee Ben Brown competing

Results from viewed on Facebook Live video (official results)

1) 25 Pablo Martinez
2) 11 Jason Ruppert

1W) 10 Kathryn Tesch
2W) 8.5 Rene Rovtar

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2017 Nathan’s Fort Myers, FL qualifier

update Mar 26 Naples News has an article

Nate Figgs has a video

update News Press has a contest report and video

Results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
1) Pablo Martinez 25.5
2) Nate Figueroa 21.5
3) Crazy Legs Conti 19
4) Andrew Renfrow 13.5
Tom Riordan 6.5
Stewart Beck? 6.5

1W) Mary Bowers 10

The MLE facebook has a live video

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News Press has an interview with Pablo Martinez about competing in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Fort Myers, FL. Mary Bowers, Crazy Legs Conti, Nate Figueroa, Bill Weller and Steven Rossomando are also expected to compete. The article incorrectly claims the competition will be the first qualifier in southwest Florida; contests were held in Naples, FL in 2012 and 2013.
The facebook for Taqueria Yarelis in Fresno announces that Pablo Martinez finished the "Anaconda" burrito challenge in 13 minutes. The 3 ft. burrito has generated a lot of viral media coverage with a video of its creation receiving over 17 million views. update JowiiTV video of Pablo Martinez finishing the burrito. update ABC30 has an article
ABC30 has an article and video about Pablo Martinez' training session where he ate a 5 pound burrito in 13 minutes.
ABC30 has an article and video about Pablo Martinex, which incorrectly claims he won Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in New Hampshire.
ABC 30 has a video and article about Pablo Martinez.
The Fresno Bee has an article about Pablo Martinez.

Carlene LeFevre ends 9 year hiatus to win women’s Vegas qualifier, Pablo Martinez takes men’s

update April 27 VegasNews Vegas24Seven and HauteLiving have articles with galleries. The Las Vegas Sun has a gallery

El Toro has a video
of the women’s qualifier

The winners have been announced
1) Pablo Martinez 26
2) Rich LeFevre 25 – takes wild card lead (Nathan Biller 2nd w/18)

1) Carlene LeFevre 13 – first MLE contest since 2005, qualifies for Coney for 4th time (1st as winner of female division)
2) Mary Bowers 9 – takes wild card lead
3) Laura Heywood 6 wore hot dog hat

The qualifier has started. Some reports say the contest has been held at the New York New York Hotel & Casino for 17 years, which would probably make it the second longest running event on the MLE calendar after the Nathan’s finals. (Rich Shea said it has been held for 10 years in his interview.)

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KSEE 24 has a video segment and article about Pablo Martinez competing in the Nathan's finals.
The Visalia Times has an article about Pablo Martinez.
Visalia Times has a video of Pablo Martinez displaying techinques for competitive hot dog eating.

Miki Sudo (40 hot dogs) & Jeff Butler (31.5) win MLE debuts

update April 22 The UNLV student paper has an article about Miki, who will be competing in the Stockton Asparagus Festival.

update April 21 Rake & Herald has a contest report
Twitpics: Lefevres | winners w/trophies | winner announcement | 40 sign | Miki w/trophy | contest

update Las Vegas Informer has a short article

update 4:09 Pacific Full results: Part 1 | Part 2 have been added
update 3:59 Pacific Winners have been announced

1) 40 Miki Sudo, all-time best female debut, best non Sonya Thomas women’s result
2) 24 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco (should take women’s wild card barring surprises)
3) 3 “Birthday girl”

1) 31.5 Jeff “The Beastman” Butler
2) 31 Tom Gilbert (takes men’s wild card lead)
3) 29.5 Pablo Martinez
4) 27.5 Erik Denmark (Nathan’s streak in jeopardy)
5) 22 Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez
6) 21 Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle
7) 14 Andrew Kim
8) 11 Mark King
9) 3 “Raiders Fan”

update 3:49 Pacific The first report claims Miki Sudo ate 40 hot dogs

Expected to make their MLE debut today: Miki Sudo, Jeff “The Beastman” Butler and Pablo Martinez.

A video of an undercard contest has alread been posted.

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