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Food Challenge News has an interview with Czech food challenger Radim Dvoracek. He is planning a food challenge tour of Poland in August and expects to compete in the pork roll eating contest in Trenton, NJ in September.

British Eating League awards

The British Eating League has started announcing its awards for 2020:
Best Australian Female Eater – Mimi Zhang
Best Turkish Male Eater – Yakup Balikci
Best Tiktok Eater – Raina Huang
Best Team Eaters – Nick Wehry and Miki Sudo

update December 22 awards
Best Australian male – Cal “Hulk Smash Food” Stubbs
Best Czech male – Radim Dvoracek
Best UK female – Leah Shutkever
Best Instgram eater – Jesse “Food Coma” Freeman

update December 23 awards
Facebook eater of the Year – Randy Santel
Best Online Team Eaters of the Year – Molly Schuyler & Dan Kennedy
Best UK Eater – Adam “Beard Meats Food” Moran
Best Youtube Eater – Matt Stonie
Hall of Fame – Randy Santel

Comments (11) has an article about Czech competitive eater Radim Dvoracek's food challenge tour of the UK.
Czech Radim Dvořáček was the first person to finish the 96 ounce steak challenge which includes five side dishes at The Ashville in Bristol, England yesterday.
Radio Prague reports Pat Bertoletti ate 198 dumplings in an hour to win a contest in Vizovice in the Czech Republic. Kamil Hamerský was runner up with 166 and Radim Dvořáček was 3rd with 156. has an article about the Czech stage of Randy Santel's European tour earlier this year.

Link Buffet: September 27, 2008

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Link Buffet: August 24, 2008

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Hall Hunt Czech trip repot

Hall Hunt has posted a blog entry about his trip to the Czech Republic to compete in eating contests at the Trnkobrani festival. He had difficulty extracting the plum pits from the plum dumplings, which he believed was required for counting purposes, but was actually unnecessary. Saturday’s contest was a pizza / pickles / ice cream triathlon. (If a pregnant woman competed, she might have won that event 😉 )

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Czech contest coverage

Several Czech language articles and a gallery about the eating contests held at the Trnkobraní festival this weekend are available. Pat Bertoletti and Hall Hunt participated in a pizza contest held yesterday. An hour long dumpling eating contest will take place today. Pat Bertoletti hopes to break the record of 191 dumplings set in 2003.

update An article with the results of the dumpling contest is available (from Steakbellie)

1. Pat Bertoletti 233 dumplings, new record (had 200 after 35 minutes)
2. Kamil Hamersky 162 dumplings
3. Hall Hunt 134 dumplings

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Link Buffet: August 16 2008

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Bertoletti & Hall Hunt in Czech contest August 17

(from Hall Hunt) The website for the Trnkobraní festival in the Czech republic reports that Pat Bertoletti and Hall Hunt will be competing in an eating contest at that event on August 17. Kamil Hamersky, who participated in the 2006 Nathan’s finals is also expected to compete.

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