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Tianguis Market will hold a tamale eating contest in Santa Ana, CA awarding a 65 inch TV.
Raina Huang ate 21 lumpias in one minute to win the first prize of $1000 in Saturday's eating contest at Island Pacific Market in Lake Forest, CA. Kevin Ross tied for third. (video)
Naader Reda and Kevin Ross tied for first place in Paul's Pantry cinnamon roll eating contest in Mission Viejo, CA on July 4.
Paul's Pantry in Mission Viejo, CA will hold a cinnamon roll eating contest on July 4 awarding $1000/$500/$100.
The Los Angles Times has an article about Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival in Buena Park, CA and its daily pie eating contests.
Raina Huang ate 14 tacos in about 4 minutes to win the first prize of $200 in today's eating contest at Gente Market in Santa Ana, CA.
The Gente Love and Taco Festival will hold a taco eating contest in Santa Ana, CA awarding $200 to the first person to eat 14 tacos.
Raina Huang will do a shepherd pie challenge at Macallans in Brea, CA on November 3. $1,000 will be awarded if her time is bested.
Raina Huang ate over 60 dumplings in 8 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in today's eating contest at Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market in Orange, CA Update Oct 19 Raina Huang's video
Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market will hold a dumpling eating contest on October 16 in Orange, CA awarding $500 to the winner. Raina Huang is expected to compete.
Takeru Kobayashi announced (in Japanese) that there will be no Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Chronic Taco eating contest in 2020.
Two burger challenges will be offered during Knott's Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA from March 20 to April 19. The "Mega Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner-burger" contains 4 pounds of beef and is topped with 4 chicken breasts and a boysenberry pie. The "WOW Pasty" contains four pounds of hamburger and is wrapped in pie dough. The challenges cost $80 unless they are finished by a single diner.
It does not appear that the Sabroso Craft Beer Taco & Music Festival will take place this year. redirects to a different website and its facebook page has no information about a 2020 event. The Dana Point, CA event was the site of the Gringo Bandito Taco Eating Contest, the biggest competition for Takeru Kobayashi.
Qin in Irvine, CA will hold a spicy noodle eating contest tomorrow awarding $200 to the winner.
Molly Schuyler ate a 20 pounds bowl of ramen in 2 minutes 3 seconds to win a contest held yesterday at Foodbeast's Noodbeach festival in Huntington Beach, CA. Dan Kennedy was runner up with a time of 2:15. (video) update FoodBeast video
Foodbeast will hold a 20 pound ramen bowl eating contest awarding $1000 to the winner as part of its Noodbeach festinval in Huntington Beach, CA on September 1. Molly Schuyler is expected to compete.

Molly Schuyler defends Paul’s Pantry cinnamon rolls

Results from today’s cinnamon roll eating contest at Paul’s Pantry in Mission Viejo, CA

1st 19 Molly Schuyler
2nd 14 Brandon Clark
3rd 13 Steve “The Rabbit” Hammond
4th 12 Edward Chin
5th 10 Naader “Freak8r” Reda
6th 9 Kevin Ross
7th 4 David Jennings
7th 4 Craig Takata
9th 3 Tom Chin
10th 2 Jim Magee

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Takeru Kobayashi defends Chronic Taco title

update April 12
Full official results have been posted:

1st 157 Takeru Kobayashi
2nd 146 Molly Schuyler
3rd 107 Dan “killer” Kennedy
4th 94 Jesse Pynnönen
5th 78 David “Tiger Wings and Things” Brunelli
6th 59 Kevin Ross
7th 47 Naader “Freak8r” Reda
8th 41 Jimmy “The Spicialist” Lin

Naader Reda has uploaded a video of his choking incident

update #2 The Los Angeles Daily News has a contest report giving the official results as
1) Takeru Kobayashi 157 tacos
2) Molly Schuyler 146 tacos

Naader Reda required the Heimlich maneuver during the contest, but completed the competition.

Takeru Kobayashi ate 157 tacos in 10 minutes to defend his Gringo Bandito Chronic Tacos Challenge title at the Sabroso Taco Fest in Dana Point, CA. update Eric Anderson has a video of the contest. Kobayashi and Molly Schuyler were announced as having both eaten 160 tacos at the conclusion of the competition.

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The field for the Gringo Bandito Chronic Tacos Challenge at the Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival in Dana Point on April 7 has been announced. Defending champion Takeru Kobayashi will face Molly Schuyler, Dan Kennedy, Naader Reda, Dave Brunelli, Kevin Ross, Jesse Pynnönen and Jimmy Lin. (One of the bands performing at the festival is Flogging Molly)
Wingnuts in Costa Mesa, CA will hold a wing eating contest on February 21 awarding $500. Use promo code RAINA30 for a 30% discount on the entrance fee.
The 2019 Gringo Bandito Chronic Tacos Challenge will take place at the Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco and Music Festival in Dana Point, CA on April 6 or 7. Takeru Kobayashi is expected to defend his title.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark set the single person record for the XL pizza challege (which is usually attempted by two people) at Ballpark Pizza in Mission Viejo, CA at 41:58 breaking Molly Schuyler's mark of 53 minutes set last year.
Raina Huang ate 80 wings in 10 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in last night's wing eating contest at Wing Nuts in Costa Mesa, CA. Kevin Ross was the runner up with 74 wings.
Michael "Magic Mikey" McMonigle finished the OMG burger at The Catch in Anaheim in 41 minutes and won $500, the first finisher since Tom Gilbert completed the challenge in 2010 (video)
The California Hot Sauce Festival in Anaheim will award $1,000 if the Guinness record for eating Carolina Reaper peppers is broken. Other spicy eating challenges will held on Saturday and Sunday.
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