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Upcoming Los Angeles eating contests
2019 Apr 27Pie Eating Contest Hometown Country Fair La Crescenta, CA
2019 May 5Pepper Eating Contest Cinco de Mayo at the Coliseum Los Angeles, CA
2019 May 27Pie Eating Contest Topanga Days Topanga, CA
Three random Los Angeles eating challenges
triple burger Triple Decker Burger Bistrotek Los Angeles, CA
Big Bertha burrito Big Bertha Wall of Fame Los Gringos Locos La Canada, CA
2 jumbo subs Jumbo Sub Challenge Dan's Super Subs Woodland Hills, CA women can eat 1 Jumbo & 1 regular sub to win challenge
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Voyage LA Magazine has an interview with Raina Huang.
Raina Huang attempted the burger challenge at Oh My Burger in Gardena, CA in a video produced by ABC Localish.
Joey Chestnut uploaded a mini-docuemtary about the Day Lee Gyoza Eating Championship held in Los Angeles in August.
Molly Schuyler, Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark and Magic Mikey have produced videos of their attempt with Geoff Esper to complete the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's and Papa's in under an hour and win $4000. The usual prize for the challenge is $1000 that is paid if an eight person team finishes it in under 2 hours.
Raina Huang's attempt at the burrito challenge at Tirsa's in Los Angeles made ABC's "Bite Size" series.
San Pedro Fish produced a mini-documentary about May's shrimp eating contest.

2018 Pacific Park taco eating contest

The Pacific Park instagram has what appears to be the full field for tomorrow's taco eating contest in Santa Monica: Joey Chestnut, Miki Sudo, Gideon Oji, Adrian Morgan, Juan Rodriguez, Sarah Reinecke, Steve Hendry, Mary Bowerk, "Magic" Mikey McMonigle, Taran Eckel, Nathan Klock and Casey Lins.
Raina Huang announces that Papillon Bakery in Los Angeles will award $500 to a diner that can finish 30 Armenian pizzas in under 50 minutes.
Gideon Oji, Adrian Morgan, Juan Rodriguez, Erik Denmark, Steve Hendry, Sarah Reinecke and Mary Bowers are expected to compete in the Pacific Park World Taco-Eating Championship in Santa Monica October 4.
Magic Mikey produced a video of Molly Schuyler, Geoff Esper and Darron Breeden each attempting a "Big Fat Fatty" sandwich challenge at Fat Sal's Deli in Los Angeles.

2018 LA Gyoza contest

The top 5 | Results Part 2 | Part 3

1st 359 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
2nd 297 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 232 Darron Breeden
4th 222 Matt “Megatoad” Stonie
5th 205 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
6th 192 Miki Sudo
7th 175 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
8th 168 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
9th 167 Rich “The Locust” LeFevre
10th 155 Juan “Hungry Saiyan” Neave
11th 153 Derek Jacobs
12th 143 Steve Hendry
13th 118 Erik “The Red” Denmark
13th 118 Pablo Martinez
15th 117 Eric “Badlands” Booker
16th 113 Jon Bello
17th 110 Sarah “Unstoppable Bab” Reinecke
18th 38 Brian Moote from 97.1 Amp Radio
19th 21 Casey McCabe from 97.1 Amp Radio

The 2018 Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/eatfast/videos/451615502018902/

LAIst has an article about Jon Bello, Doug Ecks, and Mary Bowers, who will be a commentator.

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Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie, Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Gideon Oji, Adrian Morgan, Darron Breeden, Michelle Lesco, Juan Rodriguez, Rich LeFevre, Erik Denmark, Steve Hendry, Pablo Martinez, Eric "Badlands" Booker, Derek Jacobs, Juan Neave, Jon Bello and Sarah Reinecke are expected to compete in the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship in Los Angeles on August 18. The contest Instagram produced a series of Marvel memes about the roster.

2018 Salvation Army donut eating contest

Spanish food challengers "Joe Burgerchallenge" and "Dave Cheats" have started a trip in Chicago in which they will do food challenges in restaurants along Route 66. The tour will conclude in Los Angeles where they will be part of a team attempting the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's. update May 16 A four person team finished the 10 pound meatball sub challenge at Bartolini's in Midlothian in 4:48, IL and won $2500.
Joey Chestnut, Gideon Oji, Adrian Morgan, Rich LeFevre, Steve Hendry, Jon Bello, Doug Ecks, Mary Bowers an Alex Perez are expected to compete in the San Pedro Fish Market World Famous Shrimp-Eating Championship Presented By The Kings of Fi$h in San Pedro, CA on May 28.
A team consisting of Naader Reda, Raina Huang, Kevin Ross, Aubrey Koehn, Jimmy Lin, Eric Lu, Taran Eckel and Great American Eat Off host Gail Kasper finished the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA yesterday. The $1000 prize was donated to the animal rescue charity Pawtographs. (Raina Huang video)
In a new video, Raina Huang says she declined to sign the MLE contract before the Nathan's Qualifier at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA, which was a prerequisite for competing. A printed copy of that document was not availabe for her; the only copy was on a phone screen.

2018 Magic Mountain Nathan’s qualifier

Official results
1) Rich LeFevre 31
2) Jon Bello 21
3) Doug Ecks 15

1W) Steffi Valkov 8

Raina Huang did a training session at the FoodBeast headquarters. She will attempt to be the 7th female to break 20 hot dogs in her Nathan’s debut. Rich LeFevre, Crazy Legs Conti and Jon Bello are also expected to attend.

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Registration will open tomorrow for the San Pedro Fish Market World Famous Shrimp Eating Championship Presented By The Kings Of Fi$h On The USS Iowa in San Pedro, CA on April 2. Other Los Angeles County contests added to the MLE schedule include the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship on August 18 (registration opens June 18) and the Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship on October 4 (registration opens August 1).
The team consisting of Raina Huang, Naader Reda, Jimmy Lin, Nadia White, Doug Sakmann and Matt Slayer and two others came close to finishing the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA, but had about 9 slices left.
AVN has an article about the new trailer for "Eating Out With Nadia White" a youtube channel documenting the adult film actress' competitive eating career. Tim "Gravy" Brown makes an appearance as an eating coach. Nadia will attempt the 54 inch pizza at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA tonight with a team of seven other diners.
The Festival of the Kite at the Redondo (CA) Beach Pier will hold a hot dog on a stick eating contest tomorrow awarding $200 to the winner.
Joey Chestnut faced off against Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer in a hot dog eating contest during a break in last night's game vs. the Houston Rockets. With an estimated net worth of $38.7 billion dollars, the former Microsoft CEO might be the richest person to have competed in an eating contest. (video).
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