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Upcoming San Diego eating contests
2018 May 27Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest Vista Strawberry Festival Vista, CA
2018 May 27Pie Eating Contest Vista Strawberry Festival Vista, CA
$4,000 2018 Jun 3I The Baked Bear World Ice-Cream Sandwich Eating Championship Park at the Park San Diego, CA
Three random San Diego eating challenges
big bowl pho Pho 20 Challenge OB Noodle House San Diego, CA has 2 lbs. noodles, 2 lbs. meat and a pint of beer
2 lb. burger 4x4 Challenge Lumberyard Tavern and Grill Encinitas, CA includes 1 lb. fries
6 lb. burrito Mega Blowout Burrito K39 Taco Shop Santee, CA
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Nicky Rottens in Coronado (San Diego area) is looking for burger challengers for an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel's Food Paradise to be recorded on June 24.
Larry's Deli in San Diego will award $1000 to the first finisher of its Ludicrous Lunker sandwich challenge.

2017 Baked Bear ice cream sandwich eating contest

update Jun 5 The Times of San Diego has a contest report.

update Post-contest interview with Joey Chestnut. He says he made $300,000 from competitive eating last year.

Full results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 25.25 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won in OT
2nd 25.25 Matt “Megatoad” Stonie 1st meeting w Chestnut since October
3rd 14 Miki Sudo
4th 13 Pablo Martinez
5th 12.5 Rich “The Locust” LeFevre
6th 10 Mary “I Love ‘em HOT!” Bowers
6th 10 Doug “Cerebrus” Ecks
8th 6.5 Carlene LeFevre
9th 6 Jon Haley
10th ? Barbara LaBarge
11th 3.5 Mallory Kelly
12th 3 Sabrina Quezada

Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie tied with 25, with Chestnut winning the overtime

Facebook Live contest video

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Matt Stonie has been added to the roster of the Baked Bear World Ice-Cream Sandwich Eating Championship in San Diego Sunday. This will be his first matchup vs. Joey Chestnut since October 1.
Joey Chestnut, Rich LeFevre, Pablo Martinez, Mary Bowers and Doug Ecks are expected to compete in the The Baked Bear Ice-Cream Sandwich-Eating Champion in San Diego June 4.
Village News has a report on Heather Howard's attempt to be the first woman to finish the "Lamkinator" challenge at Oink and Moo in Fallbrook, CA.
Here is the current MLE schedule. Registration is open unless stated otherwise. New contests have been added in Owensboro, KY, San Diego and Elk Horn, IA (more...)
DiscoverSD has an article about Josh Hockett and San Diego eating challenges.
The San Diego Union Tribune has a flashback to the 1963 Golden West Eating Classic where Chargers lineman Ernie Ladd and Nick Cordileone faced off. Regis Philbin was the emcee and 1800 spectators paid a dollar to witness the event.
Tickets are available for $10 for LA Beast LIVE! at the Comedy Palace in San Diego on January 22.
Bleacher Report produced a video of San Diego Chargers linebacker Brock Hekking reportedly eating 21,396 calories in 43 minutes at Phil's BBQ in San Diego.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin reports he ate 8 pounds of yogurt in 4:06 to break Damon Wells' record for Red Cup Yogurt's contest in Oceanside, CA. Since no one else finished all their yougurt, Erik claimed the entire purse of $300.
Red Cup Yogurt in Oceanside, CA will hold an eating contest on August 22 awarding $400.
Erik "The ELectric" Lamkin ate 17 hot dogs in 5 minutes to win his first eating contest at the Spring Forward Festival in Escondido, CA yesterday.
Island Soul Bistro in Lemon Grove, CA reports that Erik "The Electric" Lamkin finished a food challenge weighing 12.4 pounds in under 40 minutes.
TMZ has a video interview with D. J. Fluker, an offensive lineman on the San Diego Chargers, about his competitive eating history. He once ate 65 nuggets at Chick-fil-A, but did not set the house record and thinks he could take on Takeru Kobayashi with training. He calls his former University of Alabama teammate Chance Warmack the biggest eater in the NFL, who once ate two Mugshots burger challenges according to a 2012 USA Today article.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin has uploaded a video of him eating 25,000 calories over 12 or 13 hours. The Broken Yolk Ironman omelet challenge is part of the food eaten. Josie Mai has a video where she attempts 10,000 calories.
Red Cup Yogurt in Oceanside, CA will hold an eating contest on Saturday awarding $400 in prize money.
Flashback: The last time the USA played Ghana in the World Cup in 2012, a Nathan's qualifier marked by controversy took place in Escondido, CA. (Deadspin post)
Matthew Asner has posted a picture of baseball Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson observing Sonya Thomas in the Golden Palace grilled cheese qualifier in San Diego in 2005. (That competition has id #1 in the contest database )    
Matt Cohen announces he won the eating contest at Friday's Pizza Underground concert in San Diego. Kevin Ross also competed.  
Josh Hockett did a series of San Diego area eating challenges before he departs for a tour of duty on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. His meals can be followed on his instagram and the eating challenge thread.  
U-31 in San Diego will hold a pizza eating contest on Friday awarding over $300 in prizes in conjunction with a concert by The Pizza Underground, a pizza-themed band featuring child star Macaulay Culkin.  
Kevin Ross reports that Joshua Hockett edged him out to win the Pancake Monster eating contest in San Diego Thursday.  
Brian's 24 in San Diego will hold a Pancake Monster eating contest on Thursday morning.  
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