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Three random Pittsburgh eating challenges
36 ounce steak The 36 Jerome Bettis' Grille 36 Pittsburgh, PA
1 lb. fish sandwich Wholey Whaler Robert Wholey's Pittsburgh, PA
12 oz. burger Titanic Purgatory Burger Challenge Ironwood Grill Indiana, PA burger has 22 items in total, finishers will be entered in to Ironwood Final 4 Challenge in March
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Butler Brew Works will hold a boneless wing eating contest in Butler, PA on June 8 awarding a 52 quart RTIC cooler.
Butler Brew Works in Butler, PA will hold a wing eating contest June 9 awarding a 45 quart cooler filled with 2 cases of beer on June 9.
Kennywood in West Mifflin, PA will hold the Silver Star Meats Hot Dog Eating Contest on June 30 awarding two tickets to a regular season Steelers game, along with pregame on-field passes & VIP tent access.
Geoff Esper has uploaded a video of him eating the 28 inch, 9 pound pizza challenge at Benny Fierro's in Pittsburgh in 6:50, setting the house record and claiming a prize of $500.
Exit 4 Pizza in Etna, PA will hold a pizza eating contest on May 25 awarding $250 to the winner.
Molly Schuyler finished Benny's 28 inch pizza challenge in 6:50 at Benny Fierro's in Pittsburgh to set a chain record. Brandon Clark also finished the challenge to win $500 earlier this week.
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has a interview with Brad "The Lunatic" Sciullo, who has started his own competitive eating organization promoting Pittsburgh area contests.
Amamda Kessel, a member of the hockey team that won the Olympic gold medal last month, says she could defeat her brother Phil Kessel, who plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins, in a hot dog eating contest.
Bob Shoudt ate 70 pierogies yesterday at a contest in Ferndale, PA in an attempt to break the record of 165 pierogies in 8 minutes. Brian Subich was also present.
Grandslam Pizza in Plum, PA will start a 28 inch pizza eating contest for 2 person teams tomorrow. The duo with the fastest time as of February 7 will receive $500.
Stephanie Wu won today's hot dog eating contest at Kennywood amusement park near Pittsburgh. The contest went into overtime after a tie at 13 hot dogs. update Pittsburgh.cbslocal.com has an article and video. Tim Cain was the runner up.
Laura Yezchak was the first woman to finish the three sandwich challenge at Steel City Sandwiches in Indiana, PA.
Former MLB pitcher Steve Blass will host a pierogie eating contest at the Pittsburgh Pirates fan festival on Sunday. After an All Star season in 1972, Blass totally lost control of his pitches in 1973 without any discernible reason, which became known as "Steve Blass Disease".
Brad Sciullo won an eating contest held on July 28 at Wintzell's Oyster House in Pittsburgh with a total of 260 oysters in 5 minutes. Katie "Mothballs" was the runner up with 170.

Marcos Owens & Juliet Lee take Nathan’s Pittsburgh qualifier

update June 14 WTAE has a video, TribLive has a gallery and Rake & Herald has a contest report

update The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has an article and TribLive has a video. WPXI also has a video

(Results) Men
1) Marcos Owens 30
2) Brian Subich 20
3) Crazy Legs Conti 19.5
4) Bill Myers 17 (personal best)

1) Juliet Lee 30

update Catherine Tsavalas reports that Marcos Owens and Juliet Lee both qualified for the finals with a total of 30.

Juliet Lee is at the contest and should qualify easily

Jennifer “The Wiener Slayer” Grabner is the first announced female contestant.

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Crazy Legs Conti, Brian Subich and Marcos Owens are expected to compete in tomorrow's Nathan's qualifer in Pittsburgh. Micah "Wing Kong" Collins has withdrawn.
Jamie McDonald reportedly won yesterday's pierogie eating contest held at the Men's Culinary Classic in Meadowlands, PA with a total of 56 in 3 minutes.
"Big" Brian Subich will MC the pierogie-eating contest held at the Men's Culinary Classic in Meadowlands, PA on March 9.
Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker will hold the Woodley's Wild Wing Challenge in Pittsburgh on Monday. The first prize is two tickets to a Steelers game.
Brad Sciullo, Bob Kuhns and Pete Maurizio are expected to compete in a spaghetti eating contest tomorrow at Fabrizi's in Hopwood, PA.
Mulligan's Sports Bar & Grill in West Mifflin, PA will hold a wing eating contest on September 5 awarding $200 to the winner.
Johnny's Lunch will hold a hot dog eating contest at the Starlite Car Cruise in Wexford, PA on June 22. The professional division will award $300 to the winner and the amateur division will pay out $100.

2012 Nathan’s Pittsburgh qualifier

update June 14 Pittsburgh.CBSLocal.com has an article.

update 10:49 WPXI has a video. Triblive and WTAE have articles

update 4:37 The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has a video

update The MLE facebook has full results

The top 3:
1) Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 27
2) Brian Subich 26.25
3) Mike Landrich 16.5
4) “Wild” Bill Myers 15.5
5) Tom Keeton 11.5
6T) Jakub Kelly 8
6T) Steve Myers 8
8) Dan McCloud 5.5

1W) Theresa Subich 9

update 12:35 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins was the winner with 27 hot dogs.

update 12:32 The female winner ate 9.

update 12:29 The contest is over.

update 12:21 The contest is underway. Pat Doyle is live-tweeting the contest. He says there is only one woman competing.

update 11:40 MSNBC reports the Subiches are attempting to break a record. If they are attempting to exceed the most hot dogs eaten by a husband & wife, the LeFevres ate 50.5 hot dogs in the 2005 Nathan’s finals. (They ate 45 hot dogs in a qualifier on two occasions, results are after the jump.)

There might be a dark horse in today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Pittsburgh. Jakub Seamus Kelly, born in the Czech Republic, thinks he can eat 30 hot dogs. update Rich Shea says that Brian Seiken and Hunter Hinson are also expected to compete in addition to previously named competitors.

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MarketSquarePgh has a preview of tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier in Pittsburgh focusing on Brian and Theresa Subich. Micah "Wing Kong" Collins and "Wild" Bill Myers are also expected to compete.
WJACTV.com has a video of Brian Subich training for the Pittsburgh Nathan's qualifier, where he hopes to eat 30 hot dogs.
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