“Monster” Marcos Owens category

2015 Dover Nathan’s qualifier

Results Part 1 | Part 2

1) Marcos Owens 27
2) Brian Dudzinski 25.5
3) Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 19
4) Nathan Biller 16
5) Jack Diamond 14
6) Wild Bill Myers 12
7T) Joey Haughey 8
7T) Bryan Sheppard 8

1W) Juliet Lee 24.5 Juliet Lee, Danielle Gioia, Brian Dudzinski, Nate Biller and Bill Myers are expected to compete.

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Marco Owens announces (in comments) he has taken the lead in the Taco Trough challenge at Taco in a Bag with a time of 3:15, beating Pat Bertoletti's time by almost a minute. He thought that would result in an immediate payment of $5,000, but the contest will continue and pay the prize to the fastest finisher as of September 23. (No mention of that date is made in the original challenge announcement). (via email) update Stephanie Torres just finished the challenge in 4:30, which puts her in the lead for the $2000 prize.

Geoff Esper, Nela Zisser added to MLE top 50

Stephanie Wu & Pablo Martinez noted that additional changes have been made to the MLE top 50 (the top 10 remain unchanged):

added: Geoff Esper #11, Nela Zisser #22, Lesley Ryder #35,
removed: Ben Do #40, Nicole Rodriguez #49, Neil Sebree #50

update Marcos Owens has been removed; Ben Do remains (via comment)

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Marcos Owens breaks Pat Bertoletti’s San Gennaro cannoli record

update Sept 24 Crazy Legs Conti has a blog entry

update Sept 13 Joe Depace has a video

This is Fusion has a gallery with the top 3 totals & field:
1) Marcos Owens 34
2) Eric “Badlands” Booker 28
3) Yasir Salem 24
Crazy Legs Conti
Larell Marie Mele
Tim Ryan
Brian Subich

Marcos Owens has been announced as the winner of today’s cannoli eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro in Manhattan, breaking Pat Bertoletti’s 2011 record of 32. update Yasir Salem says he got 3rd and Badlands Booker was runner-up.

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2014 Nathan’s Pocono qualifier

update June 8The Pocono Record has a gallery

update The Times Tribune has a blog entry & gallery

update Marcos Owens won the men’s contest with 28. Juliet Lee appears to have won the women’s

Official results | Part 2
1) Marcos Owens 28
2) Brian Dudzinski 22
3) Micah Collins 21
4) “Wild” Bill Myers 15 updated
5) Eric Livingston 14
6) Andrew Kossuth 9
7T) Chuck Bush 8
7T) Jimmy Coponi 8
9) Scott Long

1W) Juliet Lee 27.5
2w) Andrea Giramonte 4.25
3W) Sarah Garwood 3
The Times Tribune has a contest preview. Bob Shoudt says he will not be able to come due to work issues.

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Marcos "The Monster" Owens has started a blog at http://marcosthemonsterowens.blogspot.com/. He says he has not decided if he will compete in the king cake contest in Atlantic City and his main goal for 2014 is to compete in a MMA fight.

2013 San Gennaro cannoli contest

update Sept 15 Tania Fuentez has a flickr gallery

update Sept 13-2 Gothamist has a gallery with full results.

update Sept 13 The NY Daily News has a report.

update Joe Depace has a video
Crazy Legs Conti has a preview for the Huffington Post that was posted after the contest was finished according to the timestamp.

Demotix has a gallery

The Top 3
1) Yasir Salem 31.75, 1st non-qualifier victory
2) Marcos Owens 31
3) Eric “Badlands” Booker 28
4) Crazy Legs Conti 20

NPR has a podcast of Eric “Badlands” Booker and Crazy Legs Conti appearing on Ask Me Another.

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Marcos Owens & Juliet Lee take Nathan’s Pittsburgh qualifier

update June 14 WTAE has a video, TribLive has a gallery and Rake & Herald has a contest report

update The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has an article and TribLive has a video. WPXI also has a video

(Results) Men
1) Marcos Owens 30
2) Brian Subich 20
3) Crazy Legs Conti 19.5
4) Bill Myers 17 (personal best)

1) Juliet Lee 30

update Catherine Tsavalas reports that Marcos Owens and Juliet Lee both qualified for the finals with a total of 30.

Juliet Lee is at the contest and should qualify easily

Jennifer “The Wiener Slayer” Grabner is the first announced female contestant.

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Marcos Owens announces he qualified for Wing Bowl 20 by eating the entire Taco Bell diet drive thru menu in under 2 minutes. (gallery)

Pat Bertoletti sets San Gennaro cannoli record, Marcos Owens 3rd

update Sept 17 The NY Daily News has an article.

update Sept 16 The Daily Mail has an article with pictures and Larell Marie has a gallery. Lagalagny has a contest video.

update 4:50 i-Italy has a gallery

The results:

1) Pat Bertoletti 32 cannolis in 6 minutes, new record
2) Eric “Badlands” Booker 16
3) Marcos Owens 15
4) Crazy Legs Conti 14.5
5) Allen “Shredder” Goldstein 14
6T) Yasir Salem 13
6T) Larell Marie Mele 13
8 Maria “Edible” 11

update Pat Bertoletti has set a new record with 32 cannolis.

Pat Bertoletti, Eric “Badlands” Booker, Allen “Shredder” Goldstein, Maria “Edible”, Larell Marie Mele and Yasir Salem are expected to compete in this afternoon’s cannoli eating contest at the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, NYC.

Richard Shea called the winner of last year’s cannoli contest “US Fail”.

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Marcos Owens announces that he won today's pancake eating contest at Jo's in Manhattan by eating 19 pancakes in 5 minutes. update The top 3 and a video are available. update #2 Metromix has a gallery.
Marcos Owen reports that Dave Brunelli defeated him by one burger, 29 to 28, to win $250 at today's eating contest at Stewart's in Marlboro, NJ. update Sept 6 News 12 New Jersey has a video. update Sept 6 #2 Patch.com has an article with a video.
Marcos Owens announces he won $1,000 at today's wing eating contest held at Buffalo's Chicken in Wood Ridge, NJ. His total of 46 wings was more than twice the runner-up's.