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Prize of Man v Food Nation appearance reneged on

It has been one year since the final new episodes (Jackson, MS and Charlotte, NC) of Man v Food: Nation debuted on April 11, 2012. In August 2011, John Lomascolo was informed that the video he submitted for a contest held on the program’s facebook page received the most votes and he would claim the prize of an appearance on an episode featuring Albany, NY area restaurants. (The eating challenge site was to have been Wagon Train BBQ in Rotterdam, NY). The program never recorded in eastern upstate New York (episode list) and the series terminated before John Lomascolo received his prize. (I have made a twitter request to see if an alternate award was given out.)

Contest runner-up Lauren Takao did get to make an appearance in an episode recorded in Hawaii.

update April 12 I have been informed that John Lomascolo received a small compensation, but a future appearance on a Travel Channel program is unknown at this time.

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The Mirror has an interview with Adam Richman where he has the following for people disappointed in his retirement from competitive eating: "I’m giving my haters the finger. I’m not ­giving them the ­satisfaction of having health ­problems."
A press release announces that Sony Max has acquired the rights to televise Man vs. Food:Nation in Africa. Episodes will start November 20 in South Africa.
The Guardian has an interview with Adam Richman about the cancellation of Man vs. Food: Nation
DVDs for Man v. Food: Nation are available for purchase on and will be released on April 10. A press release says the set will include the 25 episodes previously televised so the two final episodes that will air on April 11 will not be included.
The final new episodes of Man vs. Food: Nation will be televised on April 11: Charlotte, NC at 9 pm eastern and Jackson, MS at 9:30. (It is surprising that the Travel Channel is not making a bigger deal of the series finale.)
The Jackson, MS episode of Man vs. Food: Nation will debut on April 18. After this program is televised, there will be one remaining new episode of Man vs. Food: Nation (Charlotte, NC).
Adam Richman announces he just completed his final voiceover for Man vs. Food and that there are two untelevised episodes of the program: Jackson, MS and Charlotte, NC.
In a comment on his facebook page, Adam Richman announces that Man vs. Food: Nation is done. update Jan 27 In another comment, Adam Richman says his new show will start taping on February 10. reports that a Man vs. Food: Nation episode recorded in November will be televised sometime in early summer. (An untelevised Charlotte, NC episode was also recorded in November.)
A facebook page has been set up to promote Adam Richman's new show on the Travel Channel, Amazing Eats. The first two episodes will be televised on Wednesday, January 11 and feature burgers and pork.
Zach Woolever has an article for USA Today College about attempting the Gravedigger burger on the Man v. Food: Nation episode recorded in Milwaukee.
According to an email from the Travel Channel posted on the Adam Richman facebook fan page, the cancellation status of Man v Food: Nation is being reviewed.

Man vs. Food: Nation apparently cancelled

The 2012 schedule for the Travel Channel has been announced. Man vs. Food: Nation does not appear in the list of renewed shows. The apparent cancellation is not surprising after a Broadcasting & Cable article reported that a ratings decline of 15% for the entire channel could primarily be attributed to a drop in the popularity of Man vs. Food:Nation.

update Dec 2 The Travel Channel twitter had the following response to the non-listing: “this is just the first announcement of 2012- we’ve got more in the queue. Stay tuned!” An untelevised Charlotte episode has been recorded, so that statement does not mean that the Travel Channel has committed to a new season.

After conclusion of Wednesday’s episode, Adam Richman made what appears to be a farewell statement to his audience.

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Lauren Takao will attempt the 12 egg omelet at Moose McGillycuddy's in Honolulu on Wednesday's Man vs. Food: Nation, the final new episode of 2011. Lauren was one of the five finalists in the program's casting call video competition, and she will appear on television before the winner of the contest, John Lomascolo, whose episode is expected to be televised in 2012.

Scripps Network chairman on Man vs. Food format change reports that ratings for Man vs. Food:Nation have declined, but were decreasing before the change from Man vs. Food. Ken Lowe, chairman, president and CEO of Scripps Networks, owner of the Travel Channel, has more on the reasons why host Adam Richman no longer does eating challenges:

I can tell you the decision to tweak it was driven mostly by the concerns for Adam. The format was very hard on him, and he came to us and we had a conversation about how we could keep the format going without continuing to be such a heavy health concern for him. And we’re obviously willing to do that. But I think just like a lot of series in television, there’s a certain arc, and I think the arc of that particular format is just by nature two to three years.

update Broadcasting & Cable reports that the Travel Channel’s ratings were down almost 15% in the third quarter and the decline is primarily due to Man vs. Food: Nation slumping. The new poll asks what do you think is the main reason for the ratings decline.

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The 93 ounce Gravedigger burger at Champions Sports Bar & Grill will be the challenge for Wednesday's episode of Man vs. Food: Nation featuring Green Bay, WI restaurants. The burger was originally called the Gilbert Brown burger, who wore 93 for the Green Bay Packers. Two students from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh will attempt the challenge.
New Times reports that Rib Line in San Luis Obispo, CA experienced a dramatic increase in business after Naader Reda completed its Brahma Bull challenge on an episode of Man vs. Food: Nation. has an article about Matt Price attempting the "Pig Wing" Challenge at Starsky's on tonight's episode of Man vs. Food: Nation. Randy Santel is the only person to have completed the challenge.
Tonight's episode of Man vs. Food:Nation will feature Cincinnati restaurants. Adam Turer (interview) will attempt the 5.5 pound 110 Reuben sandwich at Izzy's.
The Travel Channel has posted some pictures of eating challenges submitted to the Man vs. Food: Nation facebook wall, including photographs of Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen and Jeremiah "Fit vs. Food" Foster.
The Man vs. Food: Nation eating challenge picture contest closes today. Photos should be posted on the MvF facebook wall and the top pictures will appear on
Tonight's episode of Man v Food: Nation will feature food trucks. The challenge will be the six pound burrito from the White Rabbit Truck in Los Angeles, which has only been finished by Aaron Ybarra and Naader Reda. The Taco Bus in Tampa will be another visited restaurant.
The facebook page for Man vs. Food: Nation requests that fans submit pictures of eating challenges they have attempted. The best pictures will appear on the Travel Channel website. Submissions are due by September 30.
Naader Reda will attempt the Brahma Bull tri-tip sandwich challenge in San Luis Obispo in tomorrow's episode of Man v. Food: Nation featuring restaurants on the Pacific Coast Highway.
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