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ABC News reports a law enforcement officer shot dead a gunman who opened fire at the Mississippi Mudbug Festival in Jackson, MS on Saturday. Five other individuals were injured in the incident. The event was scheduled to hold a crawfish eating contest.
Geoff Esper finished the Whammy Burger challenge at Burgers and Blues in Ridgefield, MS in a record 3:04 to break Molly Schuyler's record of 4:57 and win $1,000. (video)
The Hotdog Man in Vicsksburg, MS will hold a hot dog eating contest on December 23 awarding $200 to the winner.
Green Ghost Tacos will hold a taco eating contest in Fondren, MS on March 26 awarding $150/$50/$25.
Clarion Ledger and WAPT have articles about Michael "Big Eater Mike" Whities finishing the 6 pound "Stupid Burger" challenge at Rooster's in Fondren, MS.
Green Ghost Tacos will hold a taco eating contest in Jackson, MS on January 22 awarding $150/$50/$25 (via Big Eater Mike)
Brandon "Da Disposal" Clark won the first prize of $500 in today's hot wing eating contest at Last Call in Jackson, MS.
Last Call Sports Grill in Jackson, MS will hold a wing eating contest on May 19 awarding $500 to the winner.
WAPT.com has an article and video about Michael "Big Eater Mike" Whities being the first person to finish the Not-so-Simple Burger Challenge at Simple Burgers in Flowood, MS.
Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton is reportedly one of president-elect's Donald Trump's favorites for Secretary of State. In 2015, his daughter, Jennifer Sarah Bolton, ate 151 oysters in 3 minutes in to win an oyster eating contest in Fondren, MS.
Jennifer Sarah Bolton ate 151 oysters in 3 minutes to win today's oyster eating contest at Saltine in Fondren, MS. update Jennifer Sarah Bolton is the daughter of former UN Ambassador John Bolton.
The final new episodes of Man vs. Food: Nation will be televised on April 11: Charlotte, NC at 9 pm eastern and Jackson, MS at 9:30. (It is surprising that the Travel Channel is not making a bigger deal of the series finale.)
The Jackson, MS episode of Man vs. Food: Nation will debut on April 18. After this program is televised, there will be one remaining new episode of Man vs. Food: Nation (Charlotte, NC).
MSBusiness.com reports that a Man vs. Food: Nation episode recorded in November will be televised sometime in early summer. (An untelevised Charlotte, NC episode was also recorded in November.)

Crazy Legs Conti wins Jackson Krystal qualifier

From KrystalSquareOff.com

Jackson Krystal Qualifier, Mississippi State Fair, MS

1. Crazy Legs Conti, 44 burgers
2. “Buffalo” Jim Reeves, 40
3. “Nasty” Nathan Biller 26

update ClarionLedger.com has an article mentioning the contest.

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Jackson, MS Krystal roster

The Jackson Krystal roster is out. Eaters from outside Mississippi are below:

Crazy Legs Conti
Justin Mih
Nathan Biller
Jason Erb
Marco Marquez
Pete Davekos
Micah Collins
Eric Livingston
Russ Witzke
Brian Subich

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Jackson Krystal video available

The video from the Jackson, MS Krystal qualifier is now available. The video shows what appears to be the start of Justin Mih’s reversal at the end of the contest, but Erik Denmark’s reaction to it has been edited out. Crazy Leg Conti had an impressive last second surge, eating four burgers in about the last ten seconds, which has been overlooked due to the contest controversy.

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Erik the Red & “Tanker” on Justin Mih controversies

Erik “the Red” Denmark has a blog entry about his participation in the Jackson, MS Krystal qualifier and Justin Mih’s disqualification from it. The Hangman noted that somebody named “Tanker” from NYC wrote a forum post on the Krystal Square Off qualifier in Perry, GA claiming that Justin Mih should have been disqualified for dunking his buns too long. The contest video can be viewed at krystalsquareoff.com. The Hangman and Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough ate next to Justin Mih at that event.


Request for full Jackson qualifier results

Full results from the Jackson qualifier have yet to be posted. If you competed in the contest, or know any other results, you can enter your total into the eatfeats database


Crazy Legs wins Jackson Krystals, Rios & Mih secure wildcards

From KrystalSquareOff.com

Mississippi State Fair Krystal qualifier results, Jackson, MS

1) Crazy Legs Conti, 38 burgers
2) “The Natural” Arturo Rios, 35 burgers
3) Erik “the Red” Denmark, 32

DQ) Justin Mih, had 37 burgers at end of regulation, but was disqualified after Erik Denmark claimed that Mih had a reversal and video replay confirmed this claim

Final wildcard results
1) Rich LeFevre 51
2) Seaver Miller 41
3) Justin Mih, 36
4) Arturo Rios, 36 (extremely consistent in other 2 qualifiers where he did 35)

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Jackson Krystal qualifier roster

krystalsquareoff.com has the list of entrants for the qualifier at the Mississippi State Fair tomorrow. Expected ranked eaters include:

Crazy Legs Conti
Erik Denmark
Hall Hunt
Jim Reeves, having difficulty flying out of Buffalo
Larry McNeil
Arturo Rios, ate 17 burgers in 2 minutes
Justin Mih

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Crazy Legs, Erik the Red, Mih, Buffalo Jim in Jackson Krystal qualifier

krystalsquareoff.com has a list of the expected out of town entrants in the Krystal qualifier at the Mississippi State Fair on Sunday. Three of the leading wild card contenders, Crazy Legs Conti, Erik “the Red” Denmark and Justin Mih will battle for the last remaining berths. Hall Hunt will come if he can find transportation. Buffalo Jim Reeves will travel south to try to threepeat the qualifier. Larry McNeil is also expected.

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