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Three random eating challenges
48 oz. porterhouse Louie's Steak House Signature Steak Sheraton Casino Hotel Tunica, MS
big burger Double Dog Dare You BUrger Maria's Cantina Southaven, MS
1 lb. burger Mugshots Burger Mugshots Grill and Bar 3 MS & 1 AL locations, MS burger has six strips of bacon and two cheeses. French fries, an onion ring and a fried pickle, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Starkville & Tuscaloosa locations
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TOI.News has an article about Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark and Bob Shoudt attempting the 22 pound pizza challenge at Italia Pizza Cafe in Southaven, MS.
DeSoto Times-Tribune reports Naader Reda successfully completed three restaurant challenges in Hernando County in north Mississippi over Labor Day weekend.
ABC News reports a law enforcement officer shot dead a gunman who opened fire at the Mississippi Mudbug Festival in Jackson, MS on Saturday. Five other individuals were injured in the incident. The event was scheduled to hold a crawfish eating contest.
Water Valley, MS officially received a Guinness World Record for having 745 people compete in its watermelon eating contest last year. The previous record for a watermelon competition was 245 entrants.
Geoff Esper finished the Whammy Burger challenge at Burgers and Blues in Ridgefield, MS in a record 3:04 to break Molly Schuyler's record of 4:57 and win $1,000. (video)
Elijah Rosenthal ate 18 hot dogs in an hour to win $400 in a contest held yesterday in Vicksburg, MS (the original duration was 10 minutes). He is the son of event promoter Robert Rosenthal.
The Hotdog Man in Vicsksburg, MS will hold a hot dog eating contest on December 23 awarding $200 to the winner.
Water Valley, MS had 754 participants in its watermelon eating contest Saturday, which is believed to be a record. The previous record was 259 entrants in Safety Harbor, FL.
Green Ghost Tacos will hold a taco eating contest in Fondren, MS on March 26 awarding $150/$50/$25.
Clarion Ledger and WAPT have articles about Michael "Big Eater Mike" Whities finishing the 6 pound "Stupid Burger" challenge at Rooster's in Fondren, MS.
Green Ghost Tacos will hold a taco eating contest in Jackson, MS on January 22 awarding $150/$50/$25 (via Big Eater Mike)
DailyCorinthian reports that a MLE Slugburger eating conest will not take place at the 2018 Slugburger Festival in Corinth, MS. An amateur competition will take its place.
Brandon "Da Disposal" Clark won the first prize of $500 in today's hot wing eating contest at Last Call in Jackson, MS.
Last Call Sports Grill in Jackson, MS will hold a wing eating contest on May 19 awarding $500 to the winner.
WAPT.com has an article and video about Michael "Big Eater Mike" Whities being the first person to finish the Not-so-Simple Burger Challenge at Simple Burgers in Flowood, MS.
A hot dog eating contest will be part of the "Fan Pro Day" the Ole Miss football program will hold in Oxford, MS on March 25. The event was inspired by the testing sessions that NFL draftees undergo.

2017 Corinth slugburger contest

update July 17 Rebelstogo has a contest video

update DJournal, Daily Corinthian and Corinth Today have articles.

Results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 35 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
2nd 33 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 22 Gideon Oji
4th 16 “Big Eater Mike” Michael Whities
5th 13.5 Matt “Sweet Tooth” Cohen
6th 10 Matthew Raible
7th 8.5 William “Wild Bill” Myers
8th 6.75 Jeff Stark
9th 6 Josh Hudson
10th 3.66 Taylor Coombs

Fred Cotto has a periscope video. The contest has been delayed due to rain. Matt Stonie has withdrawn after initially being announced as competitor.

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The field for the slugburger eating contest in Corinth, MS July 15 has been announced: Matt Stonie is expected to face defending champion Joey Chestnut. Other expected entrants are Geoff Esper, Badlands Booker, Matt Cohen, Nathan Biller, Matt Raible and Bill Myers.
Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton is reportedly one of president-elect's Donald Trump's favorites for Secretary of State. In 2015, his daughter, Jennifer Sarah Bolton, ate 151 oysters in 3 minutes in to win an oyster eating contest in Fondren, MS.

2016 Slugburger contest

update Jul 12 Rebels to Go has a video

update Jul 11 Americanya Mel has a video of the whole contest

Corinth Today and Bradley Jackson have videos WTVA has an article

Results Part 1 | Part 2
1 Joey Chestnut 41
2 Geoff Esper 32
3 Josh Miller 17.5
4 Matt Cohen 16.5
5 Nate Biller 14
6 Bill Myers 10.5
7 Matt Raible 10
8 Brian Jackson 6.5
9 Jeff Stark 6
10 Hope Bain 5.25
11 Taylor Coombs 3.75

Nate Biller has a periscope video

TMZ has an interview with Joey Chestnut, who says he will be in Las Vegas tonight which puts his appearance in doubt.

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The Daily Corinthian has the field for the slugburger contest in Corinth, MS Saturday: Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Josh Miller, Nate Biller, Matt Cohen, Jeff Stark, Taylor Coombs and Hope Bain.
The field for the slugburger eating contest in Corinth, MS includes Joey Chestnut, Adrian Morgan, Geoffrey Esper, Gideon Oji, Nate Biller, Matt Cohen, Matthew Raible and Bill Myers.
Registration is now open for the Slugburger eating contest in Corinth, MS on July 9.
Daily Corinthian has an article about the July 9 slugburger eating contest in Corinth, MS receiving funding from the Corinth Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Despite paying a $14,500 sanctioning fee to Major League Eating, the competition is not guaranteed the presence of Joey Chestnut or Matt Stonie and will not know until the week before the contest if they will compete.
The Daily Corinthian reports that the Corinth (MS) Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has approved $14,500 for the 2016 slugburger contest, an increase of $3,200 from the previous year. The majority of the funding will go towards MLE sanctioning.
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