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Three random New Orleans eating challenges
8 scoop sundae Tchoupitoulas Challenge The Creole Creamery New Orleans, LA
4 lb. breakfast Aircraft Carrier Boat Sunrise on Second Street Slidell, LA contains vegetables, bacon, sausage, ham, hashbrowns, and eggs
pancakes Pancake Challenge Oceana Grill New Orleans, LA
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2019 Fat Boy’s Pizza contest

update Sep 2 Darron Breeden has a video

Update: article | gallery
Adrian Morgan Instagram gallery
Podcast of WWL radio coverage

Official results 10 minutes, 2 ft slices

1st 6.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
2nd 6 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 4.5 Darron Breeden
4th 3.125 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
? 1.33 Jocelyn Walker

Fat Boy’s Pizza is owned by Gabe Corchiani, the brother of Chris Corchiani who is #2 all time in assists for NCAA division I men’s basketball.

Joey Chestnut podcast from Friday about the contest.

Comments (6) has a preview of Sunday's Fat Boy’s Pizza Eating Championship in Metairie, LA. Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Darron Breeden and Adrian Morgan are expected to compete.
Fat Boy's Pizza Eating Championship that was to have taken place in Metairie, LA on July 14 has been rescheduled for August 25.
The facebook for Fat Boy's Pizza announces they have postponed the MLE pizza eating contest that was scheduled for Sunday in Metairie, LA due to weather.

Darron Breeden wins Acme Oyster eating contest

The MLE instagram has the top 3 in today’s Acme Oyster eating contest in New Orleans.

1 Darron Breeden 44 dozen
2 Michelle Lesco 20 dozen
3 Adam “Beard Meats Food” Moran 14 dozen


Defending champ Darren Breeden, Adrian Morgan, Michelle Lesco, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran, Crazy Legs Conti and Mia Davekos are listed as expected entrants in the Acme Oyster eating contest in New Orleans on June 2.
Registration will open today on for Mack's Tenders World Chicken Tender Eating Championship to be held in St. Johns, FL on July 27. Registration is also open for Fat Boy's Pizza Eating Championship to be held in Metairie, LA on July 14.
Star Exponent has an interview with Darron Breeden about his victory in last Sunday's Acme Oyster eating contest in New Orleans. Darron started his competitive eating career three years ago in Japan where he taught English.

Darron Breeden wins 2018 Acme Oyster eating contest

update June 10 WGNO article | Nola article

The top 3 from Rich Shea. Tim “Eater X” Janus was at the contest, but I don’t know if he competed
1 Darron Breeden 40 dozen
2 Michelle Lesco 27
3 Adrian Morgan 26

update Nick Reimann reports that Darron Breeden won with a total of 480 oysters in 8 minutes.

Darron Breeden, Sonya Thomas, Michelle Lesco, Adrian Morgan and Crazy Legs Conti are expected to compete.

Comments (8)

2017 Acme Oysters

updateInterview with Crazy Legs before contest. He says he will not try to qualify for the 2017 Nathan’s finals. has an article and video and gallery has an article and video

The top 3 from Rich Shea

1) Michelle Lesco 33 dozen
2) Sonya Thomas 31 dozen
3) Adrian Morgan 27 dozen
? Crazy Legs Conti
? Nate Biller
? Steve Martin

Comments (18)

Adrian Morgan ate 44 dozen oysters in 8;15 on WGNO today to set the house record at the Acme Oyster House in New Orleans.
Christina Handy ate 2.51 pounds of crawfish in 10 minutes to win the first prize of $1000 in today's eating contest at the Crawfish Mambo in New Orleans. Russell Callais, winner of the contest in 2016 when it was sanctioned by MLE, was runner up. reports that the Crawfish Mambo in New Orleans will not sanction an MLE event; it will hold an eating contest on May 13 awarding $1000. update Mar 22 has an article claiming budget issues are the reason for the cancellation.
WarDaddyAndy posted an article about a 1908 event in New Orleans where Wolfert Gasses ate 600 oysters in 21 minutes.
The 2017 Acme Oyster House World Oyster Eating Championship will take place June 4 in New Orleans.
The Andouille Festival in LaPlace, LA will hold a sausage eating contest on October 15 awarding $300/$200/$100.

Mugshots Challenge schedule

2016 Acme Oyster contest

update June 6 WGNO has a video has a gallery WDSU also has a video

update Nola has an article and gallery along with an oyster training video from Adrian Morgan.

update Adrian Morgan defeated Sonya Thomas in overtime. His total was 44 dozen. Michelle Lesco was 3rd place

Sonyas Thomas, Adrian Morgan, Michelle Lesco, Crazy Legs Conti, Steve Hendry, Nate Biller and Corey Fanguy are expected to compete.

Comments has an interview with Sonya Thomas about competing in the Acme Oyster eating contest Sunday. She hopes to set a record of 600 oysters in 10 minutes at the competition.

Russell Callais upsets Adrian Morgan in New Orleans crawfish contest

update has an article

The official top 4:
1) Russell Callais 2.6 lbs
2) Adrian Morgan 2.44 lbs
3) Corey Fanguy 2.26 lbs
4) Nate Biller 1.83 lbs

update Rich Shea announces that Russell Callaos won the contest, defeating Adrian Morgan.

Sonya Thomas is not competing. She says on that she does not plan to retire.

James Karst has an article about a 1922 crawfish eating contest. has a video where James Karst displays his crawfish eating techniques.

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Fiesta on the Bayou in Cut Off, Louisiana will hold a jalapeno eating contest on Saturday awarding $250 to the winner.
Registration will open at noon central for the Acme Oyster Eating World Championship in New Orleans on June 5.
Registration is now open for the crawfish eating contest at the Crawfish Mambo in New Orleans on May 7. has an article about the French Quarter Fest terminating its MLE crawfish eating contest, which will take place at the Crawfish Mambo at the University of New Orleans on May 7.

2015 Larose gumbo eating contest

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