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MBALE Express has a video of an eating contest held in Butebo, Uganda in which the victor reportedly ate 10kg (22 pounds of food).
Superstars Only has an interview with Senegalese food challenger MohMotion, whose full name is Mohamed Benantsayi Miles Mbengue. He is currently living in the Phoenix area and hopes to enroll in Arizona State University.
New Vision reports that Gad Sentenekora, a 55 year old from Kanungu, Uganda, passed away after competing in an eating contest held on Christmas. This is the second African eating contest fatality in less than a week. A 16 year old Kenyan died after choking in a bread eating contest held at his school on December 22. update The Ugandan Police say that the contest organizers are on the run; after arrest, they will be charged with "negligent acts likely to cause death". reports that Harrison Odour Ouma, a 16 year old student from Busia county, Kenya, passed away after choking during a bread eating competition held at Sikura Primary School.
Zambia Reports has an article about the death of Happy Kaishala, a 16 year old student at Chabanyama Combined School in Chingola, Zambia, who passed away after competing in a eating contest held at her school.
The Sunday Times of South Africa has an article about competitive eating which calls Erik the Electric "Erik Lamil".
The LadBible twitter posted a video of a butter eating contest held in Botswana.
The Kenyan Digest has a report on a bread eating contest awarding a new smartphone in which a teacher almost passed away after choking.
The Zambia Daily Mail reports that Nkole Mulambia, an 11 year old student died after choking during an eating contest held at his school.
The Amazing Race youtube channel has a preview video for Wednesday's episode recorded in Tangiers, Morocco starring Joey Chestnut and Tim "Eater X" Janus. It appears one of the challenges Team Chomp will face will be belly dancing.
Mixnaija reports that Kenyan schoolteacher Paul Sang almost choked to death on dry bread competing in an eating contest. The educator was hoping to win a new smartphone. reports that a man named Otange passed away after choking at an eating contest held at a funeral in the Nyang’iela area in Homa Bay County in Keyna. Feasts are commonly held at Kenyan funerals as a way of honoring the deceased.
The Smithsonian has an article about a study about meerkat communities in southern Africa claiming that the animals try to maximize their food consumption to become a member of the dominant pair, which typically consists of the largest and most senior carnivores in the group.

Profile of Ugandan competitive eater

The Daily Monitor has a profile of Sam Katumba “Kifenkenya” of Kikooza, Uganda, who claims to have a stomach capacity of 14kg (30 lbs.) He started as a mime, then switched to competitive eating full time.

By 2010, the two kilogrammes of rice and pack of buns was nothing so he increased his amounts to 14kg of food, six bottles of mineral water, 10 bottles of soda, a raw cabbage, raw green pepper and tomatoes. He hoped this would be more entertaining and it worked; his fame grew, evidenced by the increase in the number of gigs he got.
With more shows in a week, he decided to abandon the miming to focus on eating food.
Katumba now charges between Shs10,000 and Shs50,000 for a show, depending on the location of the job, as he explains: “If the venue of the show is near Mukono, I charge Shs10,000. If it is farther, I charge Shs50,000.” He stars at parties, in schools, music carnivals and during political rallies.
Although whoever hires him foots the bill for buying the food he is to eat, he insists on buying the food himself, apparently because he is suspicious that some bad people might attempt to poison him.

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BBC Africa reports that Juma Kabigi ate three loaves of bread, eight chapatis, 10 eggs, two raw cabbages, four apples and two bundles of vegetables to win an eating contest in Uganda. His prize was 10,000 Ugandan schillings (approximately $3).
An eating contest will be held in Uganda on May 30 to promote the online food ordering service, HelloFood Uganda. The winner will receive UGX 500000.
Run, a movie filmed in the Ivory Coast, will make its New York City debut at the New York African Film Festival on Monday. In the middle section of the film, the protagonist functions as the manager of a female competitive eater called Gladys "La Mangeuse". The character was reportedly based on a real life male professional eater from Mali.
Flashback: Al Shabaab held a spaghetti eating contest in Baraawe, Somalia in August 2013. Today the group also known as Al Qaeda of Somalia killed at least ten at the Somali Ministry of Education. Earlier this month, it massacred Christian university students in Garissa, Kenya.
93.3 KFM reports that a 30 year old man died after competing in a doughnut (mandazi) eating contest in the Mubende district of Uganda. update 91.3 Capital FM has more on the fatality.update Feb 15 UGO News reports that the contest organizers are on the run and will be charged with murder if and when they are apprehended.
Meshack Moseki was the first person to finish the One & Only burger challenge at Lansmore Masa Square in Gabarone, Botswana winning him a prize of 9000 puta (about $1,000).
EBW Magazine has a report on a 2.2 kg burger eating contest held at Lansmore Masa Square in Gaborone, Botswana.
Lansmore Masa Square in Gaborone, Botswana will hold a 1kg burger eating challenge Wedensday.
After Al Qaeda of Syria held an ice cream contest in Aleppo last month, Al Shabaab (Al Qaeda of Somalia), held a spaghetti eating contest in Baraawe Other competitions in the "Sports Day" included sack races, shooting contests and motorcycle racing. (via Oranje Khadra)
Brew Bistro in Nairobi, Kenya had a 1.5 kg burger eating contest where members of the bands Sauti Sol and Just a Band faced off against each other.
Brew Bistro and Lounge in Nairobi, Kenya is holding a 1.5 kg burger challenge on Tuesdays.
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