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Three random South Africa eating challenges
2 lb. burger The Pickles and Chips Masterpiece - defunct, restaurant closed 06/24/2010 Pickles and Chips Deli & Grille Towson, MD Restaurant Closure verified May 4, 2011.
29 oz. burger Burger Challenge Bulldog Bar & Grill Bolivar, NY burger size increases 1 oz with successful finish
6 egg omelet Eggzilla Princess Anne County Grill Virginia Beach, VA
The Sunday Times of South Africa has an article about competitive eating which calls Erik the Electric "Erik Lamil".
Youtube has the introduction sequence for the pilot episode of Vreet, a South African competitive eating show in the Dutch-derived language of Afrikaans.
A facebook page for the South African Federation of Competitive Eating has been set up using the same logo as Major League Eating. The organization's most recent competition was a hot dog eating contest on April 27.

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