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Geoff Esper ate 11 corn dogs in 3 minutes to set a record at CLowndog in Albuquerque.
KRQE has an article about Raina Huang's trip to Albuquerque.
Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, NM will hold a mega burger eating contest on April 28 awarding $500/$250/$100.

Gideon Oji wins Grants, NM green chile

Results Part 1 | Part 2 (32 oz bowls, duration not given)

1st 5.25 Gideon Oji
2nd 4.75 Miki Sudo
3rd 4.25 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
4th 4 Josh Miller
5th 3.875 Rich “The Locust” LeFevre
6th 2.25 Kobi Bauer
7th 2 Stevie Bauer
8th 1 Jamie West

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Miki Sudo, Gideon Oji, Michelle Lesco, Rich LeFevre and Josh Miller are expected to compete in the Historic Route 66 Fall Fiesta World Green Chile Stew Eating Championship in Grants, NM on October 8.
Courthouse News reports that the family of Debra Harbeck is suing Fire & Ice nightclub in Santa Fe, NM after she choked to death after participating in a corn dog eating contest held on January 27. In the competition, entrants simulated oral sex by eating a corn dog held near the groin area of a another person. Before competing, Debra Harbeck drank at least 7 alcoholic beverages and her blood alcohol level was between .127 and .138. update ABQ Journal also has an article.
KRQE's video shows Molly Schuyler competing in yesterday's eating contest at Pizza Nine in Albuquerque, so presumably she won the $1000 first prize. update Sep 8 The top 3 1) Molly Schuyler 2) Stephanie Torres 3) Jon Boddy
Pizza 9 will hold an eating contest in Albuquerque on September 5 awarding $1750 ($1000 to the winner).
Angelique Diaz-Macias won a 60 inch TV at a hot wing eating contest held at 94 Rock in Albuquerque this morning.
Pizza 9 in Albuquerque will hold a pizza eating contest on September 6 awarding $1750 ($1000 to the winner).
The top 3 at Saturday's pizza eating contest in Albuquerque: 1) Stephanie Torres $1000 2) Craig Reed $500 3) Jon Boddy $250
Pizza 9 will award $1750 ($1000 to the winner) at its eating contest in Albuquerque on September 7.
Cheba Hut, a chain which bills itself as "the nation's only marijuana-themed restaurant" will hold a "Sticky Icky" peanut butter & jelly sub sandwich eating contest at all 16 of its locations (in AZ, CO, OR, IA, NM, CA and WI).
Pizza Nine in Albuquerque will hold a pizza eating contest on September 1 awarding $1750 ($1000 to the winner).
Andrew Lane has a blog entry about the wall of fame for the 6.5 pound sopapilla challenge at Sadie's in Albuquerque. Five people have completed the challenge in under an hour including Ben Monson, Stephanie Torres and Patrick Vandam. The second fastest time is held by Karen S., who appears to be "Jane Dough" on the Mac Daddy pancake challenge wall of fame.
Pizza 9 in Albuquerque will hold an eating contest on September 10 awarding a flat screen TV and Blu Ray DVD player.
The Albuquerque Journal has an article (which appears on the front page of the physical paper) about Stephanie Torres, who is looking forward to the possibility of defeating Sonya Thomas at the 2012 Nathan's contest.

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Chillz Frozen Custard in Albuquerque will hold a custard eating contest on Saturday awarding a 32 inch LCD TV to the winner.
The University of New Mexico student newspaper has a list of Albuquerque eating challenge and a report on an attempt at the seven pound sopapilla challenge at Sadie's.
Brandon Call reports that Man vs. Food will record at the K & I Diner in Albuquerque today.
The facebook for the University of New Mexico announces that Man vs. Food is looking for a UNM student with the first or last name Travis to attempt the 6 pound Travis on a Silver Platter burrito at K & I Diner.
Daily Lobo reports that Pizza 9 in Albuquerque will hold a pizza eating contest on Saturday awarding a flat screen television to the winner.

Joey Chestnut wins 2010 NM State Fair burritos

update Sept 13 ABQ Journal has a contest report (requires watching ad) and AP has a video.

update 6:09 The eating contest twitter has the rest of the top 4
1) Joey Chestnut 47 burritos
2) Tim “Gravy” Brown 32 burritos
3) Chillin Peng 28 burritos (will this invalidate him from future Battle of the Bone contests?)
4) Gary Klucken 24.5 burritos

update 5:37 Dolo reports Joey Chestnut won with 47 burritos. The runner-up ate 32.

update 5:28 The contest has started according to Dolo’s twitter.

The burrito eating contest at the New Mexico State Fair is expected to start at 4:30 pm eastern. Tim Brown is expected to compete in addition to Joey Chestnut.

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