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Randy Santel has uploaded a video of his 1000th successful restaurant challenge: the 25 pound "King Kookamonga" burger challenge at Kooky Canuck in Memphis he attempted with Naader Reda, Ramsey Hilton and Brett Healey.
Naader Reda has uploaded a video of his attempt at the 25 pound King Kookamonga burger challenge at Kooky Canuck in Memphis with Mitch Dombrowski, Ramsey Hilton and Randy Santel, who was going for his 1000th restaurant challenge success.
In 2016, Ramsey Hilton interviewed Dr. Robert Ziff about his epidemiology models as part of a video in which he also attempted the Dare to be Great sundae challenge at the Parlour in Jackson, MI.
Ramsey Hilton has started a bicycling trip where he will tour the country and do restaurant challenges for the next three moonths. He plans to travel down the east coast to Miami during the tour.
Ramsey Hilton won the first prize of $500 in today's eating contest at Condado Tacos in Columbus.
Ramsey Hilton coaches the cast of CMT's The Dude Perfect Show on how to finish the 7 pound El Hefe burger challenge at Kenny's Burger Joint in Dallas. (via Randy Santel).
Ramsey Hilton announced last night that he got his 200th food challenge victory.
St. Louis Magazine has a long article about Ramsey "The Mantis" Hilton's competitive eating career.
Ramsey Hilton was the first person to finish the Oh My Burger Challenge at Oh My  Burger in Gardena, CA. He also finished the 36 inch pizza at Big Mamas & Papas Pizza in Burbank, CA with Kevin Ross.
On Saturday, Randy Santel and Ramsey Hilton combined to eat a 15 pound 30 inch pizza in 22:55 to win a contest at Philly's Pizza in Marthasville, MO. Yesterday, they did the 29 inch challenge at Schiappa's Italian Grill in O'Fallon, IL in 13:03.