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Joey Chestnut ate 13 olive burgers in 5 minutes to win a contest at tonight's Lansing Lugnuts game, which was billed as a world record.
Zilantros Tacos will hold a taco eating contest in Hudson, MI on May 6 awarding $150/$75/$50.
In 2016, Ramsey Hilton interviewed Dr. Robert Ziff about his epidemiology models as part of a video in which he also attempted the Dare to be Great sundae challenge at the Parlour in Jackson, MI.
Hopcat will hold fry eating qualifiers at its 17 locations (mainly in the midwest, but also Port St. Lucie, FL) on January 19. Winners will receive a $500 prize package and the chance to compete for a $2000 prize in Ypsilanti, MI in July. The chain previously called its signature side dish used in the competition "crack fries", but will changing the name because it was considered insensitive to drug addicts.
Fox 47 has an article about Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowski finishing the Chopping Block challenge at Crossroads BBQ in Grand Ledge, MI last night. Prior to yesterday, the challenge had not been completed. has has an article about tonight's episode of Man v Food, which will feature three restaurants in western Michigan. The challenge will be the DC Challenge at Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The program will conclude the second season of the relaunch with Casey Webb; a third season with the new host has been announced. Broadway World reports that ratings have been improving.
Detroit News reports that the winners of the crack fries eating contest at Hop Cat locations in Michigan (Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Ann Arbor) will be eligible to compete in a contest at the Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti, MI that will award $2000 to the winner.
The Lansing State Journal has an article about the graduation of Meredith "Deep Fried Diva" Boxberger from Michigan State University tomorrow with an MBA in marketing. She has landed a job at Mars Candy in New Jersey and hopes to qualify for the women's Nathan's finals.
Meredith Boxberger ate 9 specialty hot dogs in 12:29 to set the record at What Up Dawg? in East Lansing, MI.

Jim Reeves & Daniella Gioia win Brooklyn, Michigan Nathan’s qualfier

update MLive has a contest report also has an article

Results from George Shea
1) “Buffalo” Jim Reeves 19
2) “Jimineater” (Jimi Mares?) 12

1W) Daniella Gioia 15 – sole female

The first qualifier of the 2014-15 Nathan’s qualfier has started at Michigan International Speedway . Richard Petty is present. The 2014-15 Nathan’s circuit will start at Brooklyn, MI and finish in Brooklyn, NY.

I think 10 am eastern is the earliest starting time for a North American IFOCE/MLE contest (not counting the promotional contests on local TV).

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Green Lantern Pizzeria in Clinton, MI will hold a deep dish pizza eating contest on August 23 awarding $500 to the winner. Hop Cat in East Lansing, MI will hold a "crack fry" eating contest on August 23 also awarding $500.
Jim Reeves and Nicole Rodriguez are listed as expected entrants in the August 17 Nathan's qualifier in Brooklyn, MI.
The 2014-15 Nathan's qualifier circuit will begin August 17 at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI.
Business Week has an interview with Meredith "Deep Fried Diva" Boxberger about how her competitive eating career has helped her job prospects. She is serving as a marketing intern for Mars Chocolate this summer and expects to graduate with a MBA from Michigan State University next year.
Tim "The Shark" Cope won a hot dog eating contest held today at Rudy's Drive-In in Jackson, MI with a total of 11.5 hot dogs in 7 minutes.
Pat Bruss won Saturday's Pastrami Joe's Reuben sandwich eating contest in Marshall, MI.
The Battle Creek Enquirer has a report on yesterday's Pastrami Joe's Reuben sandwich eating contest. The amount raised for charity, $13,880.67, was approximately twice the 2009 amount of just under $7,000, which Pastrami Joe's owner Mike Caron attributes to dropping the division for professional competitive eaters.

ABC News on eating challenges

(From the Consumerist) The website for ABC News has an article about restaurants’ eating challenges. The reporter, Scott Mayerowitz, attempted the 50 pound Mount Olympus burger from the Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey with “King” George Van Laar. According the the article, $1000 will be awarded to a five person team that can finish the Mount Olympus in under three hours.

Other eating challenges mentioned:

  • The Pancake Challenge from the Seiad Valley Café in California
  • Dare to be Great Sundae from The Parlour in Jackson, Michigan
  • 76 Ounce Steak, J & R Steakhouse in Long Island, NY


July 21 AICE contest results

(from AICE news) Pastrami Joes’ Reuben sandwich contest, 8 minutes

1 Gentleman Joe Menchetti 5 sandwiches
2. Jake “The Butcher” Casey (last year’s amateur winner) 4.6 sandwiches
3. Chris “The American” Schlesinger with 4.5
4 Mark Lyle “the Human Vacuum”
5 Chuck “The Chomper” Davidson

update The Battle Creek Enquirer has an article about the contest

East Boston Italian Festival sausage results from Derek “Wing Tut” Payne
1st – Tom “Goose” Gillbert – 4.84 New World Record!
2nd – Ian “The Invader” Hickman – 4.38
3rd – Nate “The Nibbler” Gayman – 2.78
4th – Jared Kaiser “Roll” – 2.39
5th – Tim “Chomps-A-Lot” Brien – 2.00
6th – Bruce “Captian RU” Sinclair – 1.83lbs
7th – Tim “Im Not Tom” Crews – 1.47lbs
8th – “princess” Diana Boro – 1.39lbs
9th – Mikey Canoli Saffie – 1.26lbs
10th – “big” David gore – 1.17lbs
11th – Jim “the Heater” Fallon – .87lbs
12th – Pat capagreco (pres I.U.) – .86lbs
13th – Jeff “big show” freeman – .83lbs

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AICE Reuben sandwich preview

The Battle Creek Enquirer has a preview of Saturday’s Reuben sandwich eating contest. Some of the expected entrants are:

Among those who will be competing are “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti of Wallingford, Connecticut, Pat “Dr. Delicious” Bruss of Cincinnati, Ohio and Chris “The American” Schlesinger from Bohemia, New York. “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti is considered by some to be the best money eater in the country.

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Kalamazoo Gazette on Reuben sandwich contest

The Kalamazoo Gazette has a report on last weekend’s Reuben sandwich eating contest held at Pastrami Joe’s in Marshall, MI. That newspaper also has an interview with Jason Fagone.

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AICE Reuben Sandwich results

The Battle Creek Enquirer has a report on yesterday’s Reuben Sandwich Eating Championship, won by Mark Lyle.

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July 15 AICE contest previews

The Boston Globe has a preview of the Italian Sauage Eating contest in East Boston, MA and the Battle Creek Enquirer has a preview of the Reuben Sandwich Eating contest in Marshall, MI. Both contests will take place on Saturday. The Italian Sausage contest will be held at the Italia Unita Festival, so wearing a Zinadine Zidane jersey is not recommended.

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Two AICE Reuben sandwich articles

The Lansing State Journal and the Kalamazoo Gazette both have previews of Pastrami Joe’s, of Marshall, MI, Reuben sandwich eating contest scheduled for July 15. Entrants will wear costumes similar to professional wrestlers outfits.


AICE Reuben contest preview

The Battle Creek Enquirer has an article about next month’s AICE Reuben Sandwich eating contest to be held at Pastrami Joe’s Deli in Marshall, MI, which has made a web page for that event.

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