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Three random North Michigan eating challenges
4 lb. burger Four Pound Burger The Stockade Wellston, MI
10 scoop sundae Wholey Cow Moomer's Ice Cream Traverse City, MI contains all toppings offered
6 lb. burger Goliath Burger Nestle Inn Cafe Reed City, MI includes 1 lb. fries
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Joel Hansen wins Cheboygan, MI hot dog contest

Results from Dukes Dogs hot dog eating contest in Cheboygan, MI via Stephanie Wu (5 minute contest)
1) Joel Hansen 20, $500
2) Stephanie Wu 11.5, $300
3) Teddy Ormsbee 11, $200
4) Sean Nichols 9.5, $100 (initially announced as 3rd)
5) Oliver Hill 8

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Duke's Dogs will hold a hot dog eating contest in Cheboygan, MI on October 6 awarding $500/$300/$200
The Opa! Hot Dog Eating Contest at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan will award $1,000 to the winner on July 9. Qualifiers will take place on July 6 & 7 and prizes will be awarded to all the top 10 finishers.

Link Buffet: October 23, 2008

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