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2019 Sep 19th114 12 minU.S. National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship Buffalo, NY
2019 Aug 316th2.33 4m35sBuffalo Buffet Bowl Buffalo, NY
2018 Oct 139th7.5 10 minWorld Poutine Eating Championship - pros Toronto, ON, Canada

2018 St. Louis Nathan’s Cardinal qualifier

update Results via Brandon Clark & Kyle Hanner comments
1) Jim Reeves 21
2) Brett Healey 20
3) Crazy Legs Conti 19.5

1W) “Panda” Jin 12

“Buffalo” Jim Reeves was the male winner of the Nathan’s qualifier at the St. Louis Cardinals ballpark according to Matthew Theodore.

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2017 Valdosta, GA Nathan’s qualifier

The Valdosta Daily Times has a report claiming that Megan Drake will receive a free trip to NYC for the finals.

The stage clock stopped at 6:52

Valdosta, GA results via Valdosta Today Facebook Live video

Official results
1) “Buffalo” Jim Reeves 23
2) Damien Boykin 15

1W) Megan Drake 3 (ties for all-time lowest winning total, announced as 2.75)

WTXL held a promo contest

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Geoffery Esper wins 2016 Buffalo Buffet Bowl, Chestnut 3rd

Craig Reed has the top 3:
Official Results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1) Geoffrey Esper 5:00 to finish 5 lbs of pizza, beef on weck sandwiches and crunch rolls
2) Gideon Oji 6:26
3) Joey Chestnut 7:15, 1st finish out of top 2 since June 2013 Chicago Ribfest
4) Sonya Thomas, 3.75 lbs at conclusion
5) Jim Reeves, 3.27 lbs
6) Yasir Salem, 3.23 lbs
7) Badlands Booker, 2.62 lbs
8) Daniela Gioia, 2.4 lbs
9) Wild Bill Myers, 2.15 lbs
10) Larell Marie Mele, 1.66 lbs
11) Mary Bowers, 1.28 lbs

Buffalo News has an interview with “Buffalo” Jim Reeves.

Mary Bowers has a picture of the roster for tomorrow’s wing contest: Joey Chestnut, Sonya Thomas, Geoffrey Esper, Eric “Badlands” Booker, Yasir Salem, “Buffalo” Jim Reeves, Daniella Gioia, Gideon Oji, Bill Myers, Larell Marie Mele, Michael Dietz & Mary Bowers.

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Timeout Chicago has a ranking of all the offerings at Taco in a Bag. The menu item named after Miki Sudo is #2 and The Big Jim Reeves is #7. update May 6 MyFoxChicago.com has an article and video

Jim Reeves & Daniella Gioia win Brooklyn, Michigan Nathan’s qualfier

update MLive has a contest report Freep.com also has an article

Results from George Shea
1) “Buffalo” Jim Reeves 19
2) “Jimineater” (Jimi Mares?) 12

1W) Daniella Gioia 15 – sole female

The first qualifier of the 2014-15 Nathan’s qualfier has started at Michigan International Speedway . Richard Petty is present. The 2014-15 Nathan’s circuit will start at Brooklyn, MI and finish in Brooklyn, NY.

I think 10 am eastern is the earliest starting time for a North American IFOCE/MLE contest (not counting the promotional contests on local TV).

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The MLE facebook announces that "Buffalo" Jim Reeves became the first person to compete in the same contest ten years in a row at the Buffalo Wing Festival earlier this month and that Crazy Legs Conti will also reach that mark in Thursday's cannoli eating contest. This claim must apply to IFOCE contests only; Lester Tucker has won a quail egg eating contest in Texas for 16 years in a row.