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Three random Southwest GA eating challenges
3 lb. burger Hamburger Eating Challenge Mazey's Restaurant Dublin, GA includes 2 lb fries, has 15 minute "settle" time
10 hot wings Spicy Eating Challenge Mazey's Restaurant Dublin, GA must lick fingers, has 15 minute "settle" time
triple cheeseburger Turning Blue Burger The Cannon Brew Pub Columbus, GA 3 patties, 3 slices of cheddar & Swiss, 8 strips of bacon, includes chil cheese fries
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2019 Valdosta qualifier

Adrian Morgan 26
Jocelyn Walker 10

Adrian Morgan, Jocelyn Walker and Brittany Powell are expected to compete. Adrian Morgan will have the chance to match Larell Marie Mele as the only people with qualifier wins every year since the 2011 gender split.

Most Nathan’s qualifier victories since 2011.

9 Larell Marie “The Real Deal” Mele
8 “The Lovely” Juliet Lee
8 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
8 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
6 Erik “The Red” Denmark
6 Meredith Boxberger
6 Yasir Salem
6 Mary “I Love ’em HOT!” Bowers
6 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
6 Eric “Badlands” Booker

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Adrian Morgan and Brian Dudzinski are expected to compete in the Nathan's qualifier at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA on May 11.

2018 Wild Adventures Nathan’s qualfier

update Apr 27 Matt Hazzard has a video and NewsWest9 has an article

update Valdosta Daily Times has a video

Results from video (Official Results)

1) Matt “Hungry” Hazzard 22
2) “Buffalo” Jim Reeves 20

1w) Dee Martin 6.5

The results can be viewed on Facebook Live

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2017 Valdosta, GA Nathan’s qualifier

The Valdosta Daily Times has a report claiming that Megan Drake will receive a free trip to NYC for the finals.

The stage clock stopped at 6:52

Valdosta, GA results via Valdosta Today Facebook Live video

Official results
1) “Buffalo” Jim Reeves 23
2) Damien Boykin 15

1W) Megan Drake 3 (ties for all-time lowest winning total, announced as 2.75)

WTXL held a promo contest

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Big Food will debut Wednesday at 10 pm ET/PT on CMT. In the inaugural episode, brothers John and Don McLemore will attempt to create a cake the size of a tank at Fort Benning, GA.
Dale Boone won a hot dog eating contest held in Columubs, GA on Saturday and a burger eating contest held in Nashville, TN on Sunday.
Spicoli's in Columbus, GA will hold a hot dog eating contest Saturday awarding $300 to the winner.

An active website by a competitive eating Sonya

While we await the restoration of (or news of its permanent demise), here is a working web page by another big eater with the same first name. Sonya Sorich, a reporter for the Columbus (GA) Ledger-Enquirer wrote a blog entry in 2007 about her attempt at the 1.5 pound Marine Burger at the Four Winds in Cusseta, Georgia:

Anyway, I’d been twice before, and devoured the [1 pound] Ranger Burger — and fries — with no trouble. It felt good, but I always came home with a sinking realization that I’d hit a plateau. So this time, I knew I had no choice but to order the Marine Burger, a 1.5-lb. burger that’s not even on the menu. It comes with cheese, ham, bacon, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and onions. And don’t forget the fries and sweet tea.
Honestly, at first I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it. Fortunately, I got an inspirational phone call this morning from my mom in California. Her exact words? “Sonya, you can eat anything.”


Rich LeFevre wins Perry qualifier


Georgia National Fair, Perry, GA
1. Rich LeFevre 51 burgers
2T. Eric “Steakbellie” Livingston 31 burgers
2T. Russ Keeler, 31
4 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins

Steakbellie avoids embarrassment by 1 burger

update has a video which says “Rich LaFarve” won

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LeFevre, Steakbellie, Wing Kong in Perry qualifier

Return of the Mouth: Dale Boone wins Perry Krystal qualifier


Krystal Square Off qualifier, Perry GA
1. Dale Boone 37, triumphant return from suspension
2. Justin Mih 36, moves into last wildcard position
3. Hall Hunt 33

The wildcards with 1 contest left are Rich LeFevre, Seaver Miller, Arturo Rios and Justin Mih. Arturo Rios, Justin Mih and Crazy Legs Conti are all tied with 36, but Crazy Legs loses out on the tiebreaker since he has only done one qualifier.

updated full results have been posted. Burritos for Life finalist Michael Parlaman only finished with 14.

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Perry Krystal finalists announced has a list of the expected entrants in tomorrow’s qualifier in Nashville. Most of the ranked competitors, including Hall Hunt, Justin Mih, Bubba Yarbrough and Larry McNeil, have competed in previous qualifiers. “The Hangman” Bruce Pobanz, will be celebrating his 50th birthday at the contest. Michael Parlaman, a finalist in Moe’s Burritos for Life, is expected.

updated Hall “Hoover” Hunt has a preview in his blog.

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Dale Boone to return to IFOCE in Perry Krystal qualifier announces that Dale Boone will end his suspension from IFOCE contests at the Perry Krystal qualifier on Sunday.

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Georgia National Fair Krystal Square Off qualifier results

From article:

1st: ‘Humble’ Bob Shoudt, Royersford, Pa., 29 burgers
2nd: Bubba Yarbrough, Newnan, 25 burgers
3rd: Hall Hunt, Gainesville, Fla., 24 burgers

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