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Valerie Feri completes “Fat Mac” challenge for new Food Network program

PatriotLedger has an article and gallery on the recording of a Food Network program at the Fat Cat Restaurant in Quincy, Massachusetts. Six diners attempted to complete the “Ultimate Fat Mac Challenge” which consists of 6 pounds of macaroni and cheese. Valerie Feri, who weighs 120 pounds, was the only person to complete the challenge in under an hour. The upcoming program was also the subject of a local television news segment.

Ms. Feri’s feat will be seen on “Outrageous Food Challenge” which appears to be a new series. Aaron McCargo Jr., winner of season four of the “Next Food Network Star”, will host. The episode is expected to be televised in April.

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Female finishers of Beau Jo’s pizza challenge

A metromix gallery of an attempt at the 12-14 pound pizza challenge for two person teams at Beau Jo’s (Denver area) includes a picture of the “Wall of Fame” dedicated to Anna & Micah, the most recent pair to finish the challenge. 110 pound Anna reportedly ate more pizza than Micah.

On the Man vs. Food forum, an employee at the Glenwood Springs Beau Jo’s location reports that the only finishers at that site have been two thin women.

Andrew “A Bomb” Lane states that only 11 teams out of 1960 have successfully completed the pizza challenge since it became available in 1973, one of the lower success ratios.


Styrovor completes five pound burrito

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Chef Mark Smith of the Tortilla Press in Collingswood, NJ has posted the following twitter update: “I can’t believe she ate the whole thing [a five pound burrito] …..my twitter friend @styrovor

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LA-OC Foodie has a blog entry about "Choisauce" winning a contest by being the first to complete her five pound Manuel's Special Burrito at El Tepeyac Café in East Los Angeles. Choisauce previously won a never ending pasta contest at an Olive Garden.
Youtube has a video of Emma winning the pepper eating contest at the Rutabaga Fest in Cumberland, Wisconsin by eating a half a pound of banana peppers in 12.6 seconds.
Linda won tonight's oyster eating contest at Ceili House in Toronto by eating 148 oysters in 3 minutes and will represent Canada in an oyster eating contest in Ireland next month.
Metromix has a picture of Sara Ramon, who won the contest held at Cupcake Station in Birmingham, Michigan last Friday by eating 18 cupcakes in 8 minutes.

1124 lb. cupcake created in Michigan

MLive has a report and video about a 1224 pound cupcake created at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. The cupcake received Guinness recognition as the world’s largest and it is estimated to have 2 million calories. The cupcake was constructed after a failed attempt to cook a 7,000 pound cupcake.

In other Michigan cupcake news, Craig Reed reports that a woman who had just completed basic training won a cupcake eating contest at Cupcake Station in Birmingham by eating 18 cupcakes in 8 minutes.


TampaBay.com has an article about Victoria Bekiempis, winner of the July 3 Tampa hot dog contest, trying out for America's Next Top Model
TampaBay.Metromix.com has a gallery of the hot dog eating contest held July 3 at the Crowbar in Ybor City which includes pictures of the female winner, who competed under the name "Doll Face Killa"

Dale Boone repeats in apple uglies, Suzanne French 2nd

The Salisbury Post has the top 4 from yesterday’s apple ugly eating contest in Faith, NC. update a SalisburyPost.com also has a gallery:
1 Dale Boone 20
2 Suzanne French 14, cordogorama 3rd place
3 Larry McNeil (IFOCE #37) 13
4 Keatin Shelton 12, last year’s runner up

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Julie Dey on TwinCitiesLive video

TwinCitiesLive has a video of Julie Dey’s appearance on Friday to promote the Minnesota Nathan’s qualifier. She says she was inspired to enter by Pat Bertoletti and his girlfriend. After describing the typical amount of food she eats in a buffet, she competes in a short contest against one of the shows hosts.

Julie Dey ate 11 hot dogs to finish third in her first ever official eating contest. The contest was held in a cold rain and Pat Bertoletti claimed the hot dogs were leathery. If you think that Pat Bertoletti would have eaten %50-%100 more in optimal conditions and adjust Ms. Dey’s performance by a similar amount, it could have rivaled Sonya Thomas 18 HDB in 2003 (in 12 minutes) as one of the top overall competitive eating debuts at a Nathan’s qualifier.

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Jackson Sun: Christine finished the Name-It-Burger challenge at the Community Grocery in Jackson, TN and renamed it the "Girlie Burger"

Q13 Fox Anchorwoman attempts 5 pound burrito

Lily Jang of Q13 Fox in Seattle attempted the 5 pound burrito from Taco Del Mar with a co-worker. Reportedly she finished in 47 minutes

update A video has been posted on q13fox.com

Billy the Fridge is another Seattle resident who completed the challenge

update #2 The Taco Del Mar facebook page has links to reports of 5 pound burrito attempts

Erik Denmark wants to attempt the challenge (he found a location offering the burrito all week)

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NY Daily News cupcake contest coverage

update #2 Amazon.com’s Al Dente blog has an entry about the contest

update Cupcakes Take the Cake has some pictures of the winner

The New York Daily News has a report on yesterday’s cupcake eating contest held at Ivy Bakery in Brooklyn. Results listed:

1. Nancy Cummings, 17 cupcakes in 5 minutes,
2. Dominick Ibelli, 16 cupcakes
? Jo Rose

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An active website by a competitive eating Sonya

While we await the restoration of sonyatheblackwidow.com (or news of its permanent demise), here is a working web page by another big eater with the same first name. Sonya Sorich, a reporter for the Columbus (GA) Ledger-Enquirer wrote a blog entry in 2007 about her attempt at the 1.5 pound Marine Burger at the Four Winds in Cusseta, Georgia:

Anyway, I’d been twice before, and devoured the [1 pound] Ranger Burger — and fries — with no trouble. It felt good, but I always came home with a sinking realization that I’d hit a plateau. So this time, I knew I had no choice but to order the Marine Burger, a 1.5-lb. burger that’s not even on the menu. It comes with cheese, ham, bacon, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and onions. And don’t forget the fries and sweet tea.
Honestly, at first I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it. Fortunately, I got an inspirational phone call this morning from my mom in California. Her exact words? “Sonya, you can eat anything.”


The winner of the women's division at the San Antonio tamale contest ate 19 tamales in 2 minutes according to JD Flores' twitter.

Indian woman eats 51 bhut jolokia for British TV

(from Paul Barlow) The The Daily Mail reports that Anandita Dutta Tamuly ate 51 bhut jolokia peppers, considered the spiciest peppers in the world, in 2 minutes in Jorhut, India. Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen observed the feat, which will appear on a program he is producing for the British network Channel 4. She also rubbed the seeds from some peppers in her eyes.

AFP reports
that Gordon Ramsey served as the official monitor for the Guinness Book of World Records, which requested that Ms. Tamuly’s pepper prowess be observed by “someone responsible”. She had hoped to receive a Guinness record for eating 60 bhut jolokias in 2 minutes in 2007, but no such recognition was apparently bestowed. The current official Guinness pepper eating record is 8 jalapenos in a minute.

BBC video

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Tender Maid Wall of Fame

A picture of the Wall of Fame at the Tender Maid in Austin, Minnesota has been posted on the Man vs. Food message boards. Amanda Dunning set the record by eating 10 Tender Maid burgers in 30 minutes along with a malt, a bag of chips and 8 waters.


Woman has fastest time on online “Mega Mel” Wall of Fame

The website for Mel’s Country Cafe in Tomball, Texas (suburban Houston) has a web page with pictures of several finishers of the Mega Mel burger and their times. Lindsay has the fastest time of 19 minutes on that page.

The page about the restaurant on localism reports that the all time record is 9 minutes and apicture of the finishers list reveals that Eric Attayi is the record holder.

In a youtube comment, the son of the restaurant’s owner reports that Lindsay is the new female record holder and she came back a month later and finished another Mega Mel in 21 minutes.

FullFiguredFella is organizing a Mega Mel eating contest.


TBO.com reports that Michelle Stringer, a graduate student from Philadelphia, became the first female winner of the strawberry shortcake eating contest at the Florida Strawberry Festival by eating 4 pounds of shortcake in about 10 minutes.

Woman reclaims Spike’s “top dog” status

Spikes hot dog record holder
A livejournal blog entry reports that a woman (not named) currently holds the top mark of 17 hot dogs in 90 minutes on the Wall of Fame at Spike’s Junkyard Dogs in Somerville (Boston). A eyewitness to the record attempt comments the new record holder was the previous record holder whose mark of 14 was broken when her husband ate 16. If that is the case, the LeFevres might have company in the ranks of competitive eating couples.

Another commenter says he encountered the record holder at Spike’s while another diner was attempting to exceed her total and she said “I hope you know that if you break the record I’ll just come in and rebreak it tomorrow.”

It is possible that the record reclamation was a response to the recent record attempt video posted on igreggor.com, but 15 hot dogs were consumed in that attempt and the previous record was 16 (each Spike’s location maintains its own record.)

An eatfeats post from November 2007 has a picture of a previous female record holder at Spike’s (who might be the current “top dog” as well)

update A 2+2 forum thread documents a 2007 trip to Spike’s. While the diners attempted to eat 6 or more hot dogs to get on the “Kennel Club”, the holder of the record (which was then 13 hot dogs) entered the restaurant and was photographed (picture on right).

Someone who has met the record holder describes her as “pretty cool, but amazingly tiny, like a white female version of Kobayashi.”

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Austin charity pizza duel between bikini-clad females

A gallery and video of a pizza eating contest held on Friday between between Debbie and Jennie are available. Both competitors wore bikini tops to the contest. A yelp thread lists the winner, but does not provide the amount eaten. $10 was charged for admission and the competition raised $117 for the Austin Food Bank.

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Link Buffet: September 14, 2008

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Female DJ completes 2 lb. burger challenge for charity

Erica Pierson, a DJ at Love 96.1 FM, attempted Tumbleweed’s 2 pound burger challenge last October. The owner of Tumbleweed’s donated $500 to the Spinal Cord Injury Project after she successfully completed the burger.

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