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Youtube has a video of the entire "Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars" pilot episode that was televised on Planet Green in December.
In the Eatocracy interview, Suzanne French says she was part of a team that finished the Carnivore Challenge at Big Pie in the Sky. An article in the Emory student newspaper mentions that a woman with plans for a television show finished the challenge. (Suzanne does not appear in the online wall of fame) Her WLOCE profile says that Suzanne also completed the Evergreen burger challenge, which was the Bust it Big burger at Cactus Jack's in Evergreen, CO according to a picture of the wall of fame by Andrew Lane.
CNN's Eatocracy blog has an interview with Suzanne "Suzilla" French about her show on Planet Green. She made her debut in competitive eating in 2009 at Corndogorama because she needed money to pay off her student loan.

A Brief History of “Suzilla”

Here is a brief history of Suzilla: The Mouth that Roars based on previous eatfeats posts

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A New York Times review of Suzilla: The Mouth that Roars says the show "works a little like sports and a little like pornography." The review mentions Suzanne French's billing as the #4 ranked competitive eater.
A new facebook fan page for Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars has been set up to replace the page that was closed. The page has a link to a short video interview of Suzanne French.
Another promo video of Suzilla has been uploaded where Suzanne French competes in a wing eating contest at D's Takeout Grill.
A press release about Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars announces it will debut at 10:30 pm eastern on December 20 on the Planet Green cable channel. In the episode, Jerry Ferrara ("Turtle" on HBO's Entourage and one of the restaurant's co-owners) will compete against Suzanne French, in an eating contest at Fat Sal's Deli in Los Angeles.
While Man vs. Food: Nation is now on hiatus for the season (if not permanently), a "woman vs. food" show will debut later this month. A facebook page announces that the first episode of Suzilla, The Mouth That Roars will be televised on Discovery's Planet Green network on December 20. The program will star Suzanne "Suzilla" French, who is billed as the #4 female competitive eater in the world.
Temple City Daily Photo has a blog entry (from January) about female competitive eater Suzanne French recording a program for the Food Network in Los Angeles. (This might be for the "Woman vs. Food" project that has been under development since 2009)
Maria-Patricia Cortez has a gallery of Saturday's Niko Niko's gyro eating contest in Houston. Suzanne French made her IFOCE debut after two top 3 finishes in WLOCE contests last year.

Dale Boone repeats in apple uglies, Suzanne French 2nd

The Salisbury Post has the top 4 from yesterday’s apple ugly eating contest in Faith, NC. update a also has a gallery:
1 Dale Boone 20
2 Suzanne French 14, cordogorama 3rd place
3 Larry McNeil (IFOCE #37) 13
4 Keatin Shelton 12, last year’s runner up

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The top 3 in the corndog eating contest is now posted on "Bubba" Yarbrough was second with 14 corndogs and Suzanne Freach was third w/ 13.