2009 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest category

Pat Bertoletti has posted a blog entry about his experience at this year's Nathan's finals to his home page.
Mcall has a blog entry about the "Largest Carbon Footprint" award "Wild" Bill Myers award received at the Nathan's finals primarily written by Bill's fiancee Melissa Savoy.
Joey Chestnut has posted an entry to his Yardbarker blog about winning Nathan's for the third year in a row. The San Jose Mercury also has an article about Joey Chestnut participating in the Tour de French Fry on Sunday.

SI’s Peter King visits the urologist(s)

(via KissingSuzyKolber) The most recent Monday Morning QB column on the Sports Illustrated web site contains Peter King’s annual criticism of Nathan’s hot dog eating contest:

Whoever at ESPN thought of televising the Fourth of July contest from Coney Island and giving it some form of sporting glory ought to not only be fired but also sent to a class for education on world hunger. Here’s a stat for you, according to world hunger organization Bread For The World: One in seven people on earth suffer from severe hunger daily. That’s 963 MILLION people. The ratings suggest we are all guilty of promoting this grotesque custom. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves for giving ESPN reason for showing this.

The column contains a diary of King’s summer vacation. His July 20 entry:

Trip to the urologist. Regular checkup. Two docs. First doc examines me, and I should say he examines me thoroughly. He leaves and the other doc comes in. Very nice fellow, just like the first one. He puts on the rubber glove. Whoa! Whoa! This, uh, already happened! Second urologist wants to check out the situation for himself. Examines me a little more thoroughly. Other than the self-inflicted left-hand bite mark, all’s right with the world. Gosh, I love vacation.

Probably more than 1/7 of the world’s population lacks access to a single medical specialist, let alone a team of them.

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Ken Hoffman on judging Davekos

Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle has a column about serving as Pete Davekos’ judge in the recent Nathan’s finals which reports that officials were told to look out for hidden regurgitation:

“The thing you have to look for,” the head judge told us, “is when the eaters hold a big cup of water to their mouth. Some of the eaters have been spitting hot dogs into the cup, and some have been vomiting in the cup. That’s against the rules, and they have to be penalized.”

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The Mount Vernon Gazette has an article about the new female Nathan's record set by Sonya Thomas, who did not return its phone call.
"Humble" Bob Shoudt and Erik "the Red" Denmark have posted reports on their experience at the Nathan's finals. Shoudt wishes he received a personal spotter / coach, which he believes provides a significant advantage.
Val Broman has posted her report and gallery from the 2009 Nathan's finals.

Indian communists mistake Nathan’s dogs for canines

The Hindustan Times has an article about another Indian newspaper:

A man devouring 68 dogs in 10 minutes definitely makes Page 1 news – even in a staid Communist Party of India (Marxist) mouthpiece. And if the voracious dog-eater happens to be an American and the feat a world record, so much the better.

“US man gobbles 68 dogs in 10 minutes, creates world record”, screamed a headline on the front page of Kerala CPI(M) mouthpiece Deshabhimani, which loses no opportunity to paint Americans as decadent and uncouth, on Tuesday.

Nijumohan has an image of the front page, which has an picture of Joey Chestnut with a bone in his mouth. (Image on left from JoCalling)

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The Hungry Sisters have posted their report on the 2009 Nathan's finals.
NYCGo.com has interviews with Pat Bertoletti and Badlands Booker's judge Ken Podziba.
Val Bromann and the Hungry Sisters have blog entries about the MLE eaters vs. elephants contest held on July 3.
Some post-contest articles on the 2009 Nathan's finalists: Pat Bertoletti (Chicago Tribune | Examiner), Badlands Booker, "Buffalo" Jim Reeves, Marco "Mongo" Marquez (Liz Kellermeyer interview | Pueblo Chieftain)
Bunnette Zoe has posted a blog entry about riding the bus of champions which contains short interviews with Juliet Lee and Joey Chestnut.
BeautifulBrian.com has a report on serving as judge for Franco "FrenkyBello" Camerini and the post contest activities along with some pictures and videos from the contest.
Deadspin has a gallery of the Nathan's finals which includes a picture of the floor around the eaters' table after the contest.

Chestnut’s 68 HDBs 86s Kobayashi

update IFOCE.com now has the full results. (from Craig Reed)

Badlands Booker has some results outside the top 3. Sonya Thomas reached her longtime goal of 40+ and Booker did 30.

positions #5-#8 are from twitter.com/erikdenmark

1. Joey Chestnut 68 HDB, new 12 & 10 minute record
2. Takeru Kobayashi 64.5 a personal best
3. Pat Bertoletti, 55, personal best
4. Tim “Eater X” Janus 53
5. “Humble” Bob Shoudt 41.75
6 Sonya Thomas 41, a 12 & 10 minute womens record
7T Hall Hunt 38
7T Erik Denmark 38
? Badlands Booker 30

The teleblog of the program is available after the jump
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The new poll asks who you think will win tomorrow's Nathan's finals. Paul Barlow has posted his predictions on his myspace blog. Buck Wolf, who has participated in radio broadcast of the Nathan's finals, predicts a Pat Bertoletti win.
1010WINS has an article and gallery (solely of Chestnut & Kobayashi) of the Nathan's weigh-in today. update CNN also has an article about the weigh-in, which claims that Eater X has eaten 55 HDBs. update #2 NY1 video
SportsMediaNews reports that all five previous Nathan's broadcasts from 2004-2008 will be rerun on ESPNU on July 3 between midnight and 5 am eastern.
Zoe Yang, who will serve as a Bunnette after participating in Bunnette bootcamp, has a blog at zoehasappetite.blogspot.com
http://twitter.com/BadlandsBooker/: The Nathan's weigh in will be today at Herald Square at 1 PM. Previous weigh-ins were held on July 3.
Forbes.com has two articles about competitive eating, a profile of Joey Chestnut and an analysis of Major League Eating as a business. Eric Gatoff, CEO of Nathan's, says his company spends in "the high six figures" on the Nathan's finals and its qualifier circuit.
Philly.com has a paragraph on Micah "Wing Kong" Collins qualifying for the Nathan's finals.
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