An active website by a competitive eating Sonya

While we await the restoration of (or news of its permanent demise), here is a working web page by another big eater with the same first name. Sonya Sorich, a reporter for the Columbus (GA) Ledger-Enquirer wrote a blog entry in 2007 about her attempt at the 1.5 pound Marine Burger at the Four Winds in Cusseta, Georgia:

Anyway, I’d been twice before, and devoured the [1 pound] Ranger Burger — and fries — with no trouble. It felt good, but I always came home with a sinking realization that I’d hit a plateau. So this time, I knew I had no choice but to order the Marine Burger, a 1.5-lb. burger that’s not even on the menu. It comes with cheese, ham, bacon, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and onions. And don’t forget the fries and sweet tea.
Honestly, at first I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it. Fortunately, I got an inspirational phone call this morning from my mom in California. Her exact words? “Sonya, you can eat anything.”


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