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Brett Healey attempted the 14 pound pizza challenge at Beau Jo's in Denver with Ricardo Corbucci.
Darron Breeden and Gideon Oji attempted the Grand Sicilian deep dish pizza challenge at Beau Jo's in Denver, CO.
PigOut4Hunger is going to do Denver-area eating challenges to raise money for hunger charities. Their first challenge will be at Beau Jo's on September 7.
KKTV has a blog entry about a 1987 attempt at the Grand Sicilian 14 pound pizza challenge at the Boulder Beau Jo's.

Man vs. Food June 16 (Boulder, CO) episode links

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MetromixDenver has a video about the 7 pound burrito challenge at Jack n Grill and the 14 pound pizza at Beau Jo's. has a commercial for its 14 pound pizza challenge, which looks more like a giant bread bowl. "Man vs Food being filmed at Beau Jo's in Boulder. 12 lbs of pizza between two people in one hour."

Female finishers of Beau Jo’s pizza challenge

A metromix gallery of an attempt at the 12-14 pound pizza challenge for two person teams at Beau Jo’s (Denver area) includes a picture of the “Wall of Fame” dedicated to Anna & Micah, the most recent pair to finish the challenge. 110 pound Anna reportedly ate more pizza than Micah.

On the Man vs. Food forum, an employee at the Glenwood Springs Beau Jo’s location reports that the only finishers at that site have been two thin women.

Andrew “A Bomb” Lane states that only 11 teams out of 1960 have successfully completed the pizza challenge since it became available in 1973, one of the lower success ratios.


Andrew "A Bomb" Lane has posted a blog entry about his attempt at the 12+ pound Beau Jo's pizza challenge with Jimmy "Jimineater" Mares.

Link Buffet: May 23, 2008

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