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Westword reports that Jack-n-Grill has closed both of its Denver-area locations. The restaurant was the site of a Man v Food episode and was famed for a seven pound burrito challenge that awarded female finishers free food for life.
ColoradoSprings.com has an article about the construction of the seven pound burrito challenge at Jack-N-Grill in Westminster, CO mentioning Molly Schuyler finishing the meal in 3 minutes.
On the Man vs. Food facebook wall, Blake Mendoza has posted pictures of her mother reportedly finishing the seven pound burrito challenge at Jack N Grill in Denver in 30 minutes: before | after
The page about the "Hugilio" challenge on Virgilio's web site has been updated with pictures and a video of Stephanie Torres finishing the 11 pound pizza in an hour and 51 minutes on February 22. update Andrew Lane has a blog entry about Stephanie eating the 7 pound burrito at Jack n Grill (via comment).
A Los Angeles Times article about calorie-heavy meals links to a blog entry by Andrew Lane about finishing the seven pound burrito at Jack N Grill.
A picture of Karen, a 104 pound grandmother, and the Jack N Grill 5+ pound burrito has been posted to the Man vs. Food forum. The caption says she finishes the burrito every time she dines at Jack N Grill, which is free due to her having previously completed the burrito challenge. (A woman has reportedly finished the burrito at least five times)
Brian Gray has a report on his wife's unsuccessful attempt at the 7 pound burrito at Jack n Grill in Denver. While talking with the waiter, he learned that a 105 pound female marathoner finished the burrito in about an hour, then she completed the challenge in 28 minutes to win a $20 bet during her next visit to the restaurant.
In a blog entry about a trip to Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park, The Void Remains reports that an unnamed woman has finished the 7 pound burrito challenge at Jack n Grill five times. (She returns frequently to receive her prize of free food, so that total will probably be increasing.)
MetromixDenver has a video about the 7 pound burrito challenge at Jack n Grill and the 14 pound pizza at Beau Jo's.
Andrew "A-Bomb" Lane's twitter reports that he and Jimmy Mares finished the 7 pound burrito at Jack-n-Grill and cut their previous personal best time in half. update A blog entry about the challenges has been posted.
Jimmy "Jimineater" Mares has posted some pictures on the Man v Food facebook wall of his completion of a 7 pound burrito and a one pound dessert at Jack n Grill.
Dave Madrid claims that Jack N Grill will hold a 7 pound burrito eating contest on September 15. The contest has yet to be listed on JackNGrill.com
Andrew "A-Bomb" Lane has a blog entry and gallery about his attempt to avenge his defeat at the Jack N Grill 7 pound burrito from Jack N Grill. Jimmy Mares also attempted the challenge.
The twitters of Fenriz and RTadlock report that a woman completed Jack n Grill's 7 pound burrito Thursday night, becoming the sixth female to receive free food for life.

Jack n Grill 7 pound burrito Wall of Fame

John Wenzel has a picture of the 7 pound breakfast burrito Wall of Fame at Jack n Grill in Denver showing the three women who have finished the challenge and will reportedly receive free food from the restaurant for life. Rager and Beer Monster has a blog entry about the wall of fame which says that the woman pictured flexing (reportedly a female bodybuilder) also ate a basket of chips and dessert along with her burrito.

Mongo Marquez also recently completed the challenge and ate dessert.

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Man Vs. Food recording at Jack n Grill (Denver) Jan 22

RockyMountainNews reports that Man vs. Food will be recording at Jack n Grill in Denver on January 22. The restaurant will also host a film crew from the Travel Channel’s new Extreme Places to Pig-Out show on January 19.

The challenge food will be the 7 pound Grande Breakfast Burrito. Andrew “Skinnyboy” Lane has a blog entry about his attempt. The restaurant offers free food for life to women who complete the challenge without assistance. Metromix has a gallery of three attempts to claim that prize.

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