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2015 Acme oyster contest

update Jun 1 NOLA.com has an article and gallery (which captions Corey Fanguy as Alex Perez)

update Sonya Thomas has defended her title with 41 dozen in 8 minutes.

Top 4
1) Sonya Thomas 41 dozen
2T) Adrian Morgan 36
2T) Michelle Lesco 36
4) Corey Fanguy 26

Sonya Thomas, Adrian Morgan, Michelle Lesco, Nate Biller, Corey Fanguy and Alex Perez are expected to compete.
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The website for CP Brand's wonton eating contest, cpbiggesteater.com now resolves to an empty page from a Singaporean webhosting company. This probably ends whatever hopes that the Asian circuit would be brought back at some point in the future.
CPBiggestEater.com has not been updated with any information about a possible 2012-13 circuit. (The first qualifier in the 2011-2012 circuit took place in Singapore in the middle of October.)
Val Bromann has posted her report & gallery on the CP Biggest Eater finals in Thailand.
MyCPBrand has a video with footage of the Thailand qualifier and finals for CP Biggest Eater.

CP Biggest Eater Thailand qualifier links

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Razor TV has two videos recorded at the CP Biggest Eater finals: Interview w/ Joey Chestnut & Sonya Thomas, clip about Singaporean winners.

CP Biggest Eater Finals links

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Joey Chestnut sets record in 2012 CP Biggest Eater finals

update Feb 13 Full results | NineMSN video

update 7:30 pm NineMSN.com.au has an article about the Australian competitors.

update 10:30 Official MLE results
1) Joey Chestnut 390, new record
2) Pat Bertoletti 321
3) Tim Janus 315
4) Sonya Thomas 231, women’s record
5) Juliet Lee 219

udpate 10:07 am CP Brand has a new facebook gallery of the contest site with no pictures of the competition.

update 9:50 am Pat Bertoletti announces he lost.

The contests for the qualifier winners have taken place. Korapin reports that Helen Tan won the women’s contest with 125 wontons and Ng Chin Sheng won the men’s contest with 161. Both winners are from Singapore. The MLE contest should be starting soon.

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Matt Stonie (Part 1 | Part 2) and Val Bromann have reports on Saturday's CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Thailand. update The CP facebook has a gallery.
True Inside produced a video of the Thailand qualifier for CP Biggest Eater held on Saturday. The results of the MLE exhibition were 1) Matt Stonie 255 2) Erik Denmark 202 3) Crazy Legs Conti 140. Matt Stonie has a gallery of his trip.
DiagonalUK has a video of the Singapore qualifier for CP Biggest Eater and Pedro TP has videos from the Melbourne qualifier (video 1 | video 2). The Melbourne videos show the prizes for male Australians being awarded with the other divisions, which appears to contradict the claim on CP Australia's facebook that an overtime period was held on a different day from the Melbourne qualifier.
Eleven days after the contest, the Australian winners of the CP Biggest eater qualifier on November 19 have been announced. Brad Stokes defeated Felix Ariga in overtime to become the top male and Millie Chow won the women's division. A qualifier competitor comments that he was not aware of any overtime taking place.

CP Biggest Eater Hong Kong qualifier

update 11:33 pm AFPBBNews has a video of the professional contest

update 6:37 Professional and local results have been posted.

Local Men
1) “Chris” Yat Ming Lam, 131, 2011 July 4th competitor
2) “Johnny” Wu Hung Shing, 120
3) Chiu Sou Sang, 115

Local Women
1) Chin Hung Yuk, 74
2) Soong Mei Chun, 72
3) Cao Shu Ying, 62

1) Joey Chestnut 225, 72 less than last week’s Melbourne result, 155 off his 2010 record
2) Juliet Lee 178, 3 more than last week’s Melbourne result, new women’s record
3) Erik Denmark 150 The final round of the Hong Kong qualifier for CP Biggest Eater is starting.

A picture of Juliet Lee has been posted.

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Johnny Wu, who has previously competed against Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas, led the first round of the CP Biggest Eater Hong Kong qualifier with 98 wontons. 54 year old Wang Wenyu led the women with 72 wontons in her first eating competition. Joey Chestnut, Erik Denmark and Juliet Lee will compete in an exhibition held during the second round of the qualifier on November 27.

Tim Janus defeats Joey Chestnut in CP Biggest Eater Melbourne

The Herald Sun reports that Tim Janus ate the most wontons, 310 in 8 minutes, at the pro exhibition at the Melbourne qualifier for the CP Biggest Eater. Joey Chestnut ate 297, 83 less than his record last year, and Juliet Lee ate 175 to break her female record of 160. Final results for the Australians competing have not been posted.

update The MLE facebook reports that Felix Ariga and Brad Stokes tied for 1st place in the contest for Australian males with a total of 105 wontons, less than the 109 Helen Tan ate to win the Singaporean women’s contest. Milly Chow was the best Australian female with a total of 75 wontons.

According to the eatfeats database, this is Tim’s first victory over Joey since the 2009 grits contest in Bossier City, LA. (All of Tim’s previous three victories over Joey Chestnut were in grits contests.) This is also Joey’s first loss in a contest for a food other than chicken wings in over a year. A list of head to head results for Joey vs. Tim follows after the jump

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The CP Australia facebook has a short video of Tim Janus and Juliet Lee promoting Saturday's CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Melbourne Saturday.
The facebook for CP Australia has results (top male: Ashley Pallett 88 wontons, top female: Chiau Lin Lan 42 wontons) and a video from yesterday's heats for the CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Melbourne. update Nov 14 A full list of the competitors in Saturday's qualifier has been posted. Ian Coker, who competed in several contests as a Purdue graduate student, was the male runner-up.
NewsLook has a video about the Singapore qualifier for CP Biggest Eater with interviews with Crazy Legs Conti and Sonya Thomas.
facebook.com/cpaustralia has a picture of Joey Chestnut, Tim Janus and Juliet Lee promoting their appearance at the CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Melbourne, Australia on November 19.
Matt Stonie has videos from the CP Biggest Eater qualifier held in Singapore of the MLE / top locals contest and the first round heats. Seo Eng Joo Frozen Food has a gallery.

CP Brand Biggest Eater Singapore qualifier results

update Oct 23 Channel News Asia has a video (via CP facebook)

update #2 Soshiok.com has contest report claiming that Sonya Thomas and Crazy Legs Conti were struggling toward the end of the contest.

update The MLE facebook has professional results
male results
1 Matt Stonie, 210 wontons
2 Ng Chin Sheng 140
3 Wee Teck Hong 125
? Crazy Legs Conti 115

female results
1) Sonya Thomas 130
2) Helen Tan 109

Ng Chin Sheng was the top local male with 140 wontons at the Singapore qualifier of CP Brand’s Biggest Eater contest. Helen Tan ate 109 wontons to lead the Singaporean women. Results from the IFOCE eaters have yet to be posted, but Matt Stonie was leading Sonya Thomas during the contest. Matt Stonie has a gallery of his trip to Singapore.

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CP Hong Kong has a post about Patrick Bertoletti (in Chinese), so he might be competing in the CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Hong Kong on November 20.
Sonya Thomas, Pat Bertoletti and Crazy Legs Conti are expected to compete against the top locals in the finals of the CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Singapore on Saturday. update CP Brand Singapore announces that Matt Stonie has replaced Pat Bertoletti.
Qualifying has started for the CP Biggest Eater contest in Singapore. The current leader board.
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