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The South China Morning Post has a list of five Hong Kong eating and drinking challenges.
The South China Morning Post announces that Tomoko Miyake won a ramen contest in Hong Kong to claim a first prize of HK$50,000 (US $6448). She was the only woman in the finals; Johnny Wu tied for second. Tomoko will compete in a ramen challenge in Singapore on November 14. (video) update Nov 14 Tomoko also won the contest in Singapore (video)
A post about the "Eatcredibles" competitive eating team from Hong Kong made the list of the best 2011 blog entries about food for the Wall Street Journal's Scene Asia blog.

CP Biggest Eater Hong Kong qualifier

update 11:33 pm AFPBBNews has a video of the professional contest

update 6:37 Professional and local results have been posted.

Local Men
1) “Chris” Yat Ming Lam, 131, 2011 July 4th competitor
2) “Johnny” Wu Hung Shing, 120
3) Chiu Sou Sang, 115

Local Women
1) Chin Hung Yuk, 74
2) Soong Mei Chun, 72
3) Cao Shu Ying, 62

1) Joey Chestnut 225, 72 less than last week’s Melbourne result, 155 off his 2010 record
2) Juliet Lee 178, 3 more than last week’s Melbourne result, new women’s record
3) Erik Denmark 150 The final round of the Hong Kong qualifier for CP Biggest Eater is starting.

A picture of Juliet Lee has been posted.

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Johnny Wu, who has previously competed against Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas, led the first round of the CP Biggest Eater Hong Kong qualifier with 98 wontons. 54 year old Wang Wenyu led the women with 72 wontons in her first eating competition. Joey Chestnut, Erik Denmark and Juliet Lee will compete in an exhibition held during the second round of the qualifier on November 27.
CP Hong Kong has a post about Patrick Bertoletti (in Chinese), so he might be competing in the CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Hong Kong on November 20.
The Wall Street Journal has a blog entry about the Hong Kong "Eatcredibles" competitive eating team with a video of a 1.5 kg sandwich challenge attempt. The group's founder, Taylor Mak, offers several training tips.

Kobayashi promotes food channel launch in Hong Kong

A press release announces that Takeru Kobayashi promoted the launch of a new cable food channel in Hong Kong. A video of an egg tart eating contest between Kobayashi and two actors is available on youtube. Kobayashi also appeared at a sausage roll eating contest won by Johnny Wu, runner-up to Sonya Thomas in a 2006 contest.

R Suzuki reports that Kobyashi also appeared in a Japanese program where he received the Guinness record for eating burgers.

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Link Buffet: January 19, 2009

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Sonya in Hong Kong extended version news clip

HK Standard: Sonya eats almost 10 kg (22 lb.) of food each day

The Hong Kong standard has an article about Sonya Thomas’ victory at the Whampoa Asia eating contest. In that article, Sonya is quoted as saying she eats almost 10 kg (22 lb.) of food each day. If that is accurate, then Sonya eats her bodyweight every five days. Sonya’s big Burger King meal weighs a good deal less than 22 pounds, so it would be interesting to learn what else she eats to reach that amount.

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Video podcast of Sonya in Hong Kong

The South China Morning Post has a brief (about one minute) video podcast of Sonya Thomas in the semifinals of the Whampoa Asia Eating Championship where she ate 176 vegetable dumplings in 12 minutes. The podcast can also be viewed on youtube.

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Sonya Thomas wins Hong Kong contest

From reuters via Crazy Legs’ Mom & Brian Seiken: Sonya Thomas won the Whampoa Asia Eating Championship by eating 17 Chinese style Lotus seed buns in 12 minutes. Johnny Wu, who finished second in last year’s contest to Takeru Kobayashi, was second with 9 buns. Charles Hardy attended and was listed as Sonya’s publicist.

Updated 4:34 pm – Hong Blog has an eyewitness account of the semifinals

Updated 8/14 12:47 am – pictures of the contest can be seen at Yahoo news

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